MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, April 07, 2017


It has been reported that the US Executive is a product of hollywood preconditioning. Pres. Buck Fush was a make believe John Wayne figure.  Obama was the by product of years of watching the little rascals movies and little darky character Buckwheat. No one will make presidency of the US that does not have decades of Hollywood conditioning. Some say Nixon was Bogey wannabee.

The proof is in the Donald Trump presidency. Here we have a Disney selection. Donald could easily be a Quick Draw Mcgraw figure. Hasty to blast when he is confused by Syrian circumstances. Or he could be one of the characters from the cartoon Road Runner moving at velocity from crisis to crisis, mostly self made. The jury is still out.

It is national misfortune that the nation is directed through the special committee of national security and other CIA groups in affiliation with their BIZWOG control. BIZWOG is British-Israel Zionist World Occpation Government. Often mistaken in conversation as Illuminati or Masons or Vatican or Military industrial complex. 

The  BIZWOG through its hand crafted guidebook called King James Bible has held power for generations through the mental infection we call Anglo-Hebraic banking or international stock exchange finance. Two books will help understand this centuries old mental habituation. Read MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The final world order.

These two books help unveil the Moloch, god of perpetual debt, money at interest, and stock exchange (Mortgage swindle) finance These books supported by you tube videos tell the scripture report of the 273 men who were more than Levites. A cohort specially selected to infect human thought with weird beliefs. For example unlike anything else on the planet money is taught that it grows without air, earth, water or sunlight. In this age of science all investment is supposed to depend on this magic. YIKES!!!

My advisor and deep trance remote viewing medium, Loco Lolla, in past life was the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican offers advice. She is unkind about Pres. Trump. Her T shirts says dump trump. She agrees that Hollywood preconditioning by way of MK Ultra or Pegasus or some other mind control program is essential for choosing US presidents. 

Once in office they will be directed by the RNMCM program  (Remote Neural Monitoring Control and Manipulation) program that runs under control of the 303 committee and operated by DARPA as directed by BIZWOG. This is a total mind control program that can target anybody in the world, she says. I check her breath for alcohol. This program can control all decisions of the targeted person, she breathes out testing my reflex. 

The upshot of this story is that Pres Trump is best described as a sort of cartoon figure under control of RNMCM, directed by BIZWOG handlers. Otherwise the nation is dealing with a war minded lunatic in the whitehouse, says my advisor Loco Lolla, the first woman Jesuit.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017



A deep state controls Amurika. It is working to undermine the elected government of Pres. Trump. Some are saying it is the Deep State that has been the real power of government for decades. They pretend to fear President Donald Trump. Rather they actually fear the electorate that rejected the choice of dynasty politics of a Bush or Clinton.

There is talk about the 303 committee, The Secret Group and the 5412 committee and perhaps the K Street lobby crowd that have directed the thoughts of the National Security Council and the CIA and indirectly the FBI. The fact that these groupings have since the beginning been the tentacles of BIZWOG, British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government control over the USA is unthinkable to the US voter.

These committees and groups have been formed by careful selection and grooming over the past generations to perform as required. One might say they have been a century in the making. In fact it was in a fit of over confidence they actually allowed the idea of a Deep State to be entertained by media during this last election. It was considered a gentle distraction from the growing dissent about the Anglo-Hebraic religion of central banking. Read book; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The fact that they lost control of the election has disturbed them beyond reason. The idea that power could be slipping out of their reach is terrifying to the deep state of  BIZWOG. My advisor and deep trance medium Loco Lola from her past life as the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican says read book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG; The Final World Order.

Loco Lolla through her past life mediumship has been able to experience the worlds first super power of the Spanish Court and the ordeal of the Vatican experiencing the wonders of discovering the new world. She says the stress level in the Vatican theology department during this period was equivalent to a Defcom five by modern pentagon standards.

Loco says conditions at the BIZWOG cohort are similar to those old days of the Spanish Court when she was Queen Juanna before taking vow as first woman Jesuit. Jealousies, envy and hate is rampant among the Anglo-Hebraic circle of finance that creates credit. At LIBOR ritual at Bank Of England some are reluctant to wear Hebrew (Solomon)Temple head gear for rate setting ceremony.

