MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, September 02, 2012



National Debt

“The national debt is merely a book keeping record of all previously created money. It cannot be paid off.” I express disoriented surprise as Loco Lola begins channeling from her remote viewing in the spirit realm. She says money comes from two sources. First source of money is the loans created by checking account entry at a bank, either a local bank or central bank, both have the same effect of money being created from thin air. The difference is that private central banks effectively kidnap the nation by charging interest on the created money.

By issuing debt in the form of bonds that pay interest, the nation becomes a property of the banking God Moloch. Interest on money is a religious tithe to the Moloch, God of banking, national perpetual debt, interest on money and stock exchange swindle finance, whispers Loco Lola to me in serious near diabolical confidentiality.She says to read book MONEY; The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

She explains that contrary to Marxism money does not originate from work. All money is bank created, and bank created money is by the Egregore.  Emma of Kazabazua, a small village just North of Ottawa, is coming to us today in her past life as Loco Lola. In Previous life, she was Queen Juana of Castile the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. They were unkind by naming her Loco Lola. Her past life as a woman Jesuit often allows her to channel her past to bring occult messages revealing hidden information.

For example, Loco says the occult saga of the Egregore is privileged information. It is unknown to any one not familiar with the catacombs of the Vatican. The Egregore is a Cult first identified as the Hebrew. The Egyptians called these the (Ihbru ie Ihbru or intruder people.) After the Exodus there were 273 men who were more than Levites. 

Those people who looted the gold of Egypt included the Levites as well as the 273 men designated as more than Levites. Loco in her more obscure rantings from spirit realm tells how the cult of 273 men wrote Chapter 47 of the book of Genesis in the Bible. This same Chapter was redacted in the late 1890s to create the work known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Some say, it is better then an LSD trip to party with Loco.

The intellectual result of the Exodus saga is cult 273. They have blood loyalty about keeping the secret of creating money. They swear a blood oath of life long secrecy. “We cult 273 must be constantly aware because if they ever find out they can vanquish us by action, the people will take action. They must never ever find out what we, the Egregore have done, for if they do we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and the people will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter,” rumbles Loco Lola quoting the Egregore oath in the syntax of her past life as woman Jesuit.

She tells me to read book THEAMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order, to understand the Egregore powers and forces of debts and deficits moving under the popular rubric called market forces. The Code Name for global market forces is BIZWOG, British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. This is the political force of the God Moloch and its Egregore Apostolate, whispers Loco. My mind wrestles against forces of diabolical disorientation.

I am shocked by such diabolical assertions.  Loco Lola sighs at my ignorance. I express worry about the political debate about how to pay the national debt of the US. She says if you wanted to pay off a national debt you would have to repossess and then sell to liquidate all the manufactured bullets and bombs and highways plus all payroll spending by the government over the past many years, this is because  bank book keeping during such a repo would in effect destroy all the previously created money, declares Loco. The payoff of  any national debt is impossible because this is the same money needed to buy all the stuff on sale. Baffled by this truism and overlooking her reference about a second money origin, and In defense of my injured self esteem, I substitute my concern about the national debt for a worry about the budget deficit.

I express worry and declare along with candidates Romney and Ryan that budget deficits are too high. She dismisses me as unworthy of further conversation. Then I feel foolish in my concern about the budget deficit. For example, if money is at zero interest rates,and can be created fron thin air, there is little to worry about because when spending exceeds revenue in times of zero interest rates, any additional money created can fill a need to provide full employment and job security at  zero interest cost. A model for this can be seen in how Japan has been doing since the National Security Credit System of Gen Douglas MacArthur and Canadian Economist Herbert Norman, created after WWII.  Just like Japan has been doing for years now China is doing the same with their national budgets, Loco advises me in strictest confidence.

She says for reasons of Egregore purposes, and what she calls the Christian Zionist Media, official TV voices continue to harp dire messages about debt and deficits. Much is being said about the trillions of US debt increase that over the past years has equaled the total debt incurred for the previous 200 years of the US Republic.

Suddenly, as if overtaken by spirit, I offer a brain wave insight that the traditional economic ratio is meaningless because the world population has increased by an amount in the billions of people. A billion additional  people need billions of additional monies. My revelation pleases Loco. She says a global money system must have a “preferential option for the poor.”

She says it just so happens that the since WWII US Dollar has become the universal money of the planet. Although the linkage of US money to world population is obscure, let it be said that the true ratio of US debt should be calculated in terms of the money needs of the growing population of the planet, declares Loco Lola. Even with this growth rate of money, it is barely keeping ahead of the continuing increase in household poverty, she says.

 Cpl Duty First just back from his ride along the great divide just south of Truth or consequences on his 1949 Harley 61, nods in agreement with Loco. I begin to feel put upon. The Montreal Market medium is also here agreeing with these two self identified wizards of high finance.

I turn to the awesome Prof C More Books self confessed as all knowing on matters of markets and finance and economics and money and religions and ETs. I expect support.

Only marginally on the subject of debts and deficits, the Prof introduces what he calls revealed contradictions by Karl Marx.

