MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The great mystery of money is hidden in plain sight. IT is a Religion just like your home grown or TV inspired conversion or revelation. The difference is that the God of Money as a Religion is not discussed anywhere by name. Although you recall that the head of brokerage house Goldman Sachs disappeared for several days. When back he explained that he had been away "on God's business." There you have it. Money is the purpose of  Goldman Sachs and its chief went away to commune with its god. The issue of the day was the great market crash of 2008.

It is obvious that top financial persons have a special insight on money that prevents them from misunderstanding money. My advisor and deep trance channeling medium, Loco Lola whispers about their God, the Moloch as reported in the book MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. The paranormal origin of the Moloch is the same as any other God of any other religion. The comparison can be seen in the objective of this universal god of money. By the way money is the only universal religion now on earth plane.

The objective of the God Moloch is to conquer the entire surface of the world extinguishing once and for all the possibility of independent thought. There is talk of a new world order. Further remember that the Moloch, God of money is a universal power that can neither pardon nor forgive. This distinguishes Moloch from your god that can bring forgiveness and salvation and ultimate meaning in you life. The god of money would have you thinking that money can bring you ultimate meaning.

The overwhelming fiction of money is that is has to be borrowed at interest and the interest has to be paid with income taxes. This of course is the accepted dogma of the hidden god Moloch. It is believed in such intensity by the money brokers of the world that they will kill to enforce this belief. World wars are an example of wars to protect the religion of money with its perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance. Any challenge to the religion of money by persons or parties is invitation to violence.

The challenge is to intellectually reject the dogma that money has to be borrowed at interest. Then there is no continuing need for national debt or income tax. Admittedly these are giant emotional steps, but intellectually not much more that dismissing the idea of tooth fairy or santa claus.

It is scary to discover that a life time of rigour in learning about rates of interest and related calculations is in reality a worship form in the dogma of a contrary god, Moloch. This epiphany requires hard decisions.

For example; why should there be people in your community without necessaries of life because they are stupid on calculating the arithmetic of the Moloch? Who would impose such punishment? Aha! You already know. The hidden moneys and  god Moloch has apostles all around. They form in brigades and battalions of banks and corporations. Each of these takes it meaning from your belief that money must be borrowed at interest. The borrowed debt hangs like a threat over life itself with the  menace of repayment. If money debt was repaid all the money would disappear. Check this out. In other words the high god Moloch and disciples of finance have created a fiction for your mind.

Loco Lola says you should rush to your temple or tabernacle and pray about it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014



Deception is the most important thing to understand in negotiations political or otherwise. The highest accomplishment of any negotiation is to be esteemed and defended by your victim. “One should remind Christian Zionists and Anglophiles in the US of this truism. They are being deceived  by their Anglo-Hebraic manipulators of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government),” says deep trance medium and remote viewer Emma of Kazabazua, small town north of Ottawa. She has been reading the book “THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order. Order from this web site, she says.

Speaking to us from her past life as Queen Juana of Castile, she was the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican. The Holy See was unkind. They called her Loco Lola. Often in touch with ETs, she tells about how the US has become test bed for massive public deception. The mind control programs continue to evolve. Corporate America is financing study of artificial telepathy. It is to be the ultimate means of market shopper control. “The power of the ETs is in their use of telepathy to read and control thoughts,” she reports. Corporate America is nearly heart sick with envy.

Loco for her own amusement has been remote viewing what is reported as history of WWII in Europe. The popular reports of casualties and scientific achievements differ greatly from her findings. She is studying the contradictions. For example her remote viewing findings agree with the Red Cross reports 173,000 deaths from all causes in the concentration camps, but popular history is reporting 6,000,000 Jews as lost in the camps. Loco is perplexed by the contradiction. Failure to maintain health of camp inmates was a court martial offense for any SS commandant who was careless with the Nazi asset of camp labor.

Very little has been reported about the need for workers in the Third Reich. In many respects the onset of WWII could not have come at a worse time for Germany. This was a time when there was no unemployment. Thus there was no surplus labor for manufacturing to support the armies and mobilization. At the beginning in 1940 before the war, there was a labor shortage of some 500,000 workers in Germany.

