MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Negative Interest Rates As END Time

Most religions have tradition directed to an eventual end time. Bad things are destined to happen but all will be well for the believer in the end time. This tradition may or may not be true for the religion of money. Read book Money the 12th and Final religion. Also read The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, The final world order. (BIZWOG) is British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. Both books in pdf for ten dollars down load from web site.

The religion of money is the most powerful of belief systems for control of the human mind. Believe in interest on money along with certain financial skill, and it is possible to become rich, to have income without work. Of course in order to believe such a possibility as interest on money, it is obliged that one must agree that money, unlike anything else on the planet, can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight. Divine miracle or collective madness you might ask?

The less gifted among us challenged by this question have already muttered the dreaded threat words socialist or communist. But that cannot be the case without also accusing other famous American family names such as Dalton, James, Cole, Younger, Quantrill and many others of 19th century USA. They also challenged the collective of Moloch madness but in a more direct way. They robbed banks. They fought monopoly corporatism they perceived as consuming their free America. History is not kind to them.

This leaves us with the notion of divine intervention perhaps with a plan. Obviously the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance must have a plan. All Gods have a plan for believers. The problem is that often the plans don't seem to work out and the religion is considered by scholars to have failed. YIKES! Is it possible that the religion of money could fail?

Obviously the central dogma of the religion of money is the belief that money can grow without any natural support such as air, earth, water or sunlight. A collective rejection of this belief would obviously be the end of money as a religion. The question is why would people stop believing. NEGATIVE INTEREST Rates COULD BE DOOM FOR THE RELIGION OF MONEY. 

This could signal that it is now impossible for central banking to continue in control of money creation. A condition anticipated in 1913 by Frederick Soddy when he said national debt, interest rate paid by income tax  system of money creation would last about a century. "Then it would become impossible." Perhaps nations can save themselves by adopting banking money creation systems like Germany and Italy of the 1930s, or Canada had until 1974.

An impossible situation would mean that traditional pensions based upon financial securities would not have yield to pay obligations. Annuities would lose all possibility of delivering payments as promised. Stock market leverage would not be possible. Future payments would diminish in a reverse compounding. The concept of financial investment for income would be nonsense. Banks would have to charge a fee for keeping your money on deposit.No wonder financial web forecasters are announcing the end of the stock market world in October 2016.

For some 2000 years the Moloch, god of money has infected human mind. Moving in the shadow of Bible religions, hiding in plain sight, money at interest and perpetual debt stimulated by stock exchange visions has taken over thought. A home owner finally paying a 30 year mortgage on a $100,000 home finds he has paid $200,000 in interest. The literature is silent on the fact that the interest on the mortgage can be regarded as a tithe to the Moloch. The institution of banking is derived from the Temple Jerusalem where money creation was first experienced. Read Books ten dollars pdf copy.

Read at your own risk. Thanks R duane willing

Monday, July 04, 2016


Economists have been lecturing for a century about a time when all will be in balance, incomes, prices, employment, exchange rates, all would be in harmony. This period, a type of nirvana, was to be achieved by means of economic policy. 

All was good because there was an invisible guiding power of free enterprise at work. Well perhaps, maybe a little help from government spending may be required from time to time. But belief was that a magical power called market forces would make everything come out in equilibrium. 

Well, what if equilibrium is here and all is not coming out well? Incomes are declining, prices are rising and unemployment is too large to be truthfully counted. Exchange rates are manipulated to seek advantage. How do we explain this equilibrium circumstance for much of north america?

There is no explanation available because of a smokescreen of misinformation about the financial system. It is said by experts that the system is on the cusp of total collapse. Beware they say. Buy gold. Hide your wealth. Find a refuge. Buy a farm. Store food. Money will disappear into digits. Obviously the powers of economic thought are confused about their own system.  

What if experts are mistaken. They do not recognize how their own theory works. The rich get richer and the toilers perish in constricting poverty. This story comes to us first in the Old Testament saga of Joseph where the origin of money finance is explained and its consequence described in Genesis 47. If you had read book: MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION, you would know already. Please read, available on Pdf, cheap.

