MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, November 09, 2015


It has been said 100 years ago that a debt based, income tax suported money system will last about a century. Then it will become impossible. Now that a century of national debt has passed, impossibility should be at hand. What would an impossible money system look like? How should we cope? My advisor and deep trance medium, in a past life the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican, says not to worry. Life will go on, but money interest is now impossible. "That is what Dr. Soddy meant when he said the system will last a century, then become impossible, she whispers.

The idea of money interest becoming impossible is too impossible for those of us trained in the arcane digits of MBA academia. How could the global system work without the magic of money growing merely with the passing of earth time. We all know that money can grow merely with elapsed earth time. No need for earth, water, air or sunlight. It has always been an accepted magic. Every body believes it. A bank creates $100 dollars by means of giving a loan which appears as a deposit in your checking account. Somehow you are supposed to find aditional money to pay the interest. It has always been an accepted magic just like religion. Walk on water raise the dead, stop the sun, water from a rock, interest from money, it is all the same magic, says Loco Lola.

Enough of Loco. I press the good Prof C More Books. He is wise and all knowing on everything. He says the concept of money interest on a national debt has expired, just like the god Mithra fizzeled away at the end of the Roman.  empire. Eventually money interest like all previous religions becomes conceptually and practically obsolete. Too much absurdity to capture the mind of subsequent generation.

As a practical matter the money spinners self destructed with the 2008 mortgage swindle. The existence of fake mortgage and credit card loans was impossible to be paid according to the accepted market conventions. The legitimizing of this fake swindle by allowing the central banks to acquire this fakery at its full fake price has now loaded central banks with trillions of dollars. At zero interest rates, there is no cost. If interest rates go up to say 6%, it would be impossible for the national treasury to collect enough taxes to pay the interest on the fake loans stashed at the central bank without impoverishing all the people. In fact the system has become impossible.

This means that the legend of investing at interest for retirement is a fiction. The entire financial mechanism is on the cusp of auto destruct if the belief persists that money can pay interest. The era of Money as the global religion has dawned and passed concealed in the thunder and wonder of wars far and wide. The Prof says read; MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Financial markets are feeble. There is talk about banking failures and economic collapse. Yet, the US dollar is getting stronger not weaker. President Buckwheat is talking about new U/E numbers below 5% when labor force participation is barely 50%. Why does it seem everybody is wrong? I rush to my advisor and deep trance medium Loco Lola for a reading on the future.

She refuses to see me, but suggests Prof C More Books, who knows all about every thing because he reads two books. MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG ( British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). These books support him about financial and religious matters including budgets and deficits. She recommends.

The prof is alive with a rant about the US debt. Even if all future budgets were balanced without further deficits, the national debt will double in less than 70 years at current 1% interest rates, he shouts. At 2% the debt will double in 35 years. If the fed raises rates to 6%, the debt will double in 12 years. Think of the trillions of dollars accumulating in the hands of the few. He shouts.

I demand. “Who are the few.” He roars in garbled tones something about the Anglo-Hebraic central banking swindle that infects the planet since US submitted to the Federal Reserve System.

Overtaken with quiet insight, I suggest solution to a system that has obviously exceeded its sell by date. Why not cancel the concept of national debt. Freeze the debt at current level and amortize the amount to be paid in 4% increments for the next 25 years. Only individual holders of debt would be eligible to receive payment. All corporations and financial “players” like primary dealers would take a financial “haircut” with no payment what so ever in the sense that they are largely responsible for the fiction of national debt in the first place.

He makes a devilish grin. That would impoverish all the Wall street crowd within minutes, he said. “So what,” I replied. “There is no reason they are exempt from experiencing the poverty that brutalized the workers and farmers and veterans of the nation periodically over the past century.” He agreed in good humor.

Both books available on pdf for ten dollars.

Saturday, August 22, 2015



There is talk of student loan debt relief in some circles. Others make sounds of resentment. Debt relief would cost the taxpayers big money, some say. There is the inference that such relief would be undeserved. It is hard to accept by the financially comfortable that the debt is untenable for too many. The selling point of the loan business has been that a college degree was access to big money and career, not to worry.

The fact is that loan relief in question would not cost the taxpayers, but would cost the lenders. Why then is there an allegation that taxpayers would be involved? FOOL it is simple. The lenders through lobby control of congress got the govt to guarantee the lenders assets. The loans of the lenders are of course their assets and they think their assets should be protected by the government guarantees.

