MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, January 06, 2010



IMPORTANT NOTICE: The term populist has been degraded by Corporate Media imposter's. Please be advised this Blog is dedicated to the GREEN POPULIST. The only acceptable stance for a Green Populist is based upon two rules and one riddle. The rules for a lifetime of prosperity in harmony with nature are; 1. do not soil the water, 2. do not attempt to regulate life by the arithmetic of money (Usury).

You may be promoted to 37th Degree Green Populist by solving this riddle. WHY DO YOU PAY INCOME TAX
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The US sponsored plan for trading in emission filth is a sham and should be a global disgrace, says Emma of Kazabazua. She says "Cap and Trade" as environmental protection is utterly bogus. It is an attempt to monetize emission filth for stock exchange swindle profits.
Allowing such transactions into a corporate income statement, balance sheet or a national tax code is a crime against nature. The confidential idea that stock exchange certificates of emission filth when linked to trade could eventually become a form of world money is a plan so vile that even the COSMOS is offended. She claims Cosmic knowledge from her past life as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. They called her Loco Lola.

For a country that allows itself to be known world wide as sponsor of "law free zones" to include torture facilities and concentration camp GITMO, it should not be a surprise that Americans have put their reputations at risk.

For many the White House substitution of the brown Buckwheat with his watermelon grin for the Smirk and Shrug of the white President Buckfush is proof of BIZWOG (British-Israel Occupation Government). There is no policy change. Secret prisons continue. Smart bombs from Nevada fall in foreign countries killing without warning. Innocent and warrior die together. The absence of moral values, executive competence and brute arrogance compete to define the nation. These views are unkind, offers the Montreal Market Medium, a long time US admirer. Prof. C More Books whispers something unkind describing the Medium as an orifice of the lower body.

The Prof finds the US policy debate on housing, health care and finance so mentally crippled that it would be hilarious if it were not so serious. "Funny, like a blind paraplegic with a rubber crutch," he says. Loco Lola does not smile. This humor is not politically correct. The Montreal Medium agrees. This duo of diminutives, sort of pygmies of the mind, triggers the Prof to rant.
He begins calmly. The credit ritual for manipulating money has become a monster. The concept of credit score is now an invisible form of bondage. The score has become a mental prison for the broader society. Wages that vary over time cause loan payment delays. Late payments lower credit scores. Low scores limit access to needs.

The current US mantra is people should reduce debt. But do not close credit accounts, says the Prof. This contradiction is because the credit score is a ratio of amount charged compared to the total credit authorized. The closing of unused accounts changes the ratio. The higher the amounts owed compared to available credit lowers credit score. Yikes!! Also be sure to use much of the credit authorized because the credit companies will reduce your credit line if charges are too small for too long. This will also reduce your credit score.

The secret revolution of white President Buckfush morphing into brown President Buckwheat is the invention of the electronic concentration camp USA, smirks the all knowing Prof. Individual citizens are now electronically controlled by the finance system of credit cards and ATMs. A person now relates to broader economic society within the limits set by the credit score. The design and calculation of the score is done in secret. "It’s the Beast. It’s the mark of the Beast," shouts Emma of Kazabazua. Willard, her main squeeze, rushes in to calm her.

The assertion of America as an electronic concentration camp controlled by a BIZWOG stuns the Medium. The idea of US Citizens as inmates confined by corporate devised credit scores and controlled by electronic money circuits is shocking.
The so-called health insurance is completion of the concentration camp, shouts the Prof. Congress plans to make it a felony with fines for those not buying insurance. The people are being crushed by unemployment. Mortgage payments are rising as home values are going down. Personal incomes are down in serious amounts for a majority of the population. People will be forced further into poverty by government order to provide revenue and profits to private insurance companies.

In a free world, nations provide a single payer universal health plan as part of citizenship. The US so-called health plan is a ruse to extend corporate control over the people. Not only is the plan a sham because Insurance corporations are no longer viable by any financial calculation, but the plan does not even provide universal coverage. Millions of people will still be vulnerable to financial catastrophe due to illness. The Prof shouts something about moral obligation, pauses. The Montreal Market Medium says nothing.

Emma, now in deep trance channel communication as Loco Lola, is talking softly about a book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. It explains credit becoming money and what happens when a people fail their Moloch; God of Money, perpetual debt, interest rates and stock exchange (swindle) finance, the cause of all pollutions. Thanks Loco. R Duane Willing.