Contrary to popular hysteria about impending failure, the money system is functioning exactly as designed. Read the book, fool. The capacity for a people to descend into poverty is virtually limitless as the rich get automatically richer through the accepted functioning of the magic called finance and market forces. 

The magic is of course a belief that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow without, air, earth, water or sunlight. Think about it? The invention of money from nothing by banks is not magic it is the sustaining reality of modern civilization. It cannot be replaced any easier than a Christian can give up Jesus.

The mention of Jesus triggers activation of the past life of my advisor and deep trance medium Emma of Kazabazua. The 1555 Vatican called her Loco Lola. She is here with her main squeeze and pillow confidant Willard, a man of thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count. He is doing double decades at warp speed for my benefit in case of possible disrespect for the Holy Father. Not to worry.

Loco says that financial markets are now "auto supporting." Stock Markets no longer measure economic activity, she says.  The linkage between stock markets and central banks that was illegal at the beginning is now central to supporting stock prices for chosen corporations, she says. I Tremble. Loco is really scary when she talks about finance and markets of which she knows nothing by education.

The use of stock and bonds to finance pensions and insurance requires high prices. If prices decline there is less value to justify bank loans which is how pension funds and insurance companies get money to pay their obligations, Loco says. Without the central bank funds made available for purchase of stocks and bonds the prices would be much lower. Pension payments and insurance such as annuities payments would be at risk.  

Because the bank can create money there is no limit to how long the market can be supported and payments continue for the few beneficiaries, she says. The alternative is to have a universal government provided pension system based upon need paid with created money as required and stop this silly folly of belief in financial instruments which are fictions since the beginning, she offers. When Loco gets like this she is really radical.

Conversation on finance inevitably leads to politics. Loco is unkind about what she calls BIZWOG, British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. The so-called special relation of the US with UK and Israel is code word for Washington parties to submit to foreign control. US Congress and bureaucrats probably get paid cash for their support on issues, she says. Shocking allegations, I hesitate to ask for evidence because she might have some. She says read book: THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. Get two books on Pdf for ten dollars.

Amen. Thanks R Duane Willing

Thursday, June 02, 2016


A car radio brings surprise with program change. A loud radio preacher shouts "not to worry". White knuckle driving at speed keeps both hands on the steering. Running on three baldies and one spare tire donut focuses concentration. "Keep a wary eye on the heavens," is the radio message. I try a quick glance but can't see thru fog and traffic spray. "Confess to the savior and your eternity will be with your loved ones," Pastor Chuck bellows. The prospect of eternity with that group adds to terror of driving in the rain.   

The Savior will fix every need. Be it pension problems, auto issues, environment, income tax, all these problems will vanish upon arrival of the Son, confides Pastor Chuck of Pasadena. Furthermore, he says if we are really serious about getting the benefits of the miracle making Savior, we really ought to be serious in our support for a foreign political entity called Israel, he wails.

Pastor Chuck is now bellowing assertions from his radio pulpit. He says only through political support of the Jewish state will it be possible for those born again in their sinful hearts to be able to benefit from the Saviors blessings. "Without this unconditional support for Israel, North American Identity as Christians has no right to exist," voice chokes with sobbing. Sending money this day is key to meeting our spiritual-political obligation for Israel, he recovers.

Obviously, Pastor Chuck does not know prophecy that says, "Israel will do a deed that only death can redeem." Then there is God saying, "I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all the people; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded." Then there is the Jerusalem temple that shall signal the abomination of desolation with the prophecy concealed in how it is to be destroyed  not how it was built. The Pastor Chuck of Pasadena is uninformed or perhaps working a swindle comes to mind, but slight tremor remind me of the baldies rotating at speed in the rain.. He should read books MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

I dare myself to courage to reach to change the radio, when wait! The Pastor has a guest. I recognize the name. It is Wilma of Kazabazua in her past life trance when she was Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She is remote viewing current financial markets and trends. Loco talking finance, YIKES, can the Apocalypse be far. I brake and lurch to avoid lane changing crash. Reminder avoid heavy braking. Not good for tires. Donut tends to skid car sideways.

