MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Montreal Market Medium has become a problem. His wacko stock market and half baked science speculations declare that the super collider CERN experiment in Switzerland is causing volcanos and earth quakes and climate disturbances like storms and rain.This has alarmed Emma of Kazabazua, known in her past life as Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She had already been in worried contact with her mentor Wilma, of Tuktoyaktuk, world class leader in deep trance channeling and remote viewing about possible linkage of CERN experiment with the BP oil well explosion in the gulf of Mexico.

Previous remote viewing has already established that oil is abiotic, a product of earth nature, not decomposed dinosaurs and weeds. Wilma warned us a long time ago that abiotic oil may be aggravated into high pressure expansion by deep well drilling, especially when using sea water in the process. In other words, there is no shortage of oil, and drilling into the strata may be causing the abiotic process to expand unnaturally. YIKES! Explosions! Who believes these wacky broads and their spirit contact trance channeling and remote viewing anyway, I say?

The Market Medium asserts that the reason the super collider project was moved from Texas to Switzerland was to get it away from the oil fields of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. He says investment portfolios should take into account the risks imposed by (what he calls) science of the insane. He is unkind. They invented the Atom bomb, he shouts. He insults the theory of the big bang. It is the intellectual equivalent of a "wet fart". It is academia on the take for more government grants. The Market Medium seems in a bad mood today.

The Prof C More Books arrives obviously upset by the ranting Medium. Everyone is on edge about the catastrophe of oil and toxins being put into the Gulf of Mexico by British Petroleum.
The use of toxin corexit 9500 to try and camouflage the scale of the oil spill by calling it a dispersant is too ofensive to be discussed in civil conversation. "Corexit 9500 should be breakfast drink for every officer of BP," shouts the Medium. Tension is rising. Then..

She is here. A whiff of Chanel#5, a rustle of fabric and she enters. A diaphonous blouse, slightly off shoulder and her smile. A gentle cheek brush for the Medium and close snuggle with the Prof on the two seater sofa. The Medium is charmed. The Prof is without expression. My warning about her about titilating the Prof in the office is for nought. He cannot cope with personal contact so natural to Loco. So alien to the Prof. He forces himself to dialogue with the Medium about his speculations.

Miracle of the ages is at hand. They both agree that the central bank money system has been designed to be dependent upon oil production. A change from oil consumption is not possible unless there is a new method of money creation. The elimination of belief in central banking and perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchanges requires new thinking about energy. I suggest they read my books; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and BIZWOG, The AMERICAN CALIPHATE, A General Theory of British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

Cheap B******s, they want free copies. I told them to use Paypal.


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