MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, June 02, 2016


A car radio brings surprise with program change. A loud radio preacher shouts "not to worry". White knuckle driving at speed keeps both hands on the steering. Running on three baldies and one spare tire donut focuses concentration. "Keep a wary eye on the heavens," is the radio message. I try a quick glance but can't see thru fog and traffic spray. "Confess to the savior and your eternity will be with your loved ones," Pastor Chuck bellows. The prospect of eternity with that group adds to terror of driving in the rain.   

The Savior will fix every need. Be it pension problems, auto issues, environment, income tax, all these problems will vanish upon arrival of the Son, confides Pastor Chuck of Pasadena. Furthermore, he says if we are really serious about getting the benefits of the miracle making Savior, we really ought to be serious in our support for a foreign political entity called Israel, he wails.

Pastor Chuck is now bellowing assertions from his radio pulpit. He says only through political support of the Jewish state will it be possible for those born again in their sinful hearts to be able to benefit from the Saviors blessings. "Without this unconditional support for Israel, North American Identity as Christians has no right to exist," voice chokes with sobbing. Sending money this day is key to meeting our spiritual-political obligation for Israel, he recovers.

Obviously, Pastor Chuck does not know prophecy that says, "Israel will do a deed that only death can redeem." Then there is God saying, "I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all the people; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded." Then there is the Jerusalem temple that shall signal the abomination of desolation with the prophecy concealed in how it is to be destroyed  not how it was built. The Pastor Chuck of Pasadena is uninformed or perhaps working a swindle comes to mind, but slight tremor remind me of the baldies rotating at speed in the rain.. He should read books MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

I dare myself to courage to reach to change the radio, when wait! The Pastor has a guest. I recognize the name. It is Wilma of Kazabazua in her past life trance when she was Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She is remote viewing current financial markets and trends. Loco talking finance, YIKES, can the Apocalypse be far. I brake and lurch to avoid lane changing crash. Reminder avoid heavy braking. Not good for tires. Donut tends to skid car sideways.

She says conventional thinking is no longer possible for financial and investment market decisions. We are in the age of impossible as forewarned by Frederick Soddy a century ago. He regarded the theory of debt based income tax supported national finance as too absurd to be considered serious thought. It would last a century then become impossible, reports Loco. I await a word from Pastor Chuck. Nothing. He is probably calling his broker to sell.

Inspired by silence. Loco continues.The proposition of using stock market investments as store of value for retirement pensions is too preposterous for serious consideration.The average stock listing barely survives for forty years. It takes less than a century for all listed stocks to disappear from the exchange trading desks. Buy a stock for retirement investment at age 30 and there is a high probability that the stock will fail by retirement age.This statistic is from a period relatively self sufficient national markets. Globalism where corporations transit from nation to nation seeking benefits of cost saving and graft and currency swindles makes stock ownership a pure speculation of short term profit, a gamble.

Loco says the purpose of stock exchanges is to get money without working. One puts money into a stock   to get money benefit without doing real work This was possible when stock were shares of slave ships transiting from Liverpool and return. The ship owners would sell portions of the cargo 1/8;1/4 or 1/2 to be paid when the ship returned from a profitable voyage, East Africa, Jamaica, Charlestown, Halifax, Liverpool. During the term of the voyage speculators could buy or sell shares in the voyage.The prospect of life time investment would be a joke, but wait, she says. The large smoking factories and railroads of the industrial revolution promised longer term monies.Stock as investment and wealth begins.

The advent of Anglo-Hebraic financial mythology takes over the popular mind with visions of money without work. The psychic fire of interest on money compounds the dream. A fiction compounded in recent times by the idea that your money could work for you if properly invested. The Anglo-Hebraic fiction of money as organic with power to grow requires one believe that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight.No wonder Soddy referred to interest rate driven  national debt finance as Anglo-Hebraic gurgling.

Loco says that the system can no longer use debt interest rates to regulate the money system because the amount of debt is so enormous that a usual interest rate of five percent would require a tax rate more than the available money income of working people. The fiction of the current system can be maintained for a short while longer by extremely low interest rates. This of course has an advantage that national debt can finance budget deficits as required at very insignificant interest expense The implication is of course is why have interest on debt in the first place.The answer, she says is that the financial ghouls of stock exchanges and central banks want money incomes without work. Loco makes a hideous cackling  laugh that sounds like Hillary Clinton to conclude her interview.

Amen R Duane Willing


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