Some are saying raise interest rates to maximize interest from Trump infrastructure plans. The eventual result will be Trump debt bankrupts Merika. Immense short sale profit possibilities here for BIZWOG.  Others are saying do not raise rates because interest cost will provoke creating interest free money like Lincoln Greenback used to pay for civil war. No body will make any interest. Loco will keep us posted on developments, she says.

The good Professor C More Books says the work of the BIZWOG Deep State is already evident in the rush by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates just as soon as Trump advanced in the polls. Now rates are promised to increase month to month by Fed experts.

The higher the rates the quicker the debt doubles. At 1% debt would double every 72 years. At 3% debt will double every 24 years. At 6% debt will double every 12 years. When infrastructure money is created from nothing by banks, why should interest be a controlling factor when the issue is safe infrastructure and standard of living? The Prof is asking a rhetorical question we are supposed to know.

He says read books; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION snd the deep state expose THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. Available on PDF both for $!0..

Monday, January 09, 2017


Thought changes with each astronomical age. The capacity of people to relate to gods changes dramatically. For example prior to Pisces era, the dominant god for Aries was Mithra. Then came Pisces and the guy in the diaper nailed on two sticks. Now there is the coming of the age of Aquarius. It is proposed by the Mayan prophecy that this will be the age when tools rebel against the user and the end of the age of the word of God.

My advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit in her past life at the 1555 Vatican, has been in spirit contact on this matter. I probe her finding about the end of the age of the word of God. I am curious about what is the word, and which God is in play here.

Loco is prompt in reply. She says the word is money and the god is Moloch, god of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange finance. Read MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION, she directs. Also, THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, the final world order should be read. She says both are available on pdf for $10.00 US.

Loco says the cosmos provides consciousness to the brain according to the astronomical age. The Brain was designed since the beginning as a receiver of consciousness. The past age of Pisces with its old guy swindling the Egyptians, the younger guy walking on water in a diaper to be nailed on two sticks until dead to rise again and the camel driver mounting an 8 year old girl for a bride have all become an offense to cosmic order. Their cooperation has subjected nature and persons to the rules of Moloch, God of money. This collaboration has imperiled the cosmic obligation of justice. The courts decide in favor of banks and stock exchanges. The people suffer poverty in a planet of plenty.

Watch for the breakdown of the mythology of the Moloch, she cautioned. Banks are desperate to conceal the hoax that deposits of savings are necessary for lending for investment, when we know that all money for loans for investment is created from thin air. They are hard pressed to justify a tolerance for the pitiful amounts treasured by depositors. 

A small fee for deposit safekeeping is now the mode for bankers tired of unkempt and often ill behaved people. The captive media call it negative interest rates and suggest that interest rates are the essential tool motivating investment. YIKES! This could be the tool that will rebel against its users. So says Loco Lola from centuries of deep trance evaluation. Interest on money has always been a  violation of the cosmic balance ordered in that first rule of Hammaurabi. The rich and powerful must be prevented from exploiting the poor.

I mention gold. Loco laughes at the absurd ratios being fostered by financial wizards that speciously connect GDP numbers with gold prices and dollar exchange rates. All make believe, she says. The entire gold debate is to conceal the swindle in place with interest rates on credit cards., and to a certain extend by student loans. Again a life time burden for money created from thin air.  The swindle is to encourage spending when the person has no money. Then there can be a loan created from thin air on real assets to pay the balance. In time an entire people can become homeless thanks to interest on loans.

The prophecy says in so many words that a money system based upon debt that pays interest is IMPOSSIBLE. A central banking system is best described as a swindle. A cosmic struggle is underway. It is a test to decide if the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance, hiding in plain sight behind Pisces age religions, is to prevail or not.

Amen Thanks R Duane Willing

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Tension has come again to the American dinner table. A sense of the unpleasant prevails in conversation. Who will win the election? A choice is offered. Criminal women with history in homicide. Or vulgar businessman who builds things.

For example, criminal reports tell us that Kaddafi, wounded, surrendered, pleading for mercy, was disemboweled by bayonet while the US Secretary of State clucks approval. Polls report it is big bucks Donald saying dreadful things that inspire the people and offend the political elite.

