MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


What was before the Euro?
 Something scary was happening in the 1960s. The German D-mark was advancing to become a key currency in competition with the US Dollar. A key currency is when a money is held as a bank reserve as good as gold. The idea that another currency, especially a German currency, could obtain world status as equivalent to the US currency was terrifying to the Anglo-Hebraic system of the US dollar.

 Office lights burned long into the night in the capitals of Europe. The wires of communication buzzed with coded messages. The idea of the D Mark as a world currency was agreed to be a threat. Such power for Germany was unthinkable. A world currency allows the home country to expand its credit base. It can create credit and loans far beyond its domestic economy. Just like the US has done since WWII. World wide virtually unlimited economic power would be at hand, a system very close to the rising Orthodox Teutonic financial system of NAZI Germany.

 Genius prevailed and the EURO was invented. The D-Mark was absorbed into a European currency. The nationality of German was subsumed as just another EURO participant. All was so simple. Everybody agreed not to create a EURO money that exceed certain budget limits of credit creation and borrowing based upon forecasted GDP numbers. An imaginary system based upon economic guess work. It allowed each participant to calculate its own marvelous fiction called GDP and corresponding limits of credit and currency creation. Life was good for everybody.

 Who could object to such a system, you ask? FOOL can you not see the EURO threat to the world power of the US dollar. If the EURO works so well, who needs a US dollar. Don’t you get it? Saddam Hussein was negotiating oil prices in the EURO. Iran mumbles on occasion something similar. Kaddafy was completely out of control with talk of a gold based religious-ethnic currency. Russia cones from nowhere as world largest oil producer and exporter. What world currency is to be used to settle accounts? Based upon clearing arrangements and production and shipping lead times, we can be assured that top level Bolshevik bureaucrats were doing running dog capitalist oil business under the communist party table for decades before the collapse of the USSR. The currency of choice was no doubt the US dollar. Anglo-Hebraic banks in quiet havens no doubt lusted for these dollar deposits.

 WHY GREECE NOW? It is a religious fact that the result of ten years of war in mid east has been the expulsion and killing of Orthodox Christian families and institutions. The elimination the Orthodox presence by Anglo Hebraic forces has moved with the efficiency of a purge. This has not been seen since the attempt to exterminate the Bolsheviks from before the advancing German armies of WWII in Russia. It is no secret that Greece is the heart land of Orthodox Christianity. Further it is not well known but true that Greece had plans to be the center of a Pan Orthodox world structure based upon religious commonality of Russia and east Europe. The Pan Orthodox structure was to be based upon ethnic identity quite like the Anglo-Hebraic world of International Zionism. The many diaspora of Greek settlements around the world were being called upon to support the Greek homeland and central bank as the heart of this new order. This would be very similar to the Anglo Hebraic system, because the idea was to be supported by revenue from oil.

 The plan was for an oil pipeline to pass through Yugoslavia to deliver oil to Greece to make Salonika a world premier oil export port for Romanian and Russian oil. Of course this idea was put to rest with the NATO air bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia as an independent nation. However all is not lost. The idea has resurfaced and the pipeline plans construction to eventually cross Serbia and make its way to Greece. The possibility of Greece as an oil exporting country changes the geo-politic of the Mediterranean and Europe, but the basic questions is the same. What currency will be used to settle accounts?

With GERMANY In the preEuro world, a likely currency would have been the rising D-Mark. In the existing world of the failing EURO, one must think of the US Dollar as the likely currency of account. Obviously, it is important that the Euro fail if the US dollar is to be supreme. But that does not explain the deliberate austerity destruction of Greece. But wait. Remember, the EURO was created to eliminate the D-Mark as a possible key currency. Today there is talk of German intransigence to make a new deal with Greece about loans, and possibly forcing Greeks to a new currency.

 I move quietly without prior notice to see my advisor and medium Loco Lola. In her past life she was Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit of the 1555 Vatican. She knows my question immediately without discussion. “The D-Mark is not coming back,” she says. “But some kind of German-Greek understanding within the Euro frame work based upon Russian oil transactions is expected.” “The possibility of a Greek-German-Russian compact outside of the NATO threat of sanctions and agreement to prevent NATO attack should be accomplished in a few days.” She says. “The EURO can continue as a truncated currency with special powers for Germany,” she says. She gives me two books for further reading on the nature of money. MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. Both of these are available for ten dollars in PDF format. Check the order button on blog.

Thanks for reading. Amen: R Duane Willing