MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, September 01, 2009



My work day was going well until they arrived. First, the Montreal Market Medium arrives after a long night parking cars at the 24hour rave disco. He works nights to get out of the office for exercise, he has said. He is mumbling incoherent thoughts. "The stock market is a fraud. Otherwise GM could not have failed. In the short run 80% will lose all their money. In the long run all corporations fail. The 20% who continue as " market players" will be just lucky if they get their money back. The idea of stock as a store of value for pensions is insanity." It seems the Medium is in a bad mood. Maybe with some rest he will be his old self trying to sell mutual funds. Suddenly he seems energized and alert.

The rustle of diaphanous fabric and a whiff of vintage Chanel #5 signals the advance of Emma of Kazabazua known here as Loco Lola. The Medium is furtive as if looking for escape. Too late! Loco Lola is the unkind name given to Queen Juana of Castile when she imposed on the 1555 Vatican to make her the first woman Jesuit. During deep trance channeling, Emma is in contact with Loco and takes her persona. The Medium suggests a mental condition. I apologize to Loco because the Medium is fatigued to the point of hallucination.

Great noise in the driveway announces the arrival of Cpl Duty First, aboard his 1949 Harley 61. Tank shift, bald tires and suicide clutch, this machine violates every known safety standard. Just back from his daily ride along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, he has a vision to report. I brace for a report on possible contact with the Virgin Mary. He dismisses my suggestion as unfounded and not respectful of a 30 year veteran of the US Army world wide.

"Japan is important," he shouts. It takes time for his hearing to restore after 2000 miles in the wind at warp speed. Indifference is the collective response. He shouts again. "The BIZWOG is desperate," he is still shouting. (For readers unaware; the BIZWOG is the acronym for the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. This was announced by the BUSH-BLAIR -NEOCON cohort as the NEW World Order.) According to the good Prof C More Books, the BIZWOG represents the Apostles of the Moloch; God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, the origin of all pollutions. Thankfully, the Prof is not here today.

OOPs, spoke too soon. The idiot Cpl shouting about BIZWOG has attracted the good Prof from his nap. Generally disdained in academia, self confessed knower of things religious, financial, political and extra terrestrial, he has written that Moloch, God of Money periodically uses secret alliances and political entities such as the BIZWOG for exercising power on earth plane.

Recently the Prof has been on tryout at the local "Hillbilly and Colored Peoples" Holy Roller Catholic Church to be a part time Deacon. He is getting on in age and thinks it is good idea to start to cover his spiritual bases. The Cpl is ranting in a high voice. He says the vision he saw at Truth or Consequences rejects the concept that says finance is the basis for creation of prosperity and enterprises by pooling of capital. The vision said this is backward because credit creates loans which becomes money to create capital. Look at Germany and Japan in the 1930s. He would like to say more, but his voice is strained and failed in mid sentence.

The Prof takes advantage to lecture. The Moloch is the God perfect for money because It can neither pardon nor forgive. These are essential attributes for money to exist as the instrument of world power. (Read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, he says) The BIZWOG has been the most recent of empires to be the instrument of the Moloch, but it seems its day has passed. Unlike traditional history where a people offend by failing their God and lose their empire, with the Moloch it is the other way around. God Moloch abandons a people when they fail his money. The great credit crash of 2008 was a people failing money. The essence of money is credit which is another word for trust. The lies of asset back paper and derivatives have mortified the God Moloch and made the BIZWOG untrustworthy for their High God Moloch, rumbles the Prof. The Moloch is seeking another people for refuge and exploitation and Japan offers promise. The Moloch has a checklist, says the Prof.


According to the Prof, he summarizes the list. A first requirement for the Moloch in Japan is the necessity to break up the traditional harmony between monetary and fiscal policy existing since WWII. 2) Exploit the huge potential revenue concealed in the low tax rates in order to pay higher bond interest. The Moloch calculates that interest rates have a potential for an increase by factor of ten. 3) More immigration needed to keep pressure for lower wages. 4) Sale of state companies and assets could bring billions in bond sales to international financiers. 5) Must force local banks and companies into international stock market finance and borrowing. Increasing loan rates in Japan could help this. 6) Encourage local Japanese companies to include foreign directors. 7)Terminate special relation between Japanese government and corporations. 8) Motivate women to enter work force this will help to increase household formation with single and divorced women. The Prof is out of breath from his hasty summary of the needs and expectations of the Moloch in Japan. He is unclear on the role of the failed BIZWOG in this scenario, and he makes no mention of the recent election in Japan.

2012 AGAIN

Loco Lola studies the babbling Prof as if looking under a rock for the first time. The two are not compatible, especially when the Prof finds his book learning short circuited by a report from deep trance channeling by Loco. She finds the Prof out of touch with the 2012 eventuality and the legend of Moscow as the Third Rome. She never put much faith in the BIZWOG of the Prof. The Moloch is far too subtle and probably could more readily be served by what is called egregore in esoteric literature, she thinks. The Prof is reading her mind and challenges her. "So what about 2012," he snarls. Annoyed, she rises to depart. With a smile of the angels she whispers, "It is the end of the age of the Word of God." We all shout to her. Which God? What Word? I think she said a word beginning with "D". It could have been dollar. Yikes!

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