Media has no favor for Donald and is silent on Hillary celebrating bayonet entering Kaddafi anal cavity for carving away the intestines until dead. A friend in little Rock falsely accused put in solitary confinement dies deprived of essential heart medication, but that is another story.

Not happy character options for choice to be president of the military super power, some say. My advisor and deep trance medium is now in contact with her past life as first woman Jesuit at 1555 Vatican is concerned.  We call her Loco Lola when she is like this.

I suggest there is no worry because the congress is at work. Spontaneous laughter from all present registers my ignorance. Coongrrress they below in unison as if I had made a joke. Loco Lola is about to speak when Prof C More Books interrupts. The structure of separation of powers no longer works.

The global communication and banking structure has made it obsolete. Instead of being a balance of powers it is a network to conceal and facilitate money privilege and corporate power. The powerful even control the supreme court to make it unlawful not to purchase health insurance. The courts system now guarantees profit and revenue to private corporations under penalty of law. Extortion, one might say. Others say state capitalism another name for Bolshevism.

There is no limit on election finance spending by corporations and secret groups. It is pretense to regard the govt departments as separate powers balancing interests. The govt is really a concentration of power to deliver privlege to the few, if you know how to work the levers of power, mumbles the Prof.

         Loco speaks. It is all about the domination of labor by capital, she says. The Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance has been unleashed by Clerical error. It is prophecy. It has come quietly in the past one hundred years in the shadow of the mistaken but popular belief in democracy. When capital prevails over people as in the worship of markets and multiculturalism the word democracy no longer means the people, but is derived from the word daemon which mean devil.

         This devil prevails over judgement to drive people to believe in smart bombs and such obscenities as conscript of women for battle. The fact that none of these issues are central part of the current political debate is proof of the devil, she says. “Take that all you atheists,” I say in surprise response.

Loco has been reading in the two books offered here for $10.00 pdf, MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. BIZWOG is for BRITISH-ISRAEL ZIONIST WORLD OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT, a logical example of Anglo-Hebraic take-over of US Money and policy for the past 100 years.

Monday, September 05, 2016



It is unkind to assert that something as hopeful as civil rights could have a deleterious outcome on society. My advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola says the facts are cruel as they are diabolical. Relations among races are more stressed today than before civil rights. Individual Whites on a street encountering blacks in groups see danger. Police in conduct of duty fire weapons as culprits mock the law. Regardless of crime, the black victim claims his rights were violated.

Black pride seems buttressed by refusing police instructions. Black groups organize in defiance of the true circumstances as in black lives matter mobs and demonstrations. Loco Lola gets like this when speaking from her past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She says the media is complicit.

 She says the USA at one time before dominance of public policy by the code word civil rights, the accepted rule for social relations between blacks and whites was “separate but equal.”  Streets were basically safe for both blacks and whites. Gun battles in black neighborhoods were rare. Police were seldom called to fire weapons in conduct of law enforcement. The idea of patrolling in bullet proof vests was absurd.

Although not ever perfected in practice, “separate but equal,” was a work in progress. It was a guide enforced in a major or lessor degree in the nation. The prospect of being accosted or harmed while passing through a black neighborhood because one was white was perhaps a worry but unlikely event. Now to stray as a white person into some inner city areas is certain trouble possible serious harm. Seen as a violation of Black territorial integrity, white presence is confronted as an intrusion on rights.

How did all the apparent well meaning of civil rights degenerate so consistently during the past 50 years. First came hollywood sex implied multiculturalism, then a degenerate moral stance supporting public display of sexual deviance. Males mock females by sex role playing gestures and costumes then came politically correct speech censorship, now finally a broad reaching sense of danger and overbearing intrusion of the degenerate pervades the streets of America in cities large and small..

Who in their right mind would support this descending moral order in graduated steps? First from diversity, then to decadence, on to degeneracy and finally to danger. Check the ever expanding record of drugs on the streets, pornography on media net work, school violence, obscene language and contempt for teachers in class rooms, media support for groups using rights to pursue false and deviant public displays. Who profits from this?

Or was civil rights a propaganda code word for an attack on American culture itself.  Was it a contrary concept imported for political reasons imposed by foreign designs? If so, who could it be? Not the commies, they fell apart unable to keep their own system alive. Dread the thought that commies were always a red herring to bamboozle straight Americans to ever lower dimensions of mental capacity, chuckles all knowing Loco Lola. She is reading in the Bible Book Revelation something about the Great Merchants.