You immediately question how it is that mom and pop at the morning to midnight café are completely on their own. No guarantees there. Can’t even get U/E coverage for family workers. Also there is in the legislation guarantees that the lenders get a usurious rate of interest. Even when adjusted for the mortgage crash, the student rates can be 500% higher than Fed rate.

Lenders lie by design or error. Student loan was a financial ghoulish idea in the first place. Common sense dictates that debt free education for the competent should be a national priority. Students as a source of loan revenue for a few barely conceals the reality of indentured servitude. From this, it is obvious to most that interest bearing loans as a means of financing education has created a financial disaster for too many graduates and in many cases families who cosigned on the loans.

It is worth noting that the protection of the lender is beyond convention of common law. It is not possible to escape the debt burden by normal steps in bankruptcy. The only thing missing to benefit the lender is perpetual hereditary debt on the order of ancient Rome. What kind of Congress could create such laws? Evil is the operative word, says my advisor and deep trance medium Loco Lola.  In past life, she was first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican.

 I retire to ponder the implication of her answer. Evil is such a strong pejorative. Relief does not come. The rumble and snarl of the infernal machine is disturbing. Cpl Duty First has just parked his 1949 Harley 61 by my window. I am kind with the Cpl and explain my subject of student loans. His answer is immediate, without pause. He is sharp with me. “What do you expect from the control network in Washington,” he shouts.

Control Network KDQN has been in power since the assassination of JFK. He bellows now. The K is for kikes. D is for dikes. Q is for queers and N is for the N-word, he says moderating his N-word as a concession to political correctness. He cynically repeats as all knowing, all power to the Control Network KDQN-word. Check how the benefits have been flowing to the multicultural cunning for 70 years, he snarls. I am not shocked. This scandalous language should have been expected from such a low life. Thirty years of continuous Army service and still only a Corporal. When last here some one suggested getting a witch doctor and putting a spell on our Cpl Duty First.

Aroused and attracted by the commotion, our good Professor C More Books joins us. Self considered as all knowing on religion, money, economics, politics and geography, and just about anything his hair is combed, a clean shirt and tie without stains and arm candy that is breath taking in feminine perfection. She approaches. Her hand is extended with poised ceremonial grace. She breathes a near music sound that says  Conchita from the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences.  My mind stops. This must be Conchita the pole dancer from the Cantina on the four lane.

A turn of her wrist gives me permission to sit in my own chair. She has been doing some post graduate reading and discovered two books of contemporary importance. She has two Doctorate degrees, one in Neuroscience and the other in Paranormal mind control. The two books of interest are MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. (BIZWOG) is for British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

She gives us a post doctoral view for remedy of the student loan problem. Since scholarship is a form of work , why not a form of civil pay for course hours expended , she says. A student taking full course load would qualify for some wage. It would not be related to grades. Perhaps a periodic bonus could be paid to superior students based upon controlled supervision test scores. The existing structure of loans should be extinguished. The lender loss
 expense would fall on the financial ghouls that would construct such a plan in the first place. It is called capitalism. They took a risk and it didn’t work out.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


What was before the Euro?
 Something scary was happening in the 1960s. The German D-mark was advancing to become a key currency in competition with the US Dollar. A key currency is when a money is held as a bank reserve as good as gold. The idea that another currency, especially a German currency, could obtain world status as equivalent to the US currency was terrifying to the Anglo-Hebraic system of the US dollar.

 Office lights burned long into the night in the capitals of Europe. The wires of communication buzzed with coded messages. The idea of the D Mark as a world currency was agreed to be a threat. Such power for Germany was unthinkable. A world currency allows the home country to expand its credit base. It can create credit and loans far beyond its domestic economy. Just like the US has done since WWII. World wide virtually unlimited economic power would be at hand, a system very close to the rising Orthodox Teutonic financial system of NAZI Germany.

 Genius prevailed and the EURO was invented. The D-Mark was absorbed into a European currency. The nationality of German was subsumed as just another EURO participant. All was so simple. Everybody agreed not to create a EURO money that exceed certain budget limits of credit creation and borrowing based upon forecasted GDP numbers. An imaginary system based upon economic guess work. It allowed each participant to calculate its own marvelous fiction called GDP and corresponding limits of credit and currency creation. Life was good for everybody.