She says conventional thinking is no longer possible for financial and investment market decisions. We are in the age of impossible as forewarned by Frederick Soddy a century ago. He regarded the theory of debt based income tax supported national finance as too absurd to be considered serious thought. It would last a century then become impossible, reports Loco. I await a word from Pastor Chuck. Nothing. He is probably calling his broker to sell.

Inspired by silence. Loco continues.The proposition of using stock market investments as store of value for retirement pensions is too preposterous for serious consideration.The average stock listing barely survives for forty years. It takes less than a century for all listed stocks to disappear from the exchange trading desks. Buy a stock for retirement investment at age 30 and there is a high probability that the stock will fail by retirement age.This statistic is from a period relatively self sufficient national markets. Globalism where corporations transit from nation to nation seeking benefits of cost saving and graft and currency swindles makes stock ownership a pure speculation of short term profit, a gamble.

Loco says the purpose of stock exchanges is to get money without working. One puts money into a stock   to get money benefit without doing real work This was possible when stock were shares of slave ships transiting from Liverpool and return. The ship owners would sell portions of the cargo 1/8;1/4 or 1/2 to be paid when the ship returned from a profitable voyage, East Africa, Jamaica, Charlestown, Halifax, Liverpool. During the term of the voyage speculators could buy or sell shares in the voyage.The prospect of life time investment would be a joke, but wait, she says. The large smoking factories and railroads of the industrial revolution promised longer term monies.Stock as investment and wealth begins.

The advent of Anglo-Hebraic financial mythology takes over the popular mind with visions of money without work. The psychic fire of interest on money compounds the dream. A fiction compounded in recent times by the idea that your money could work for you if properly invested. The Anglo-Hebraic fiction of money as organic with power to grow requires one believe that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight.No wonder Soddy referred to interest rate driven  national debt finance as Anglo-Hebraic gurgling.

Loco says that the system can no longer use debt interest rates to regulate the money system because the amount of debt is so enormous that a usual interest rate of five percent would require a tax rate more than the available money income of working people. The fiction of the current system can be maintained for a short while longer by extremely low interest rates. This of course has an advantage that national debt can finance budget deficits as required at very insignificant interest expense The implication is of course is why have interest on debt in the first place.The answer, she says is that the financial ghouls of stock exchanges and central banks want money incomes without work. Loco makes a hideous cackling  laugh that sounds like Hillary Clinton to conclude her interview.

Amen R Duane Willing

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Mind control is the ability to directly affect the neural structure of a person by certain ultra high or ultra low electronic frequencies. These frequencies achieve the desired effect on the brain without requiring an implant. The thoughts of the targeted person become the thoughts programmed by the sender.Under certain conditions the transmitted thoughts affect the recipient brain with the authority of the "voice of God." An aircraft pilot could surrender all his basic instincts for self survival  and deliberately crash his plane into a tall building or unexpectedly dive into the ocean. The world trade center and the Egypt Air crash into the Atlantic comes to mind.

Electronic mind control can override even the most basic of human instincts  and can induce virtually the entire range of human emotions as well as forms of illness including heart attack. Instructions to suicide, including suicide by cop where a cop will be confronted with an armed suspect who refuses to put down his weapon and is shot dead in the confrontation.The mass shootings in theaters and schools that invariably involve the perpetrator shot dead by police somehow fits here.

The experts working to perfect mind control seem to have been unleashed on the American public  by the post Korean war hysteria about POWs under Chinese perfected mind control. It was quickly perceived by the Anglo-Hebraic powers of the new world order of BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) that mind control could have immense commercial and political possibilities. Many of the returning prisoners were responding favorably to economic discussion then considered heresy, but now are familiar to Jewish candidate for President, Bernie Saunders.Times were different then. 

