MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, November 06, 2010


The Contradiction and Swindle called US Elections.


Money in the tens of millions has been spent to obtain a single seat in the US Congress. The Contradiction is that the amount spent to get the post exceeds by millions the salary paid by the post. YIKES! Is there a swindle here?

The winners of the election are reported by the press and TV commentators to be dedicated to "cutting spending". They speak of reducing costs of health care and repealing the new health care legislation, ending foreign aid. Yet, there are only token public interviews of individual winner’s opinions. SHAZAM! Why the silence? Is there a secret "Politburo" that takes control of new comers to Congress?

Another contradiction is that repeal of health care will reduce the cash flow expected by the insurance industry. The insurance executives invented the "Tea Party" to stop universal single payer health care, and get the premium cash for themselves. Double YIKES! Without the $500.00 per month per person revenue for the insurance companies, the industry is in financial peril. How do the insurance corporations plan to replace this revenue loss?

The media proceeds in sing song unison declaring that the budget deficit must be reduced, but there is no mention of the obvious. The illegal aggression of at least two wars were suppressed as points of public discussion. The obvious contradiction is that there would be no budget deficit if the wars were stopped. Who besides the Pentagon careerists benefit from promotions and pensions from continuous war?

Emma of Kazabazua, is now in past life deep trance spirit contact as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican. They called her Loco Lola. Loco says the contradictions are obvious. It is the questions that should be answered.

Mogen Dildo is visiting with us. He is resting here away from the high tension of his post as CEO/founder of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People, a civil rights organization. He is pondering the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). They plan that this new Congress will change the US budget structure. This change is to make aid to Israel a direct entitlement obligation of the US Congress. The idea of aid to Israel as a permanent US taxpayer obligation separate from the general foreign aid budget is exciting for Mogen, a Senior MOSSAD secret agent under cover in America.

The elimination of foreign aid, especially money for Palestinians, would fit perfectly with the media propaganda for reduced spending. Loco Lola says Mogen would be offended if this audacious entitlement benefit to Israel is seen as a calculated swindle, a secret political agenda hidden behind the "Tea Party & media" slogans of deficit reduction and cuts in domestic programs like social security. Mogen sees American voters seeking economic recovery for the US as short sighted, even selfish, in view of the needs of his country. He sighs a gentle benediction of Heil Israel.

The final contradiction here is the folly of global trade theory. For example, it says a lower value US dollar or a higher value Chinese currency would facilitate US exports. YIKES again! The US corporations that make things to export are no longer in the US. The companies are now else where including China.

Further, the "quantitative easing", called QE2 by media, as economic policy by Federal Reserve becomes a fiction because the fed is merely exchanging fed monies for holdings the banks no longer want or can afford. The Montreal Market medium says something about "more bogus paper being shifted out of banks into the fed" to be eventually paid for with taxpayer cash.

Professor C More Books rises to the occasion. He says the answers are in a book, THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final New World Order. He tells everyone to google http:// for more info and website and videos.