Loco says the great merchants through lobbying and bribes assume control of governments. Then just as they are about to become all powerful global, their financial system implodes and they fail. The failure is “in one minute” according to the bible.    Read the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG; Final world order, she says. BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) is the contemporary version of the great merchants of the bible. Central bank globalism is the desired objective of BIZWOG with its NAFTA, WTO, NATO, IMF etc, offers Loco Lola from her past life as Queen Juana, the first of seven woman Jesuits in 1555.

Our conversation is interrupted by the arrival of our disheveled and annoyed Prof C More Books, although disdained by broader academia, he is all knowing on any subject, he declares. “Loco is out of her mind,” snarls our prof. “Too Much time with ETs ,” he says. “The impending troubles of the great merchants, which includes all corporations, is about politics not finance,” he says. “ The use of corporate structure is made unstable by the notion of two different understandings of the Biblical Jew,” he says. “Although currently in alliance, the Zionist and the Anglo Saxon are now in sort of a mutual admiration society which could easily become a death grip, if things go wrong,” he says.

“Watch the signs for a betrayal of interests between the UK and Israel. This will spell trouble for world corporations especially if Israel tries to double cross the Bank of England by trying to unilaterally control the US Federal Reserve system after the next election,” he chuckles. It has been the Anglo-Hebraic alliance through bank of England dominance of the US through subtle control of the NY Fed branch of the Fed Reserves system that has given BIZWOG world control. It has been this way since killing the Kennedys including young John in his plane crash. Killed the whole damn family and got away with it,” he sighs

It has been the objective of BIZWOG to undermine the capacity of US citizens to think independent of BIZWOG media directed mind control. The 50 year program of civil rights has carefully destabilized  and disconnected the root reasoning of Americans from the real world of their national psyche such as separate but equal. BIZWOG directed immigration flows should finish the job unless interrupted, rumbles our Prof. Read the BIZWOG BOOK he says. It could be helpful if you have any independent mind left after 50years of media directed mind control.

Act now. Book bargain pdf $10,00 for both books. MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG, The Final World Order.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Negative Interest Rates As END Time

Most religions have tradition directed to an eventual end time. Bad things are destined to happen but all will be well for the believer in the end time. This tradition may or may not be true for the religion of money. Read book Money the 12th and Final religion. Also read The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, The final world order. (BIZWOG) is British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. Both books in pdf for ten dollars down load from web site.

The religion of money is the most powerful of belief systems for control of the human mind. Believe in interest on money along with certain financial skill, and it is possible to become rich, to have income without work. Of course in order to believe such a possibility as interest on money, it is obliged that one must agree that money, unlike anything else on the planet, can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight. Divine miracle or collective madness you might ask?

The less gifted among us challenged by this question have already muttered the dreaded threat words socialist or communist. But that cannot be the case without also accusing other famous American family names such as Dalton, James, Cole, Younger, Quantrill and many others of 19th century USA. They also challenged the collective of Moloch madness but in a more direct way. They robbed banks. They fought monopoly corporatism they perceived as consuming their free America. History is not kind to them.

This leaves us with the notion of divine intervention perhaps with a plan. Obviously the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance must have a plan. All Gods have a plan for believers. The problem is that often the plans don't seem to work out and the religion is considered by scholars to have failed. YIKES! Is it possible that the religion of money could fail?

Obviously the central dogma of the religion of money is the belief that money can grow without any natural support such as air, earth, water or sunlight. A collective rejection of this belief would obviously be the end of money as a religion. The question is why would people stop believing. NEGATIVE INTEREST Rates COULD BE DOOM FOR THE RELIGION OF MONEY. 

This could signal that it is now impossible for central banking to continue in control of money creation. A condition anticipated in 1913 by Frederick Soddy when he said national debt, interest rate paid by income tax  system of money creation would last about a century. "Then it would become impossible." Perhaps nations can save themselves by adopting banking money creation systems like Germany and Italy of the 1930s, or Canada had until 1974.

