MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, July 04, 2016


Economists have been lecturing for a century about a time when all will be in balance, incomes, prices, employment, exchange rates, all would be in harmony. This period, a type of nirvana, was to be achieved by means of economic policy. 

All was good because there was an invisible guiding power of free enterprise at work. Well perhaps, maybe a little help from government spending may be required from time to time. But belief was that a magical power called market forces would make everything come out in equilibrium. 

Well, what if equilibrium is here and all is not coming out well? Incomes are declining, prices are rising and unemployment is too large to be truthfully counted. Exchange rates are manipulated to seek advantage. How do we explain this equilibrium circumstance for much of north america?

There is no explanation available because of a smokescreen of misinformation about the financial system. It is said by experts that the system is on the cusp of total collapse. Beware they say. Buy gold. Hide your wealth. Find a refuge. Buy a farm. Store food. Money will disappear into digits. Obviously the powers of economic thought are confused about their own system.  

What if experts are mistaken. They do not recognize how their own theory works. The rich get richer and the toilers perish in constricting poverty. This story comes to us first in the Old Testament saga of Joseph where the origin of money finance is explained and its consequence described in Genesis 47. If you had read book: MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION, you would know already. Please read, available on Pdf, cheap.

Contrary to popular hysteria about impending failure, the money system is functioning exactly as designed. Read the book, fool. The capacity for a people to descend into poverty is virtually limitless as the rich get automatically richer through the accepted functioning of the magic called finance and market forces. 

The magic is of course a belief that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow without, air, earth, water or sunlight. Think about it? The invention of money from nothing by banks is not magic it is the sustaining reality of modern civilization. It cannot be replaced any easier than a Christian can give up Jesus.

The mention of Jesus triggers activation of the past life of my advisor and deep trance medium Emma of Kazabazua. The 1555 Vatican called her Loco Lola. She is here with her main squeeze and pillow confidant Willard, a man of thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count. He is doing double decades at warp speed for my benefit in case of possible disrespect for the Holy Father. Not to worry.

Loco says that financial markets are now "auto supporting." Stock Markets no longer measure economic activity, she says.  The linkage between stock markets and central banks that was illegal at the beginning is now central to supporting stock prices for chosen corporations, she says. I Tremble. Loco is really scary when she talks about finance and markets of which she knows nothing by education.

The use of stock and bonds to finance pensions and insurance requires high prices. If prices decline there is less value to justify bank loans which is how pension funds and insurance companies get money to pay their obligations, Loco says. Without the central bank funds made available for purchase of stocks and bonds the prices would be much lower. Pension payments and insurance such as annuities payments would be at risk.  

Because the bank can create money there is no limit to how long the market can be supported and payments continue for the few beneficiaries, she says. The alternative is to have a universal government provided pension system based upon need paid with created money as required and stop this silly folly of belief in financial instruments which are fictions since the beginning, she offers. When Loco gets like this she is really radical.

Conversation on finance inevitably leads to politics. Loco is unkind about what she calls BIZWOG, British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. The so-called special relation of the US with UK and Israel is code word for Washington parties to submit to foreign control. US Congress and bureaucrats probably get paid cash for their support on issues, she says. Shocking allegations, I hesitate to ask for evidence because she might have some. She says read book: THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. Get two books on Pdf for ten dollars.

Amen. Thanks R Duane Willing


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