Farm food production was in danger because farmers were leaving to work in factories. The jet plane Mesershmit 262 production was suspended for two years because Hitler decided making milking machines for farmers was more urgent than the jet fighter in 1941.

The labor shortfall of 1940 was based upon immediate needs of peacetime civilian consumer goods production which was growing rapidly. All were needed for productive work. Anyone shirking available work was regarded as “work shy” and sent to camps for discipline and training to become workers in the new Reich. The herald of “Arbeit Macht Frei”, (“work will make you free”), greeted all new inmates arriving at the camps for processing. Initially this was true. Very few stayed longer than a few months before discharge into civilian work force.

The war production labor needs for the German economy had not been calculated. On the other hand, the US and allies had labor unemployment rates in range of 25% of war age assets. In terms of manufacturing capacity, the US manufactured more aircraft and vehicles in one year of depression than Germany had in the ten previous years.

Loco Lola has asked her mentor Wilma, world premier deep channeling psychic reader, to ask Emmett, world senior decoder of all electronic signals, both in Tuktoyaktuk, about searching data bases for information to authenticate Loco’s findings in remote viewing. Also Loco cannot find evidence of a systematic organization or structure for the pursuit of war or manufacturing production in Germany. Compared to absence of preparations in Germany the US and allies that had very complete organization and war plans in place as early as 1937. Germany was in a state of naïve chaos.

It was the existence of the concentration camps, first organized to deal with political dissidents and work shy civilians that suddenly expanded to provide the needed labor. Originally organized to discipline and motivate persons who intentionally opposed the Nazi system and avoided productive work, the concentration camps were rapidly reorganized to fill war production needs.

As result of success in Polish campaign and early in Russia, the camp system expanded with 100s of thousands of prisoners of war. Continuing Gestapo security round ups in Germany and occupied territories added more inmates such that the camp populations were arrayed as predominantly Russian, and Poles followed by Greeks, Dutch, Austrians, Germans and French. The absence of mention of Jews in immediate post WWII literature suggests an astonishing minimum Jew presence in the camps compared to the Holocaust saga of 6,000,000 that surfaced shortly after the assassination of US president Kennedy.

The urgency of need for war production from the concentration camps can be deduced from the fact the camp area in Poland was not under the occupation governor but was directly under the Arbeits Bericht office in Berlin. Loco says this office, not noticed in official history of WWII, was charged with disbursing the labor to needed locations and operating various manufacturing sites. She says without the urgent manufacture of winter clothes and equipment the SS would have frozen and perished in Russia in winter of 41-42. The role of the Arbeits Bericht in concentration camp war production seems unknown because of inability of scholars to question the Anglo-Hebraic saga called the Holocaust, says Loco Lola.

The continuing swamp of contradictions that surround WWII history is compounded by the intellectual obscenity of law that forbids questioning opinion on risk of arrest. It is a jail sentence for anyone to question or challenge the Anglo-Judaic notion of Holocaust. To think that Americans as champions of free speech and opinion would tolerate this law as the outcome of a war waged to ostensibly be liberating a people is morally grotesque, says Loco. Something else was and is afoot, she says.

 Wilma and Emmett in Tuktoyaktuk call with an urgent finding. Auschwitz and other camps in Arbeits Bericht were essential as controlled low cost labor sources for Corporate Germany. In point of fact the Germans had accidently discovered the ideal relation of work force to corporate needs. No limits on corporate control of hours, working conditions, pensions, wages,etc. Management had a free hand.

It is now obvious to management officers of the WW II victors that the concept of human resources has a hidden meaning. Use state police power to put people in camps and then you can totally control that cost called labor. “Just think about the possibilities of the 100,000 stainless steel boxcars with 148 pasengers per car manacled to the floor and stainless steel benches. Add in the expanding network of so-called FEMA camps to receive the cars and house the inmates and voila. You have the Arbeits Bericht,” howls Loco Lola.

