MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, September 04, 2014


It is unkind for neighbours to dispute over trivial matters. BUT the correct identification of NATO is not trivial. For example the great PM of Canada, PM Hooker, family name Harper has been feeling mighty and world wise lately, says my advisor and deep channel medium Loco Lola, first woman Jesuit during her past life at the 1555 Vatican. PM Hooker sees his property, Canada as the new muscle for NATO and the correct understanding of NATO should be NORTH AMERICAN TERROR ORGANIZATION, after all CANADA is big in North America.

This definition is quite different than the great unnatural super power US of A ideal of NATO as NEW AMERICAN TERROR ORGANIZATION. After all as world super power shouldn't the US have the right to name the the world terror organization after itself. Certainly any country that can repudiate centuries of moral understanding by fostering a culture based on lies, state murder by drones and deviant sexual promotion be able to think of itself as supreme, says Loco Lola.

We are spared further discussion by the approaching infernal sound from the infernal machine of Cpl Duty First on his 1949 Harley 61. Appraised of our debate, the Cpl, all knowing on matters of military organization, takes a neutral stance. NORTH AMERICAN is probably good but NEW AMERICAN has a certain literary punch to it especially when added to TERROR ORGANIZATION. Either title should bring fibrillation to the hearts of "Fuzzie wuzzies and dark woggie people world wide," he offers.

We caution the Cpl about political correctness of his speech. He said something in low voice that sounded like go and the f-word followed by yourself. He is incorrigible. The noise of doors slamming and chairs rattling in the conference room adjacent signals the return of the Montreal Market Medium seeking his office upon a return from late lunch.

In a burst of success he discovers our side door and wheezes in a great alcohol assisted bellow that all is safe in the dollar economies of the world. He claims all knowing on matters of finance. It seems that lunch was a detailed discussion of world economies, especially the role of the US dollar and the rumours of dollar failing as world currency. "Not possible," he shouts. "It is all about smart bombs and scalar weapons that melted the towers of the world trade centre," he hoots. "Since DARPA invented the weapon that dissolved the towers, who ever  has that weapon controls the world. No one will dare challenge the dollar economy and live to tell about it," he hoots. He grows immediately silent and refuses to comment on who has control of the weapon. Presumably it is the US in control of the weapon in addition to fleets of smart bombers on ready alert world wide. The Cpl Duty First mumbles something agreeable.

 Our good friend Willard has interrupted his lifetime vigil for Nazi war criminals to visit. He is near breathless with discovery. "Without the production of the Nazi concentration labor camps, the Nazi

s would have had to surrender in the winter of the first year of the war. They would have perished in Russia. Camp labor supported the German war effort for 3 years," he says astonished. Could this mean that the saga ofWWII is make-believe? We comfort his worry with a small libation from private stock. It is unsettling to see Willard in such a state. His whole adult life has been on a vigil for Nazi war criminals. especially those connected to the camps. What if the camps were labor organizations for production? Why were they allowed undisturbed for most of the war? We give Willard a double portion and refuse to discuss the military industrial complex as an economic theory.

Our minds are closed to the prospect that the Nazi had stumbled on the modern organization for controlled industrial production. The secret of matching labor needs with machine output. We cannot think about how a single factory of child labor can make all the shoe soles for all the hiking shoes of the world. A  code word for this new order of world workers might be Globalization.

We dismiss our visitors with summary dispatch. Some days they bring unconscionable questions with their collective idiocy.

Thanks RDW