MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Willard still worries about Barbara.

Willard, man of thousands of Masses and decades of Rosary beyond count, is worried. What has happened to Barbara Olsen? No one has seen her since her impossible cell phone calls from 35,000 feet altitude in a non existent Boeing 757 that crashed in a 20 square foot hole without engines, landing gear, luggage or passengers. YIKES! Her husband, Solicitor General of the US, reported the impossible calls as well as a hi-jacking of the non-existent plane by Arabs, who have since been discovered at work in their home careers. DOUBLE YIKES. Obviously this "wacko" story was cobbed together under extreme time pressure, offers Willard.

Emma of Kazabazua, close with Willard, is in deep trance meditation on this situation. It seems secret power is losing its grip on America if somebody like trusting Willard can see through the "Joe Goebbels" big lie style reporting of events. In past life Emma was the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, as Queen Juana of Castile. They called her Loco Lola. Now in her Loco Lola Jesuit persona, Emma is trying to remote view to see if she can find Barbara. Is she alive or dead? Maybe in a witness protection arranged by her Solicitor General husband in place of a divorce?

The Montreal Market Medium is not supportive of Loco in the hunt for Barbara. He thinks it would be wiser to "follow the Money." Large insurance sums were paid as result of the mythical plane crash. It would be easier to remote view money flows of the husband to see if there was any connection to a living Barbara. The Cpl Duty First just back from his ride along the great divide south of truth or consequences pretends to be scandalized. He says it is impossible for him to believe that the top legal official of the US would be complicit in what is being insinuated by Loco Lola and the Medium. How do you explain that BBC showed the exact image of the collapse of Building 7 ten minutes before it actually happened in New York, snorts the Medium in dispute?

The Cpl is being disingenuous. He knows full well, but does not publicly share the fact, that the Princeton Consciousness study of August 2001 had indicated a world wide collapse of respect for the Anglo-Judaic finance system of wall street finance. All across Asia, especially in Japan, the US stock market was considered a swindle, a rigged con game. Only North Americans still regarded stock market as a place for investment. The collapse of confidence and the immanent market crash was concealed by the half-baked distraction through the spectacular destruction of obsolete buildings on 9/11.

It was no doubt urgent that the approaching stock market collapse of September be concealed. There was an immediate need for Federal Government money to support a failed and found out Wall Street. Some $500,000,000 dollars was paid to Wall Street within 48 hours of 9/11. A wave of sympathy followed the 9/11 attack. It allowed the market to recover, especially when aided by Iraq war spending.

The world wide loss of confidence in US stock markets as investments prompted the great wall street investment bankers to expand their swindle. It had been a record of history that American mortgages were not only regularly paid but there was a US Government guarantee to support the mortgages as top quality, income producing investments. They were not speculative like stocks, said the great merchant wall street houses to world wide investors.

Wall Street lied again. This time they faked the quality of the mortgages and created a false quantity of such mortgages in a complicit scheme of deliberate deception for investors. But something went wrong. The suspicious, mainly foreign investors, wanted insurance to guarantee the value of the mortgages. The great merchants agreed. They invented, and for a few additional pennies they would guarantee billions of dollars. Thus it became possible to sell even more phony mortgage securities. The foreign investors smiled and bought even more mortgages. Since the mortgage creation scheme had become a sort of "ponzi" it became impossible to create mortgages to pay the amounts coming due on the previous mortgages.

Some market players were not able to create enough new paper to cover the "ponzi" and stopped paying the foreign holders. The ever growing number of not paid investors came to collect their insurance. Guess what? The insurance was a fraud too. Market collapses. Now the US Government, made up of Wall Street swindlers smiled. They blackmailed Congress to let the Federal reserve buy all the fraudulent paper. This tide of money let wall street get financially well and pay off some banks to keep from being sued by foreign investors. Interest rates go to zero because nobody trusts anybody to either lend or borrow. A century of carefully crafted Anglo-Judaic international stock market finance self destructs. Without interest rates Capitalism doesn't exist. mutters the Cpl to no one in particular. He is planning to re-read the book;
MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. It tells about Moloch the God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange(swindle) finance that makes wall street possible.

The Prof is not pleased with the thoughts exercised by the Cpl. just back fresh from riding his infernal 1949 Harley 61 machine. Special NASA training at Huntsville, Alabama has given the Prof skills in mind reading second only to the skills of LeeJohn Billy Bob Boot, US Government secret agent, who likes to be called Jack. Suddenly, there is a familiar voice. No! It can't be, but it is. Jack Boot has arrived just in from a visit with Mogen Dildo, CEO founder of the Atlanta Centre for Poverty to White People.

Jack Boot has been directed by high powers of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) to check on Wi Ling, a new hire by Mogen at the Centre. There is worry about possible free lance renegade mind control operation coming from Huntsville.
Wi Ling a top level double agent for Communist China is familiar with mind control from previous training at Huntsville. He has already suggested in coded messages to the Walled City that North America can be controlled by merely purchasing a controlling stock interest in Wall Mart. It has a strangle hold employment and household supply for much of the US already.

There is worry that China could displace BIZWOG for control of North America. A careful program of intimidation, cash pay off and amnesia controlled assassinations could be accomplished in a matter of weeks. BIZWOG thinks the Huntsville assassination of two Hindoos and one N-word professor by a fellow Professor has the earmarks of a controlled but unauthorized application of controlled assassination under hypnotic amnesia. It could be a test case by some mind control free lancers wanting to make get some big cash, says Jack Boot. He is worried that Mogen Dildo may be playing a game of double cross. To be continued later. Thanks for reading. RDW