An acquaintance, Cliff Hanger, big budget man at the Old Executive office Building at the White house in Washington calls to tell about his brain wave for balancing the budget. Use labor from FEMA camps to meet pentagon production needs. It could save billions. Clifford thinks we don’t know that he got that idea from an NSA tap on our communications and listening to bugs on our conversations. Loco thinks Cliff Hanger expects to get an executive incentive cash bonus and presidential citation for his suggestion.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Global economic life since WWII can be called central banking finance. This is where people are considered to exist as commodities to be regulated by money price. Price by the popular superstition of market forces is believed to clear markets, supply and demand will be in equilibrium, they say. People exist to pay debt and interest as dictated by the market forces of trade and commerce. Free trade is a superstition protected by deceit.

Capitalist Dogma says Markets come first. People are secondary to the powers of markets. Any objection to this ideal is called socialism or communism by the financial elite. Their audience of brain washed semi literate mass of consumers repeats in trance state excellence this dogma for their own poverty.

Any formal objection to people as market commodities as in German national socialism which declared that markets and finance exist as servants rather than masters of people results in massive war and fire bombing attempts at mass extermination. Take that Sadam Hussein and your fellow Bathist party believers.

The belief in finance as master of people follows from centuries of Anglo-Hebraic conditioning by bible religion. This belief is advanced and protected by the hyphenated contradiction called Judeo-Christianity. This Bible based religion has created the banking rituals that regulate western society. The self acclaimed superiority of so-called western society, as now based upon the US dollar, prevails on the planet through the belief in the ritual of central banking and its step child International stock exchange finance.

Now there is a troubling circumstance.  There is risk of a breakdown in the superstition of market forces. Global finance markets experienced a near total collapse in mutual trust on the 2012 anniversary of the Mayan calendar. Largely unknown to western ideologists, the Mayan calendar includes prophecy. This prophecy declares the date, 21 December in 2012 is to mark the end of an age. This is to be the end of the age of the word of God and a time when tools will rebel against their user. Some say the date should be recalculated as 21 Dec 2008 by modern calendar.

Observers speculate the Mayan calendar prophecy could be predicting the end of the age of Anglo Hebraic central bank finance and its protective psychological shroud of Judeo -Christianity. The mind freezes by the prospect that both the banking system and the dominant bible saga as base for religion could expire at the same time. An alternative system is not yet known.  

Although not yet defined by scholars, speculation can see the bible saga of the Exodus with its mythical 6.000.000 as the beginning of Judeo-Christianity. This was a massive financial swindle. The Hebrews borrowed, with no intent to repay, all the gold and silver and jewels of the Egyptian to be concealed on the children during the escape with the loot. The entire period of bible Judeo-Christianity might be defined by massive repetitive money events. First was the Exodus swindle then there is a final massive financial event called the WWII Holocaust that recalls the mythical 6,000,000 of the exodus saga.

Recent study has found that perhaps the billions in monies paid to Jews as victims of German labor camps may not be justified on the basis of 6,000,000 deaths. If this Holocaust saga of German atrocities is morally invalid on the order of the Exodus swindle of the Egyptians, then it is possible to see a 2000 year era as occurring between two massive financial swindles with the money going to the same Hebrew cohort. One could conclude these are sort of cultural bookends to a 2000 year era.

What happens if Hebrews are identified by a contrary God, such as the Moloch, god of perpetual debt money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance? What happens if 2000 years of Judeo-Christianity is perceived as deception, a failed cover story for continuing financial swindles, like stock markets and mortgages and money at interest? What if the 6,000,000 number is occult residue of some ancient black magic for bamboozling goyem always impressed by large numbers?

This is a cautionary story and cannot deal with the reality of healings and spiritual recovery of persons discovering inner strength often called salvation. The possibility of a simultaneous god Moloch moving in parallel to the Bible intervening God is mind stopping. I quickly turn to my advisor Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk on the Yukon shore of Arctic Ocean. She is world leading and senior authority on deep trance channeling and psychic reading, frequently in touch with ETs, she says.

She suggests quiet thoughtful and serious reading. Two books are recommended;  MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. Also read; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. She says BIZWOG means British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government, the true government of the USof A.

Thanks Wilma.