The evidence from study of markets indicates that BIZWOG and its great merchant corporations and banks regard the conventional social and cultural mores of America as impediments to sales and profits. The ideas of race, language and nationality can be seen as limits to corporate growth. The market studies revealed that the customers most responsive to new products, brands and advertising were first; homosexuals, then blacks and mixed races. Orientals, white women and Mexicans came next in the profit ranking of responsive customers and finally the least responsive and therefore least profitable was the straight white male. This turns the convention of white male preference in marketing campaigns on its head. Television advertising already manifests this change. The white male is generally reduced to mindless boob generally in the way of expenditure.

The removal of profit limiting conventions in American society has been a master piece of behavior modification through mind control. The use of cognitive dissonance creates permanent state of dissatisfaction that is best resolved by following the great merchants advertising instruction to purchase/vote for some product.The purchase/vote resolves the tension of the cognitive dissonance until the next advertising campaign in inflicted on the target market.

It is impossible for the average American to think of their country as significant but relatively minor element of grand empire of BIZWOG. The Anglo Hebraic financial genius of central banking reduced the US to a brute force in a more sophisticated world of finance. The appropriation of the Federal Reserve Note by London City and Tel Aviv to serve as the World currency is pure genius. The Americans deny to the risk of oblivion how they have been duped. As Bible mumblers they cannot recognize the Woman on the Beast Of Babylon as a carefully BIZWOG selected  candidate for president. says my advisor and medium Loco Lola, first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican in her past life..

PS: The saga of BIZWOG, British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government comes from necessity to explain to British voters in 1800s why Christian England was using opium to control and occupy China and India. Outrage was assuaged by careful study at university where it was discovered that the English were really the ten lost tribes of the Bible. They were the genuine Chosen people, the real Jews, and were doing God's work in controlling the world. The hybrid of Anglo-Hebraic blending of English with Semite Jews was a natural byproduct of accepting Semite Jews into Royal finance of the Bank of England to create a world wide reach of central banking. Modest inquiry finds world wide central banking a refined version of the old British empire with roots in the East India Company which still maintains a desk in certain dark chambers of London City. At least this is the report of Loco Lola after deep trance remote viewing.


Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Generally unknown to popular opinion, it was discovery of behavior by race that gives us modern marketing success. The finding that blacks and homosexuals are most responsive to new products and imagery was a surprise in the lifestyle surveys of the 1950s-60s. 

This behavior cohort was closely followed by mixed races and Asians then came white women, Mexicans with the straight white male last as likely new product customer. Some might say the civil rights movement was to promote corporate preference for Negros and homosexuals.

 Obviously the consumer studies would tend to influence a restructuring of corporate hiring practices to favor  blacks and homosexuals because of their spending habits. The image of the straight white male as stalwart of the job market is contradicted by the preferred business potential of the employed blacks and homosexuals. The Corporate sales and market share objectives can be facilitated by the incomes of homosexuals and blacks.

It can be  further forecasted that Democratic corporatism with its use of mass behavior modification is on the threshold of creating the perfected commodity being. A person without identity of race or gender. The urge to consume could be programmed from earliest age regardless of race or gender disciplines of the family. The driving force would be a function of new product offering, price and style. Style dictates consciousness in the American market.

The moral values  of society can be changed with intense electronic conditioning of the brain replicator memes. Controlled customers is the objective of changed moral values in society. The individual person under intense conditioning can actually experience a change in personality.

The disposition favorable to miscegenation and homosexuality can be seen as preferred customer attributes by democratic corporatism. This can result in a change in moral values of society. The resulting behavior is reflected in how diversity becomes decadence. Old resistance to moral deviant behavior and decadence can be overcome by TV induced passivity which in turn obscures the impact on individual subliminal psyche. It obscures the reality of diversity fostering decadence.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016



Bolshevik Bernie vs Dollars Donald
There is a political campaign in “MURIKA”.  The fix is in. Iowa prevails as the stooge state in the cartoon nation.  Either the swindle is obvious or the Marketing research of polling has failed catastrophically. The probability of a skilled polling company being off by double digit percentages as demonstrated between Trump and Cruz is very unlikely. Conchita the pole dancer says “Impossible.”