 Who could object to such a system, you ask? FOOL can you not see the EURO threat to the world power of the US dollar. If the EURO works so well, who needs a US dollar. Don’t you get it? Saddam Hussein was negotiating oil prices in the EURO. Iran mumbles on occasion something similar. Kaddafy was completely out of control with talk of a gold based religious-ethnic currency. Russia cones from nowhere as world largest oil producer and exporter. What world currency is to be used to settle accounts? Based upon clearing arrangements and production and shipping lead times, we can be assured that top level Bolshevik bureaucrats were doing running dog capitalist oil business under the communist party table for decades before the collapse of the USSR. The currency of choice was no doubt the US dollar. Anglo-Hebraic banks in quiet havens no doubt lusted for these dollar deposits.

 WHY GREECE NOW? It is a religious fact that the result of ten years of war in mid east has been the expulsion and killing of Orthodox Christian families and institutions. The elimination the Orthodox presence by Anglo Hebraic forces has moved with the efficiency of a purge. This has not been seen since the attempt to exterminate the Bolsheviks from before the advancing German armies of WWII in Russia. It is no secret that Greece is the heart land of Orthodox Christianity. Further it is not well known but true that Greece had plans to be the center of a Pan Orthodox world structure based upon religious commonality of Russia and east Europe. The Pan Orthodox structure was to be based upon ethnic identity quite like the Anglo-Hebraic world of International Zionism. The many diaspora of Greek settlements around the world were being called upon to support the Greek homeland and central bank as the heart of this new order. This would be very similar to the Anglo Hebraic system, because the idea was to be supported by revenue from oil.

 The plan was for an oil pipeline to pass through Yugoslavia to deliver oil to Greece to make Salonika a world premier oil export port for Romanian and Russian oil. Of course this idea was put to rest with the NATO air bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia as an independent nation. However all is not lost. The idea has resurfaced and the pipeline plans construction to eventually cross Serbia and make its way to Greece. The possibility of Greece as an oil exporting country changes the geo-politic of the Mediterranean and Europe, but the basic questions is the same. What currency will be used to settle accounts?

With GERMANY In the preEuro world, a likely currency would have been the rising D-Mark. In the existing world of the failing EURO, one must think of the US Dollar as the likely currency of account. Obviously, it is important that the Euro fail if the US dollar is to be supreme. But that does not explain the deliberate austerity destruction of Greece. But wait. Remember, the EURO was created to eliminate the D-Mark as a possible key currency. Today there is talk of German intransigence to make a new deal with Greece about loans, and possibly forcing Greeks to a new currency.

 I move quietly without prior notice to see my advisor and medium Loco Lola. In her past life she was Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit of the 1555 Vatican. She knows my question immediately without discussion. “The D-Mark is not coming back,” she says. “But some kind of German-Greek understanding within the Euro frame work based upon Russian oil transactions is expected.” “The possibility of a Greek-German-Russian compact outside of the NATO threat of sanctions and agreement to prevent NATO attack should be accomplished in a few days.” She says. “The EURO can continue as a truncated currency with special powers for Germany,” she says. She gives me two books for further reading on the nature of money. MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. Both of these are available for ten dollars in PDF format. Check the order button on blog.

Thanks for reading. Amen: R Duane Willing

Tuesday, June 02, 2015


It is seldom spoken but could be true. Today’s banking system has a limited life cycle. It can last about 100 years. It was designed in its now declared perfection about a century ago with the founding of the Federal Reserve System of the USA in 1913. At that time observer, Frederic Soddy, PhD, Nobel Laureate, pointed out that the system of debt based, free trade, income tax paid national finance would last about a century. Then what he called the Anglo Hebraic system would become impossible.

Here in 2015 we find the central banking model has just passed its century anniversary. It is agreed that problems exist but no one is seeing impossibility, what ever that is? It seems, if there is a blemish in the system, it is because all nations are not yet in a central bank mode of national finance.

There are differences. Islam of course has a totally different idea than the Anglo Hebraic central bank system about interest and debt. The financial vaporings of the central bank system of Adolph Hitler was subsumed under the Holocaust of NAZI defeat of WWII. We shall call that NAZI banking system Orthodox Teutonic for want of any other description.