Sunday, November 03, 2013



About 100 years ago, Prof. Frederick Soddy, Nobel laureate, studied economics. He concluded that the current national debt system of government finance was unstable and temporary. It was apparent the system of central bank, national debt, income tax paid interest would last about a century. Then such a system would become impossible.

There was no interpretation of what would constitute impossible. There is no record of alternative solutions offered at that time that would replace the national debt paradigm. The discovery and discussion of debt as the indicator of national wealth and debt as the origin of money was realized, but a method to enable such a system was not formalized.

Alternative economic ideas such as Technocracy, Direct Credit and Social Credit were popular among the unemployed and certain intellectual circles. Sponsors of these ideas such as Father Coughlin of Detroit, were maligned as radicals. The post WWII academia finds nearly all these previous ideas not worthy of further development. especially objectionable was the discovery and proof that national debt is a measure of national wealth.

About the same time of the discussion of national debt as a measure of national wealth there occurred the menace of fascism, nazis and bolshevism. This was also the time of beginning of mass media and influence of radio and film. Radio preachers made sermons declaring the end of days was soon because of Nazis and Fascists especially the Godless Communists. The Bible prophecy from books of Daniel and Revelation said the the time of the abomination of desolation was at hand.

Throughout the next century the religious infatuation with end times continued at various degrees of concern in mass media sermons. Then, the Mayan calendar was discovered with its own suggestion for the end of days. The calendar calculation had precision that was never equalled until the invention of the atomic clock. The Mayan prophecy found that 21 December 2012 would mark the end of the Mayan Calendar. This was understood to indicate the end of the age of the word of God. In addition it would mark a time when tools will begin to rebel against their user.

Thus far, neither the name of the God nor the word in question nor how tools will begin to rebel has been identified.

The coincidence of prophecy that the national debt based financial system has become impossible at the same time the Mayan prophecy is predicting the end of the age of the word of God is remarkable. The prospect that there could be an immanent failure of a high god religion and the financial system at the same time is breathtaking.  Except for the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, this coincidence is not observed anywhere.

What system has there been that might provide a clue or remedy in this murky situation? Is there or has there been a Guru or Messiah figure to deal with this situation? The mind stops thought at the prospect of both money and religion failing at the same time. This is especially important in view of the century old combat between the desires of capital versus the living wage needs of people. Obviously the two great wars were about this struggle and capital has prevailed as supreme. Th tenets of Anglo-hebraic imperialism reign supreme in globalism and the world order of BIZWOG(British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). Read book THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG.

Thanks for reading RDW

Sunday, October 06, 2013

CULT 273: The RULERS of NOW.


This cult 273 that now rules the finance, banking and corporate markets of the world comes from Bible origins. Cult 273 begins with the Exodus saga. After arriving in Jerusalem, 273 men were chosen to be more than Levites. This Bible cohort had carefully planned the plunder of all the gold, jewels and silver of the Pharaoh. The trick of hiding the loot on the children to cover larceny during the escape to the Temple is a master stoke of larceny. This can be seen as the crime model for all time since.

The hidden power, Moloch, God of these 273 men who are chosen to be more than Levites, has been revealed in the book MONEY; The 12thand FINAL RELIGION. Like any God, the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and swindles like mortgages and stock exchanges, has Apostles. These carry the dogma through time. These descendants of the 273 men can be known today as the Egregore. The Egregore, as Apostles of the Moloch, continues today as rulers of human activity through the power of money. They can be discerned in the energy and intellect that gives us the structure known as central banking.

The routine of the Egregore can be observed at rate setting meetings by the Bank of England. This practice no doubt has its origin in the early Apostolic ritual of those first 273 men who were more than Levites and are now known as the Egregore. The You Tube video of BreakWith the Past by rduanewilling will help explain the Egregore origins and the Cult 273.

There are errors is speculating about a new world order coming sometime in the future. It has been here for nearly a century. First, to overcome error, we need to “smoke out” and understand a couple of false flag events. These are not yet discussed in any conspiracy analysis.

