MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

CONSCIENCE, GUILT and SIN of 6,000,000

The Bolsheviks had a plan. They were about to banish the idea of religion from the public mind. They said that the notions of guilt and sin were a function of a contradiction. The collapsing middle class at the same time as the expansion of Roman empire revealed a cohort of increasing unemployed. Often these were one time middle class professional employed people. There was no explanation how such imperial prosperity could exclude so many skilled people.

Bolshevik scholars studied and found their answer for the contradiction. The imperial capitalist Romans invented sin and guilt for public explanation. Concealed in the  newly invented religion of Christianity, these new notions of consciousness allowed the victims of empire capitalism to feel guilty about their marginalized circumstance. 

The idea of sin was introduced to personalize the cause of economic misfortune. Preachers told the unfortunate that poverty was a special cohort most beloved by God or at least a son of god. Economic suffering was a preferred route to the next life. The Bolsheviks scoffed at this proposition.

My advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola has been reading again. Besides her two favorite books, MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, she is reading the work of Julian Jaynes. It is something about the Bicameral mind.

Julian says that prior to Christianity about 2000 years ago the habit of the human conscience  did not exist. This seems authenticated by the fact that consciousness is not mentioned in the Old Testament.
Julian says that modern notion of conscience begins with the transition of thought from one hemisphere of the brain to the other.

Loco says, "the implied possibility is that the Old Testament saga is impossible to be comprehended by the modern mind." She suggests that every 2000 years the human capacity for thought changes as if driven by some kind of cosmic synapse. She is silent on what would be the nature of new thought formation.

I speculate. How would the Bible Exodus story be interpreted if thought structures change? Rather than be a foundation story for Bible believers, the Exodus would be recognized as basis for large scale geo-political  felony larceny. The Pharaoh's trusted intellectual civil servants violate trust and plunder the economy.

 These intellectuals had been imported from Damascus, site of the best universities. They were imported to teach Egyptians the language and techniques for expanding foreign trade. The Damascus educated bureaucrats became dissatisfied and organized a swindle. 

All the gold and silver of Egypt was plundered in the dead of night. The loot was concealed on the children to facilitate the larceny during the escape. Loco says this is the origin of the occult number 6,000,000 useful to modern Jews.

The murky saga of Exodus is unveiled by the 600,000 Damascus educated bureaucrats aligned in 6 columns of 100,000 each. These are followed by several wives each and children and relatives and animals and the mixed multitude that was allowed to walk in the dung of the animals of the chosen people. This column must have been over one hundred miles long. It would take days maybe weeks of continuous marching for these to cross the parted waters

It is a mystery how so many similar bible stories of larceny, mayhem and deceit are interpreted as basis for religion of an intervening god offering salvation to a chosen people.  This must be related to the Jaynes thesis about the shift of dominant thought from one hemisphere of the brain to another, says Loco Lola.