Therefore we have in contemporary global experience three basic banking systems, not counting of course  failed communism. There is the predominant system we call Anglo-Hebraic, centered in NY and London. Then there is the system of Islam once nascent in now destroyed Baghdad and Libya. Finally we have the experience of the National socialist banking of Adolph Hitler. His was, by declaration, a complete repudiation of the Anglo-Hebraic model. He referred to Anglo Hebraic banking as the infection of international stock exchange finance.

In fact it is difficult to separate central bank debt based, free trade, money systems from international stock exchange finance. One feeds upon the other like mutually supporting infection. The central bank system accepts the idea of a national credit and then gives the nation its own credit as a form of loan at interest. We tend to call this loan money. Income tax guarantees the interest regardless of economic conditions. Free trade supports corporate capital shares by lowering wage costs.

The international stock exchange is based upon the idea, from the era of slave ship cargo shares, that ownership in a corporation, called equity, can be sold in shares. These can be traded in share transactions on the stock exchange. Theoretically the desired share price is listed as offered and a counter offer is noted as a bid to purchase.

The money to finance the supply of equity stocks held by the exchange is provided by bank loans. In addition to the stocks held by the public, the exchange keeps a supply in order to smooth fluctuations in prices, they say.  The money of the stock exchange is of a bank loan that requires it be renewed frequently at the whim of the banks. These banks are members of the central banking system. Obviously the safety of the stock market prices is a function of banking system loan support.

The mind confusing two step is that the more the commercial banks take loans from the central bank, the more money the borrowing commercial bank has. (Remember the central bank is creating money from thin air ie the national credit.) This borrowed money is commercial bank capital to support loans to stock exchange brokers to support stock prices. Thus we learn that all money as created by loans has a direct connection, as alleged by Adolph Hitler, between central banking systems and international stock exchange finance.

The historical fact seems to be that any country with a banking system that challenges the Anglo Hebraic system is to be destroyed. The fire bombings of WWII followed by years of death camp propaganda obscure any real knowledge of NAZI German banking system. Modern weapons further simplify power. Currently, the use of smart bomb threats against banking officers is enough to sustain the Anglo Hebraic central banking system dominance. Any banker plotting against Anglo-Hebraic banking powers can disappear in a blinding flash of a smart bomb fluttering through his window.

The Hitler opposition to the Anglo Hebraic system seems to come from a dispute about priorities. It can be seen as differences in political world view. The Anglo Hebraic view finds that the most important principal of economics and banking is that people exist for trade and finance. People are incidental even secondary to the process of making central bank debt and international stock exchange capital secure. Capital comes first.

The Orthodox Teutonic banking system reverses this principal by making the national capital exist for trade and industry and trade and industry exist for the standard of living and lively hood of the people. “In other words the people come first,” Adolph Hitler.

Hitler’s refusal to submit Germany to Anglo Hebraic financial  dominance can be seen as the primary driving force of WWII. It explains the bizarre alliance between godless communism and god fearing expression of the Anglo Hebraic allies. It gives purpose to the attempt to exterminate the entire German people by the Holocaust of continuous days of fire bombings.
The German peoples belief in subordinating capital and interest to the needs of the people rather than international stock exchange finance was obviously terrifying to the Anglo Hebraic bankers. The spiritual war mobilization to exterminate German people for their belief was not seen again until the people of Iraq and Libya were exposed to equivalent waves of  bombing.

At what point in this continuing episode of genocide can we see how international stock exchange central banking can become impossible? What are the factors that can succeed against weapons and technology that has instant knowledge of all that is necessary to know to support central bank authority world wide?

I pose this question to my advisor and medium Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She is sharp with me for using open electronic circuits.  In the face of global surveillance and NSA killer cohorts seeking to silence opposition, I must request in writing by snail mail hand delivered by a relay of friends. She says use code words from books MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and The AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) The final world order. (Both books are available in pdf down load format for $10.00 dollars. See order page on web site; Money the 12th and Final Religion)

Thanks  R Duane Willing

Friday, May 01, 2015



Mogen Dildo is a MOSSAD top secret agent In America. He whispers a quiet benediction, Heil Israel. Although the CEO and founder of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White people, and life time citizen of the USA, Mogen is devoted to Israel. A country he says God gave his people, but Mogen cannot visit nor have any contact there because of his secret agent cover in the US. His periodic benedictions bring his feeling of supremacy to a high spiritual level. All is not enough seems so logical for him and his people.