The killing of Alice and Elbert Hubbard on board the Lusitania was critical to imposing the New World Order. We suspect MI-6 planted the explosive that blew the bottom out of the ship. This was followed by frenzied anti German propaganda. There was hysteria about a torpedo from an alleged but non existent German submarine. The explosion that sank the Lusitania cost over 1000 victims.

Alice and Elbert were the two most widely respected nationalist patriot writer publishers in America. They understood America. It was common that about 50% of American families still spoke German at home. The Hubbard’s were on the Lusitania en route to meet formally with the German Kaiser to record and report his desire and terms for immediate ending WWI in 1915. The deaths of Elbert and Alice Hubbard changed world history by preventing peace.

Who in their right mine would object to peace in 1915? You ask in sincerity. Fool, have you know imagination? With peace it would have been in a major setback for the new world order. No Balfour declaration, no state of Israel, no Zionist control of Washington. no BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). Think about it?? To cope with the concept of BIZWOG, Read book, THEAMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.

Another significant, but like the Lusitania murders, not discussed in proper context is the so-called rape of Nanking. This Chinese city was reported as maliciously without purpose destroyed and massacred by the Japanese in 1937.

It seems the Chinese Nationalist government had decided to make a truce with Japan in order to actively pursue the war against he Chinese communists. Back channel diplomacy had arranged for the Japanese to send a truce commission to meet the Nationalist Chinese representatives in Nanking for the signing of the Armistice of friendship and peace between Japan and China.

The Americans and British Empire had other plans. This treaty could have meant the end of British Opium sales in China and consequently an economic depression in India the supplier of dope. About 20% of the India GDP came from British controlled drug sales to china.

The US military forces, that were to become the black operations muscle of the developing BIZWOG, the US marines were called to action. Mobilized from US Gunboats on river patrol in China and Dressed as Chinese commandos, they intercepted and slaughtered the Japanese peace mission while it was en route to Nanking.

Insidious misinformation from Imperial Britain reinforced JAPANESE suspicion of a nationalist Chinese betrayal and murder of the peace mission. The vengeance of the Japanese high command on the Nationalist Chinese city of Nanking was a consequence of False flag trickery by what was to become BIZWOG. (British-Israel Zionist World occupation Government).

We are thunderstruck by this spontaneous set of declarations by our visitor, Emma of Kazabazua, remote viewer and deep trance mind reading medium. She is known unkindly in her past life as Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. We study Loco carefully looking for signs of post abduction hypnotic influence. Some times she gets a little weird after contact with ETs. She appears her normal self.

Our good Prof C.More Books has risen from his pages and directs us with a strong voice. “Do not repeat any of this report by Loco outside of this room, under any circumstance.” Loco turns to leave, but rumbles of a heavy voice shout for attention. It is the return of The Montreal market medium from his long lunch. Four hours of steady libation with minimum interference by food brings the medium to full voice.

It is official. BIZWOG rules. The dollar is safe,”he bellows. “Straight from the horses mouth,” he certifies for our benefit. He only lunches with highest of secret agents is his long standing policy. They are the only ones that know how to do lunch, he says. This means drink.

The Montreal Market Medium insists on quoting who he calls head of the corporation. He thinks we don’t know that it was the KGB that referred to itself as the corporation. Our medium moves in exulted circles.

The report is that the false flag operations of destroying the WTC towers on 911 and the 2008 market crash of mortgages actually mark the end of an epoch as fore casted by the Mayan Calendar. A new power has been authenticated. The technology used to dissolve the twin towers was a combination of Anti gravity generators in the basements and use of the Tesla focused energy. He is bellowing something about a Dr. Judy Woods and some wing nut anti gravity Physicist in England.

The application of this latest technology has demonstrated to the entire world that they are not safe from being dissolved where ever they are. Further, mind control science has made telepathy operational. Who ever controls telepathy controls the world, he whispers.

Now it is no longer possible to plot in secret against the powers of the US Dollar because the reverse of telepathy is mind reading. It is operational world wide , he growls. Therefore anyone plotting against the supremacy of the BIZWOG over the US and control of its dollar can be turned into “toilet flush” at any time. Absolute power is at available for the invisible hand of BIZWOG, bellows our Medium.