Contradiction arises in trying to describe how capital makes its appearance, Karl has written..
“It is therefore impossible for capital to be produced by circulation, and it is equally impossible for it to originate apart from circulation. It ..(Capital ie money)  must have its origin both in circulation and yet not in circulation,” says an obviously perplexed Karl

Because to become a capitalist the ( The embryonic capitalist) operator must withdraw more value from circulation than was put in at the start. He must buy his commodities at their value, must sell hem at their value, and yet at the end of the process must withdraw more value from circulation than he threw into it at starting. The development into a full grown capitalist must take place, both in the sphere of circulation and without

Money, Air and Oil
Obviously the perplexed observation by Karl was from a simpler time before central banking and computers. Also, this was before there were  concerns about the biosphere and world oil supply. Loco says the biosphere is struggling to cope with air pollutions from burning fossil fuel. Also there is talk of fuel supply shortages, but fuel consumption increases year after year. Neither Karl Marx nor modern minds connect a certain unkind truth about consuming fossil fuels. For each unit of fuel consumed, the biosphere must provide 14 times more air. Yikes! Air, our life support, is being consumed in a ratio 14 times faster than our supply of oil.  Shazam! Why is this ratio not mentioned in the TV news? See You Tube Video on Biosphere by R Duane Willing. Is this evidence of the powers of the Egregore, I wonder.

Where is the discussion from think tanks and academics and news analysts? John Kaminsky, Florida philosopher and Laureate Essayist, would no doubt see this as proof of the world Zionist media Jewish plot here, says Loco.
Sometimes Loco tends to excess especially in her laureate designation accolades. She says to read John's book, RECIPE for EXTINCTION. Loco says this is the original and real story of 911.

The Prof. says Money is continuously needed to pay the interest on national debts. Double Yikes, there fore more oil will be needed to be consumed by burning ever more air in order to get money to pay interest  that is totally unnecessary in the first place, interjects the Prof. C More Books. I feel betrayed. He is agreeing with wack nuts Loco and the Medium and the Cpl. If these people know this why don’t I? Loco Offers the answer.

Here is the second example of money creation, she says. Load oil on tanker. Get bill of lading. Take Bill of Lading to bank. The Bank mainly in collaboration with LIBOR London controlled banks accepts bill as loan collateral. Bingo! Money is created. Checks written on this account create common notion of money. Another secret is now revealed. Any reduction in oil use automatically reduces the supply of money. It is a deep Vatican secret that all oil revenue from Saudi Arabia goes first to be deposited in the New York City branch of the Federal Reserve system of the USA.The US govt policy controls the distribution of these funds. I struggle to not be disoriented by these diabolical confidences.

Holy Moly. To stop oil use is to stop a large portion of money creation. Without the ever increasing money supply from burning ever more oil at ever higher prices, there would be no additional money in the system to pay the ever increasing population and interest on debt. 

Obviously, this system of money creation with its appendages of national debts, interest rates, mortgages and taxes is inherently defective and eventually unsustainable in the absolute physical sense of capacity in the biosphere. But, now because of the linkage of oil to money creation, you can see why alternative, clean “free energy” technology is going nowhere. It doesn’t create money. The problem is not about the technology. It is about how to replace the obsolete and defective Molock system for creating money. Molock, and its Egregore, the high power of banking, is the religion of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange finance described in the book MONEY: The12th and FINAL RELIGION. The Prof says to not read this book is an offense to all the known Gods.

The Cpl fresh from his ride along the great divide blurts a road version of biosphere related wisdom about what he calls Chemtrails. The trails, visible in the sky, are composed of a spray mix of aluminum and strontium and barium. The Cpl says the purpose of aluminum in the Chemtrails is to increase the combustion potential of air when air and fossil fuel is mixed in the auto engine. The Montreal Market Medium says the Cpl can afford such idiocy because he rides a 1949 Harley 61 motorcycle. He uses a tone of disdain known only by riders of these disparate machines.

The Medium continues with financial market insight. Forget about great market crashes from financial system failure. There is so much bank cash available the system can float at its current level for a generation. Too bad about the poor and unemployed, he says. The entire debt of small nations like Greece could be bought at par by the G-7 without the slightest effort or risk, he says. This talk about austerity is justification for political enforced poverty. The US dollar is so strong nobody is going to challenge it and expect to survive even for a long weekend, he says.

Loco interjects that the so-called Greek/Euro currency and debt crisis is a smoke screen to conceal a Moloch war against Christians in the Middle East. The attempt by Orthodox Christianity in the 1980-90s to create a Pan Orthodox network of Greek Orthodox communities similar to the Jewish diaspora as a financial and banknig network truly offended the Moloch. This was supposed to be supported by USSR oil exports through a pipeline to a tanker port at Salonika, Greece. The Egregore was truly alarmed as well as their  Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance.This attempt at altering geo politics set in motion the cascade of  wars since NATO bombings beginning with the destruction of Yugoslavia and the pipeline idea.  She calls NATO the New  American Terror Organization. Oh! Please! Loco.

The Cpl opens a can of  my beer and kicks-back with an all-knowing smirk. No banker wants a drone delivered US smart bomb fluttering through their central bank office window at any time, he chuckles. He is bemused  based upon his 30 years Cpl grade of military service and special forces  “Taking out” of enemies, real or imagined, of the  Moloch-Egregore controlled US dollar based central banking system.  AMEN