 His job as Chief executive is a constant array of decisions. Just last week he had to discipline long time staff member Tyrone Randolph Leroy Moon Coon for untoward behavior involving a messenger boy. There is good reason Randolph is called Randi. He can’t keep his lust under control even during office hours. Tried to lure teen-age messenger boy into toilet stall by lewd suggestion and exposing himself.

Mogen wonders if all the agents seconded to him from London Office of The Secretariat are queer like Randi. Mogen thinks the hidden Secretariat of the East India Company should be more careful not to risk compromise of secret status. The Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People is probably the most important front agency of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) operating in the US. The cover of civil rights has been a masterpiece of public deception.

Not everyone is satisfied with the success of Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People. That is the reason that peculiar Chinaman Wi Ling has been assigned from Red Army spy school at Kyumchee, China to help Mogen in strategic planning for the future. The BIZWOG is trying to work closely with Red China in securing the New World Order.

Wi Ling is a super star in economic strategy. It was his idea that was the basis for China to rise as world leader in trade. During the dark days of the Red guards at the end of Mao, Wi Ling brought from the US a copy of the Sears catalogue. He introduced the idea that China begin immediate manufacture and sale of all the items in the catalogue. American retailers would abandon domestic suppliers to purchase china made goods to sell at going prices without question. Profits would sky rocket for both China manufacturers and US retailers.

 The availability of all the Sears household products, which covered all possible home needs, would boost the domestic China merchandise selection and standard of living as well as begin to dominate US markets through big box stores like great merchant Wal Mart. A two for one victory, take over retail sales in both countries and bankrupt US industrial base at the same time. Wi Ling was immediately designated for assignment to the US as agent of the Red Army.

The Party Chambers at the Walled City made the majesty of the Manchu period pale to insignificance by comparison. The rush of red and gold wall covering and polished hand carved furniture on elegant rugs in a room temperature perfect to the human condition was awesome when Wi Ling received his secret agent charter to go to America. His mission was infiltrate The Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People.

 Arrangements had already been made through centuries old opium contacts at the long forgotten Secretariat for the East India Company now in its quiet office under the Parliament in London City. It seems the Secretariat has been providing family offspring for some centuries as continuity in Imperial relations. BIZWOG comes as sort of a natural excreta movement from this occult shadow of  global of commerce.

In his usual work/study routine, Wi Ling learned that the driving force of commerce of North America is based upon a market research discovery of the 1960s&70s. It was by accident that market research found the premier customers were those that were quickest to try and adopt new products. That is to say those customers who were most responsive to advertising suggestion. The finding that homosexuals were quickest at trying and adopting new products resulted in what was called lifestyle marketing.

A refined analysis of market data showed that best customers were homosexuals first. Then came blacks, mixed races and mixed race couples, Asians, white women then Mexicans followed last by straight white males. It had been known for years that sales appeals should be directed to the female when dealing with a middle class white couple, but it was a shock to find how low on the customer ranking was the ordinary straight white male. This challenged the great merchants to arrange a complete cultural reorientation of the white male role in media image.

The North American male identity in movies and media has gradually repudiated the idea of rugged white male individual. The hero figure is no longer white male, a taciturn achiever such as a Bogart or John Wayne type as cultural icon, but is now seen as more akin to a multicultural homosexual perplexed in deciding between sodomy or fellatio as social norm.

All this has been done under the aegis of civil rights. Mogen Dildo found his Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People doubly funded to advance the notion of multicultural civil rights to include homosexual issues and life style. He is happy with his work; especially what he calls gay marriage rights.

Peculiar Chinaman Wi Ling is astonished at how rapid the cultural reorientation of North Americans is taking place. They seem to have no historical memory of values and virtues. Every lifestyle suggestion by the great merchants about new products is regarded as good even when it repudiates moral history. Every change is accepted as important news necessary for the economy.  The control of information by the great merchants is so complete that nothing contrary to their needs gets to be news in the main media or Hollywood movies. Everything is a matter of consumer motivation to purchase something.

The artful construction of continuous psychological discomfort by great merchant media called cognitive dissonance keeps the consumer mind upset. Tranquil thought, especially religious, is purposely attacked constantly. The mental reference of brand names is broadcast as a safe harbor for mental security. Owning brand names creates social identity and helps alleviate insecurity for the individual.