The medium relaxes in a great wheeze of alcohol breath and gurgling laughter. The problem is which of the two Jews that make up BIZWOG is going to prevail. One Jew is of course the Legendary lost tribe Jews of the Old Testament exile that morphs into the British-Israel Anglo Saxon as the real Jew. The other Jew is of course those of Zionist Israel. “Not room enough for two Jews in BIZWOG, he howls.” Read book. The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, he hoots.

By the way, he adds. “This US govt shut down is a charade to bait opposition to control by US dollar powers. Any serious banker powers that plot action against the US dollar are being identified by telepathic mind reading. At the first sign of opposition, a smart bomb will visit them in the privacy of their own bathroom with a great explosion,” roars the Medium in his disturbed version of humor.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013



The secret of success in corporate marketing is to know "everything" there is to know about the private lives of you. You are the consumer customer target in their markets. The code word to help conceal this surveillance of you is in a code word helped developed by Freud and his nephew Bernays. The code word is civil rights.

In the process for understanding customer psyche, a certain Mr. Bernays made a unique insight. He learned how to influence women. He learned their private minds. Then using advertising media of all types, he taught women how to smoke cigarettes in public. The tobacco and advertising companies as well as Hollywood loved him for his contribution to the culture. At this same time Adolph Hitler objected to this culture. He said "smoking causes cancer."

Early in the desire to know consumer customers, the science of market research incorporated the study of psychology. This is the use of surveys and laboratory experiments and statistical analysis of the data to identify hidden psychological attributes of the consumer. It was important to completely understand motives for purchase and use and point of purchase that activated the customer consumer. The psychology of the consumer was documented to ascertain which if any attributes could be pliable to favour the great merchant sales. Recently, the NSA data base from web network and illegal spying has  delivered the most corporate valuable market data on the planet. Great corporations, foreign and domestic, through CIA and White House National Security Council connections, no doubt benefit from this surveillance data.


Strategies about eliminating competition in products and or entire competing companies could sometimes emerge as fortunate results of market research. Post WWII in the USA, the market surveys discovered that market behaviour could be influenced by race preference between white and negro population cohorts. It was shocking to wall street and the great merchants to contemplate that negro consumers were equivalent to taking ten percent of the total market if based upon race preference. The idea of race differences had to be eliminated. Multiculturalism had yet to be invented.

The risk of market revenue loss to negro entrepreneurs became a passive worry for corporate and wall street America.  Detailed studies at the highest level were sponsored. The studies revealed four key values that crossed all race and ethnic lines.
1. High international prestige for America is good.
2. High real estate values are good.
3. "Having all people realize their potential is good."
4. "Being broad minded is good."
The future of marketing in America must obviously maximize appeal to these values. There were immediate plans to maximize interest in corporate logos and facilitate how these logos connect with the personal identity of the customer consumer.

A first step was of course to alter white and black attitudes away from segregation of races in so far as this could influence merchandise selection and sale. It was necessary to modify shopping attitudes to eliminate the risk of separate markets being a function where ten percent of the national market could be captured exclusively by blacks. The prospect of ten percent of the market going to black entrepreneurs could be eliminated by careful marketing and social strategy. A break with the past was urgently needed. The concept of civil rights to be followed by multiculturalism was discovered just in time.

In order to get a genuine break with past, it would be necessary to change key attitudes about race relations and moral precepts. Civil rights was a period of keen speakers and clever slogans. As early as the 1950s, corporate worry was exacerbated by slogans such as "negro free by 63."

The related values modification program began with Hollywood movie scrips and Corporate advertising showing whites and blacks in unconventional situations and relations. The white community was targeted to absorb and accommodate black differences. Although the media content was targeted on the sub conscious, the advertising declared that segregation actually undermined 200 years of American tradition and progress.

As if by design, the movies and advertisements  were primarily assimilated by children in the audience. The brand names were easily learned as part of individual identity. The video and audio message targeted the child psyche in a special way that facilitates a break with the past. Video is virtual magic in how it shapes a child world view.  Color is identified as early as four years. Cultural convention in USA had it that black children had desires to be white. At about five the child begins to identify with cultural media heroes. Therefore the behaviour modifying advertising psychological techniques facilitate a cultural reversal to accommodate corporate objectives of a break with the past. The mass media promotion of black heroes can take white children out of their own family culture according to marketing master plans.