An impossible situation would mean that traditional pensions based upon financial securities would not have yield to pay obligations. Annuities would lose all possibility of delivering payments as promised. Stock market leverage would not be possible. Future payments would diminish in a reverse compounding. The concept of financial investment for income would be nonsense. Banks would have to charge a fee for keeping your money on deposit.No wonder financial web forecasters are announcing the end of the stock market world in October 2016.

For some 2000 years the Moloch, god of money has infected human mind. Moving in the shadow of Bible religions, hiding in plain sight, money at interest and perpetual debt stimulated by stock exchange visions has taken over thought. A home owner finally paying a 30 year mortgage on a $100,000 home finds he has paid $200,000 in interest. The literature is silent on the fact that the interest on the mortgage can be regarded as a tithe to the Moloch. The institution of banking is derived from the Temple Jerusalem where money creation was first experienced. Read Books ten dollars pdf copy.

Read at your own risk. Thanks R duane willing

Monday, July 04, 2016


Economists have been lecturing for a century about a time when all will be in balance, incomes, prices, employment, exchange rates, all would be in harmony. This period, a type of nirvana, was to be achieved by means of economic policy. 

All was good because there was an invisible guiding power of free enterprise at work. Well perhaps, maybe a little help from government spending may be required from time to time. But belief was that a magical power called market forces would make everything come out in equilibrium. 

Well, what if equilibrium is here and all is not coming out well? Incomes are declining, prices are rising and unemployment is too large to be truthfully counted. Exchange rates are manipulated to seek advantage. How do we explain this equilibrium circumstance for much of north america?

There is no explanation available because of a smokescreen of misinformation about the financial system. It is said by experts that the system is on the cusp of total collapse. Beware they say. Buy gold. Hide your wealth. Find a refuge. Buy a farm. Store food. Money will disappear into digits. Obviously the powers of economic thought are confused about their own system.  

What if experts are mistaken. They do not recognize how their own theory works. The rich get richer and the toilers perish in constricting poverty. This story comes to us first in the Old Testament saga of Joseph where the origin of money finance is explained and its consequence described in Genesis 47. If you had read book: MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION, you would know already. Please read, available on Pdf, cheap.

Contrary to popular hysteria about impending failure, the money system is functioning exactly as designed. Read the book, fool. The capacity for a people to descend into poverty is virtually limitless as the rich get automatically richer through the accepted functioning of the magic called finance and market forces. 

The magic is of course a belief that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow without, air, earth, water or sunlight. Think about it? The invention of money from nothing by banks is not magic it is the sustaining reality of modern civilization. It cannot be replaced any easier than a Christian can give up Jesus.

The mention of Jesus triggers activation of the past life of my advisor and deep trance medium Emma of Kazabazua. The 1555 Vatican called her Loco Lola. She is here with her main squeeze and pillow confidant Willard, a man of thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count. He is doing double decades at warp speed for my benefit in case of possible disrespect for the Holy Father. Not to worry.

Loco says that financial markets are now "auto supporting." Stock Markets no longer measure economic activity, she says.  The linkage between stock markets and central banks that was illegal at the beginning is now central to supporting stock prices for chosen corporations, she says. I Tremble. Loco is really scary when she talks about finance and markets of which she knows nothing by education.

The use of stock and bonds to finance pensions and insurance requires high prices. If prices decline there is less value to justify bank loans which is how pension funds and insurance companies get money to pay their obligations, Loco says. Without the central bank funds made available for purchase of stocks and bonds the prices would be much lower. Pension payments and insurance such as annuities payments would be at risk.  

Because the bank can create money there is no limit to how long the market can be supported and payments continue for the few beneficiaries, she says. The alternative is to have a universal government provided pension system based upon need paid with created money as required and stop this silly folly of belief in financial instruments which are fictions since the beginning, she offers. When Loco gets like this she is really radical.

Conversation on finance inevitably leads to politics. Loco is unkind about what she calls BIZWOG, British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. The so-called special relation of the US with UK and Israel is code word for Washington parties to submit to foreign control. US Congress and bureaucrats probably get paid cash for their support on issues, she says. Shocking allegations, I hesitate to ask for evidence because she might have some. She says read book: THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. Get two books on Pdf for ten dollars.

Amen. Thanks R Duane Willing