MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Leejon Billy-Bob Boot is comfortable in my accommodations. Arriving without notice, staying overnight, ordering food and best beverages on my account, watching my TV, enjoying himself, he says I am his friend. YIKES! World class secret agent, top grade US civil servant at full pension credit, he is resting between assignments. He likes to be called Jack. He has been seconded to organize security for the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) being formed at the reconstructed Third Temple in Jerusalem. Rumor has it that the Temple will be headquarters for a new world currency based upon the filth of thermal pollution. They call it carbon emission credits.

Jack Boot says very little about his new job. He is silent about his role in the Caliphate planned for the USA with British-Kenyan mulatto he calls Pres. "Buckwheat." No one dares ask about the contradiction between his oath to the US Constitution and his new allegiance to the Temple and State of Israel. He claims to have read and enjoy my book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. He says he paid on pay pal with his credit card.

Willard of Kazabazua, close with Emma, a man of Rosary decades and Masses beyond count, a neighbor approaching perfection says he can help me get rid of Jack Boot. Emma looks concerned. In past life recall to the 1555 Vatican, she was the first woman Jesuit. They called her Loco Lola. It is generally not good when Willard has ideas.

Emma directs us into a circle for a meditation experience. Jack is amused. Others join us out of curiosity. In deep trance meditation Loco Lola takes over Emma completely. Willard just looks placid. Loco invokes hypnotic amnesia. Time passes, but all present have no recollection of missing time. Further more, the power of the amnesia and the hypnosis is so strong that it suppresses any power to be curious about the missing time even when it is apparent after the experience. The only others with this power seem to be Extra Terrestrials during abduction contact. I often wonder if Loco is in ET contact, and maybe has transported us back to the 1555 Vatican, but keep silent. I don't want to discuss this private awareness.

Willard seems tranquil without any ideas about getting rid of Jack Boot. I am relieved, but Willard has thoughts to discuss. He asked Jack Boot about the red calf. Jack is alert and noncommittal. Willard offers. The Temple cannot be sanctified until the Chief Temple Rabbi discovers a red calf perfect in all it ways to be sacrificed by (Holocaust) burning in its entirety and the ashes made sacred by Talmudic ritual for blessing the Temple. Willard pauses, out of breath from his utterance Jack is getting tense. Suddenly we are saved from discussion.

Great noise of his 1949 Harley 61 machine signals the Cpl Duty First is back from his ride along the Great Divide just South of Truth or Consequences. His eyes are all bloodshot and watery. He has been riding without his goggles. He is claiming outrage about a corporation called Haliburton and others that drill gas wells in America. The drilling process to find low cost natural gas
uses fluids that contaminate the acquifierer and drinking water wells, its madness, he screeches in high voice. The cold ride seems to have affected his voice also. The Cpl has been off his feed lately, especially when the Ave Maria was found to be against the law for a choir at a high school graduation. He shouts about evidence of the BIZWOG Caliphate.