The ultimate in master plans begins with the famous research technique known as the opinion poll. Used continuously to report political events in the news media, careful inquiry finds the opinion poll is really about controlling and guiding to an ever more limited choice. The poll results are analyzed to measure degree of approval and disapproval on a subject. Then the marketing message is revised and restated to influence acceptance of the product or issue being polled. The opinion is really a choice limiting technique. Very clever these research people.

For example, a stunning finding from early 1960s research was that the customer most  likely to respond to new product offerings and become a first time adopter were in the homosexual cohort of the market. These identified as a lifestyle cohort. More detailed studies revealed that these preferred customers identified themselves as in the gay lifestyle.  These are among the quickest to agree to new products for trial and purchase.

These most preferred customers that help assure inventory turn over and profit were tracked cording to their lifestyle. The range of customers identified in rank order were homosexuals, blacks, mixed races, Asians, white women, Mexicans and finally white males. It must have been a surprise to find the white male as the least desirable customer.  Further, it follows that children exposed to a lifetime of great merchant media would be incapable of making moral distinctions common to their family traditions.

The altering and control of customer consumer outlook to make a break with the past is the central objective of the corporate market theory and strategy. Special behaviour modification and mind control scientific studies are financed at the highest level. The emphasis for change to break with the past is always placed upon the virtue that being broad minded is good.

Many compliments to our contributor The Great Prof. C More Books. Thanks for reading Rduanewilling  The Prof recommends reading the book THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG: The Final world order.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Break with the past: Money and Prophecy episode 1



The Mayan Calendar ending 21 December 2012 included two statements of Prophecy. One, It marks the time of the end of the age of the word of God. Two It indicates the beginning of the time when tools will rebel against the user.My advisor and deep channel medium in remote viewing, Loco Lola says the NSA "whistle blower" Mr Snowden signifies such an event as the tools rebelling against their users. She is silent on the end of the age of the word of God and what the "word" might be.

Contact with Loco Lola's mentor, Wilma, in Tuktoyaktuck in mid summer on the shore of the Arctic sea, says the word is "Money" and the God in question is the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, Money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) Finance. It seems that she has been reading the computer intercepts of her main squeeze, Emmett. He is the premier decoder of all known computer codes and secret systems of the world. NSA is a feeble bureau compared to Emmett. He deciphers all known codes in cyberspace. It is a hobby to monitor central bank signals, he says.

It is inconceivable that this could be the end of the age of money. No one here can believe such a thing. The Montreal Market Medium, all knowing about finance and markets snorts disdain. Although, he does agree that the Snowden figure could be a precursor of a time when secrets will be hard to keep especially by governments.Loco says it is about time the national security sham was put to rest. Cpl Duty First stops short in his stride as if he had heard a non patriotic comment from Loco. Continuing to mount the machine, he struggles with swear words and heavy kicks to start his reluctant 1949 Harley 61. Thunderous noise suggests success.

Our good Prof. C More Books, takes the Prophecy seriously. It is no mystery that the cycle of the debt based, income tax paid system of central bank profiteering for the few on the many has reached a crisis point. The prospect of it continuing for more than this past century is unlikely. The Prof has been seeking with urgency a copy of "Das Wirtchafts Programm der NSDAP" of the Economics Chief, Dr Otto Wagener, the 1931/32 head of economic planning for the Brown Shirts of the Nazi Party. This essentially confidential document seems to describe the economic routines planned for what is now described as the German economic Miracle of the Hitler government. The Prof refuses to comment on the prospect that Hitler was some kind of economic Messiah that had challenged the 2000 year rule of the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, Money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance.

The Montreal Market Medium has just returned from his usual long lunch of libation interrupted by small food. He is mellow with philosophy. ""When I am the weaker, I ask you for liberty because it is your principle, but when I am stronger, I take liberty away from you because it is not my principle," he sings in his own tuneless way. He seems influenced by thoughts from the Mayan prophecy about a break with the past.