 The two candidates who were attracting most TV coverage are economic opposites. One, we call Bernie the Bolshevik because of his program for generous social well being. Medicare for all. He seems quite popular. The other we call dollars Donald because he has so much self made money he needs no help to finance his campaign. He is not generous about benefits especially to illegal immigrants. He too seems quite popular.

The existence of these two non party line candidates speaks to rebellion. The polls of voters indicated the choices offered by the party elite were undesirable. Neither of the main line political parties either Republican or Democrat seemed able to advance their preferred candidate. The original offering of either the Clinton or Bush persons seemed to have failed. Some said it is Clinton and Bush fatigue. Others were repelled at the thought of dynasties. The polling data failed. Elite selected candidates prevail.

This record from previous administrations with their scandals and brute wars and prisons and puppet obedience to special interests was voter antipathy. Further there is growing talk about too close a connection with Jews in government. They are too close to the treasury and the white house and the Pentagon. Main line politicians are now understood to be talking about Israel when they say “Our country.” This is especially true when defense spending is the topic and the politician or bureaucrat is a dual national US-Israeli citizen. My pen trembles at this prospect of being accused anti Semite.

Conchita; Pole dancer
Psychological tension calls for a release. The Pole dancing of Concihta at  the Cantina on the four lane just South of Truth or Consequences is the primary distraction for those in the know. A clientele of hard rock miners, over the road truckers and occasional dirty shirt motorcycle guys spends time and money. They lust for the untouchable Conchita.

My conscience troubles me upon entry. Will I be recognized as owner of a pen possibly accused as anti semite? What if they knew my craft in blogger world, would I be at risk? A dirty shirt, dirty boots and a smear of octane on my leather jacket makes me feel invisible. Everyone is indifferent. Except for a duo of bar patrons in competition breaking wind for maximum audio effect, everyone else is self absorbed.

What would customers think if I let it be known that Conchita is the youngest ever dual doctorate from premier universities with PhD in both the Para normal and Psychological neuro science? Conchita in mid dance waves recognition to me. Everyone looks at me. I am perspiring, too nervous to take off my tasseled all weather Harley jacket, white squadron scarf and Messerschmidt goggles high on my sheepskin B17 bomber helmet. She stops shortly to join me at my table. My pulse is rapid, palms moist, every eye in the place sees me with Conchita. Impostor, I don’t even own a Harley. I am terrified of possible outcomes. Today was a skip meds day. Never again, I promise God.

Conchita welcomes me with offered hand and makes a Marxist academic insider comment about me now being in the twilight of the contradiction between labor and capital. Before I can gather a response she says, “ The contradiction is not between labor and capital it is between capital and money.” I nod to agree. We have had this discussion before. She learns quickly, almost like magic. People are labor, things are capital and money is credit the faith and trust of a people in circulation, she declares. Couldn’t have said it better myself. She reads book; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The failure to distinguish between capital and labor as measured in money price obscures the role of credit as the driving force. It is credit money itself that makes the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle possible. The confusion occurs because the shared credit among a people is generally monopolized by banks, she reports. I interrupt. Speaking of Bolsheviks, what does she think of presidential candidates Bolshevik Bernie and Dollars Donald.

Conchita delights in political discussion. She has already discussed the candidates with Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. Loco says a swindle is planned for the democratic convention. Bolshevik Bernie will be some few vote shy of a nomination. The hung convention after some 100 hours of dissent will take a snap vote and vice President Biden will become the party nominee. Bernie the Bolshevik will concede in favor in exchange for medicare for all. Otherwise you can be sure that Bernie is the agent of influence in a controlled opposition. Probably Israeli, she says. I feel my pen tremble at her observation.

Loco has difficulty forecasting for whom she calls PT Barnum. Dollars Donald was without a doubt PT Barnum in his past life, she says. She says the republicans will attempt a convention hang up just like the democrats but it might not work because in his day PT Barnum would anticipate such a move and act accordingly to destroy the Texas dynasty potential by taking control of the Republican party..