Wi Ling pauses in his report to the Walled City Red Army headquarters. He is not sure if he can say that he has discovered the world’s first perfected great merchant mind controlled concentration camp. That all other models of mass population control are obsolete. This might be premature given that BIZWOG may have another agenda that is not visible yet. Wi Ling decides not to expose North America as the world’s first perfected electronic concentration camp.

Mogen Dildo is in a deep funk. He caught some of his staff reading two forbidden books available on the web. MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG Final World Order. Get booth books in pdf for ten dollars. He wonders if Somali immigrants would make better employees. They would not understand You Tube video, Cult 273 The Rulers of Now.

Amen RDuaneWilling

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government)

The concept for world dominance was first manifested in the British East India Company, then post WWII, it was expanded to be known as the United Nations. Proof of the UN as the  BIZWOG is in the number of member nations that have a history of/or now use Bible reference and parliamentary government structures and British book keeping. The quaint office of governor general still sitting in national capitals is more than a token to the past days of British Empire. The governor general reports directly to the Monarch and commands the military of the member nations on behalf of the monarch. One might say that as once part of the empire, the only thing missing in the USA is a governor general. But wait, we have the pentagon with five star general knighted by the Queen. My advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola says it is an equivalency to the governor general for the BIZWOG monarch.

NATO (New American Terror Organization)
Suddenly NATO begins to make sense, especially in military killing in the areas of the old British and Israeli bible empires. Nothing seems to have changed London City rules supreme. The long time tension of the "great game" between the Czar and the British ie BIZWOG, about who would control the Ukraine is still in play. NATO fidgets in anxiety about the prospects for advancing in great waves of rumbling Armor toward Moscow.  Americans and French lust to compare their tanks with the latest German tanks but Germans seem reluctant to make the road test. Seems they have been surprised once before about unknown Russian equipment. No one told them about the 76 mm ground mounted anti tank gun and the spiffy T34 on the last run at Moscow. Maybe the Poles can go first this time.

The BIZWOG is based upon the bible saga of Christians and Jews.The tradition of Christians as well as Jews seems to be authenticated by martyrs and suffering. The greater the suffering the more authentic is the faith. The Middle East has been poached to its intellectual bones about religious stories. Five thousand year old stories are retold as new miracles. The Exodus, a story about the discovery of deception, lies and felony larceny is retold as work of a beneficent god. Jews and Christians weep in worshipful memory. Non believers look on in astonishment. Great smart bombs fall on quiet homes killing the defenseless in the name of this Bible god that gave us felony larceny and deceit. Jews and Christians pray for more. Is there a test for sanity in this mayhem? Political leaders boast about application of power. Not for us you are 'agin' us.

A test of the degree of madness might be in discovering that the Christian smart bombers are perpetrating the demise of their own kind in the target areas. The most evident victims of the mayhem in the mid east is the victimizing of Christians. But wait? These are mainly Orthodox Christians. These are different than the Roman catholic and Protestants of the west. YIKES! Does BIZWOG have a plan? Get rid of Orthodox Christians in the Mid east? DOUBLE YIKES! I rush to my medium and advisor Loco Lola. As first woman Jesuit in past life at the 1555 Vatican, she declines comment on BIZWOG.

I call Cpl Duty First. We mobilize his 1949 Harley 61 for a trajectory to Tuktoyaktuk. There is Emmet, world premier decoder of all known electronic signals. He tells me that BIZWOG is up to something. I feel reassured, but he won't tell me more because of security oaths, he says. All my past clearances have expired and I have no need to know anything, he says. But, unofficially, it looks like a big dispute coming in Jerusalem about who is to control the Holy sites. Technically, it is the Orthodox orders that control key sites, especially some of those essential to the reconstruction of the temple. This third temple is to be the BIZWOG center for control of the world money system based upon the filth of carbon emission credits.

I rush to my good Prof. C More Books, self described as all knowing on religion, money, ETs and politics, etc. I shout. Is it possible to invent a money system based upon filth such as carbon credits under the notion of the Third Jerusalem? Would that be reason enough to drive Orthodox Christianity out of the Middle east? Does BIZWOG have plan? How will Moscow, Patriarch accept this when priority of church control of Jerusalem Property has always been Orthodox? The Prof sneers his all knowing expression of supremacy and says, ".Now you know why NATO is lusting for a march on Moscow."

Loco Lola says be sure and order pdf copies of both books for special offer of ten dollars for both books.