None the less there is possibility that the Hollywood stereo type that controls the national psyche through the movie little rascals that gave us Pres. Buckwheat might still be in effect.  This would see fatty Arbuckle  materialize in the candidate Gov Christie for Republican nomination. Loco says read books THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) and MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

Monday, January 04, 2016


It can be said that the banking system was rescued in 2008-9 market crash.  But what if the system perished in the process of being rescued and nobody noticed. The system theory of fiscal finance with easy money then high interest rates to tighten money has fixated keen minds. Arcane thoughts are made more occult by foggy mathematics.

The structure of central bank national debt income tax supported finance was reckoned as having a life cycle of a century by critical scholars of note at its birth in 1913.  Then it would become impossible they said. It has now been a century since the founding of the federal reserve the flag ship model for all finance since 1913. Can we now know what impossible is supposed to look like?

The problem is that no one has explained how the expired life cycle of the financial system will conclude. What will impossible look like? Nearly all pundits are forecasting market doom for now and the near future. Recognizing the system as now impossible for the future is not discussed.

 The infatuation with the fiction of interest rates and market indices seems to have calcified thought. The pundits no longer, if they ever did, speak to the human condition as the primary responsibility of markets. The primacy of care for the human condition seems to have been lost in the infatuation with markets since some time in WWII.

Some time between the genocide fire bombing of Dresden and atomic bombs on Japan, the frenzy of markets overtakes thought.  Somehow magic became reality. Money could grow without effort. Incomes could happen without work thanks to interest on growing money.

It is fact that the Whiz kidds of WWII, those boy genius that planned the air force destruction on cities left war planning to join corporations. Young MacNamara rose to became Ford motor corp president. Still advancing he become wizzard of war in the pentagon for Viet Nam as Secretary of Defense. Defense contracting became the biggest game in town for smart whiz kids familiar with war.

The theory of central bank finance supported the progress of defense industry. Need money for weapons or invasions or bombing  or black operations just issue national debt. The fed will convert the debt into cash. Interest on the debt was easily paid by income tax. Work long enough for a corporation and get a pension of dollars guaranteed each month for life. Then the cycle ended and pensions became a stock market bet in 401k speculation. Put in all you can get back what ever the market can afford. Forget years of service and seniority benefits. Is this what impossible looks like?

Clearly the evidence says that the century of central bank finance has been a feast on the money and trust of of the labor class. They had the fictional vision of neither rich nor poor, just middle class. Leave it to Beaver. A car and a bedroom and a bath for each. The implied secret for a future beyond middle class was education. University was passkey to economic nirvana.

The call to education was answered and the debt is unpayable. Furthermore, it is impossible to be relieved from the debt by conventional findings in court. The middle class that cosigned the loans has to mortgage the house maybe sell the car to pay for an unpayable education. The economy could easily be described as impossible with increasing debt, declining work and wages along with ever rising costs.

The general answer to the existing contradictions in hours wages and incomes and debt is that the victim is responsible for their own circumstance. They should have known better is the response of the unencumbered. Perhaps now the impossible becomes visible and the remedy is shocking. given the failed system has now completed its cycle. 

It is no secret that the market depends upon customers. It is now necessary to disconnect incomes from work. Each adult must have a stipend to spend in order to keep the system from coming to a halt. Let us offer $10,000 at age 20,  $20,000 at age 30, $30,000 at age 40 etc until retirement at age 50. Implied in this is the need for universal single payer health coverage. No questions asked. No nationak debt created. No central bank interfering.

If the impossible is handled within the bounds of compassionate legislation, the old system can pass away and in future generations be considered too absurd for serious thought. Otherwise the cities and high ways will become testing grounds for audacious larceny and harm.

Many thanks to my advisor, remote viewer and deep trance medium Loco Lola, in past life was first woman Jesuit at 1555 Vatican. She says be sure and read books; MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG.