MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, October 15, 2011


It is generally known among the Privileged,Informed and Gifted (PIGs) that make up the Wall Street Elite that nothing is as it seems. Much of what has been presented as certainty of future financial opportunity was never real. It was always an inside joke. Now a world wide mass of disenfranchised persons are asking the question of their lifetime. Where did their future go?

The truth is that unless they were present about a half century ago, with exceptional luck, at the peak of this failed system, they never had a chance. The "boomer" generation is now the ultimate victim of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange ( mortgage swindle) finance. Now the gods of this swindle finance are sated. That is to say that the central bank, national debt based money system with its superstition of free trade has failed. It was predicted to last about a century. Then it would become impossible! The Federal Reserve System was created in 1913. Ninety eight years ago, Double Yikes!!

Since it is impossible for the Central bank/Stock market financial system to support general well being in the future, a revolution in thought is required. For example, the national debt can no longer be considered the property of the PIGs. This onset of the epoch of the "impossible" signaled by current economic depression also exposes that the corporation is no longer fit to make decisions as a court protected person.

The financial mechanism of the past century was never a genuine model for long term general well being. "It was always a clever ruse to facilitate manipulation of public belief in a capitalist Egregore that feasts on human misery, sacrifice and war," offers Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk, world leading deep trance medium in conversation with Emmett world foremost interceptor and decoder of all known electronic signals. Read; MONEY:The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, she says

The national debt is only book keeping evidence of past expenditures. Debt when converted into money becomes evidence of the wealth of the nation. This debt should not be an interest paying certificate to be hoarded by the PIGs for personal gain at the expense of public needs and well being. Wilma says we should warn our friends that expressing this knowledge on the streets could bring vicious repression from the PIGs. She says there are 107,000 stainless steel, sound insulated, rail cars that can transport 148 passengers per car handcuffed to benches and chained to the floor. These cars are already on the move from North western US where they were manufactured.

Some of these cars are already located on key rail sidings across the US, she says.
Anyone seeing these cars should immediately report the same to all known media for instant public release, she says from her deep trance remote viewing of these Egregore inspired rail cars. Read; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order, she says.

The Montreal Market Medium has been in close confidence with Mogen Dildo, CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People and Jack Boot, top civil servant and secret agent now seconded to the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) for reconstruction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Mogen and Jack Boot take the medium into their confidence about their success in controlling the media interpretation of events. There has been absolutely no mention of a systemic failure in the concept of market forces. The myth of central bank, stock market-free trade-global competition has never been challenged by the TV talking heads anywhere.

Jack Boot raises his glass to toast, with my whiskey, both Mogen and the Medium about how easy it is to maintain the "tone" of public dissent with proper use of TV and related electronic signals and occasional overhead aerosol sprays. The Medium is stressed by being included in the confidence of these two value-free and what he estimates to be functionally yet demonic possessed secret agents.

Jack Boot relaxes to report a secret power struggle a foot among the PIGs in Washington. It seems the S&L war starting with the Watergate purge of President Nixon is not over. There is a huge struggle over who will ultimately control US money. There is the powerful Social Security Administration that feels threatened by wall street. The SSA is wealthiest agency in the world. It is in a bad mood because Goldman Sachs, having aided the FED in the destruction of the S&L system, seems to have gone too far in its reach to control US money. The attempt to take SSA money into wall street is what is really driving the back story of the demonstrations, chuckles Jack Boot. Mogen tends to agree.

He says Israel needs the SSA money at the Third Temple in Jerusalem more than Goldman Sachs needs the cash. "Let Goldman croak", he says smiling his secret agent smile, returning a toast, with my whiskey, to Jack Boot. They both agree that the Fed is doomed because the FDIC could easily take over the central bank functions. With a proper alliance of bureaucrats between the SSA and the FDIC, the Fed and Wall street could be closed down. The Nixon S&L war would finally have a winner, they agree. Jack and Mogen mutually chuckle in the spirit of my whiskey.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


It is no secret that the TV media are owned by five Apostles of the MOLOCH, god of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance. The MOLOCH is the god that can neither pardon nor forgive. Consequently, killing, especially hi-tech murder using drones and smart bombs is utilized from time to time. September 30th was one of those times. Some say the killing was done by CIA. Others say orders of Pres."Buckwheat." Israel isn't saying anything.

The minion cohort of TV talking heads were immediately tested for loyalty. Each and every talking head spoke in dulcet and suave terms about the urgency and justification for killing (murder) of a Muslim cleric. He was an American citizen that taught English somewhere in Arab land of Yemen. Some say he had spoken critically of his country, America. Not a single TV head piece showed revulsion at arbitrary state murder. "No surprise here. Their jobs and pensions were at stake," offers Loco Lola from her deep trance contact in past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican.

Cpl Duty First, just back from his ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences on board his kick start, tank shift, 1949 Harley 61, agrees. He says the American system is now made up of persons desperate to preserve pensions. There is no higher value within the boundaries of the worlds first perfected electronic concentration camp than keeping a job and accumulating pension credits, sneers our Cpl. He can afford his arrogance because he already has his 30 year military pension. US Govt says any threat to employee pension is a terrorist threat, agrees the Cpl.

Our two visitors just in from Ottawa, pretend not to hear. Lee Jon Billy-Bob Boot, top US Senior civil servant by pension standards is the only American seconded to oversee the security for reconstructing the Third Temple in Jerusalem for BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government).
Read THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order. Jack Boot never mentions his pension possibilities now worth a lifetime value in the millions.

Mogen Dildo, CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People, especially Rednecks, has been assured by his MOSSAD handlers of vast sums in reward for his secret agent role in undermining and controlling the US. He sighs a gentle Heil Israel in anticipation of the special undercover bonus for never directly contacting his country Israel.

Those who are non government employees can barely imagine such wages and benefits that exist behind the rubric of government service, including murder, offers Loco Lola now in deep trance contact with her mentor Wilma Of Tuktoyaktuk. Wilma, world leading remote viewing deep trance channeling medium, close with Emmett world premier interceptor and decoder of all known electronic signals, is trying to help Emmett. Maybe Loco with her frequent ET contacts can be helpful.

It seems that world signals and codes about finance and commerce are becoming muddled and untruthful. Many are pretending to transmit financial reports, but when the codes are broken the reports are lies and fictions, finds Emmett. Maybe Loco in her next ET contact can ascertain to be sure the ETs are not meddling with the system. Given the fog of make believe data in the world financial reporting system, Wilma wonders if ETs are interfering. "It is just a long shot," she says. But with America as the first perfected electronic concentration camp now engaging in artificially provoked state murder, either the elite has taken the blood oath of the Egregore or they are afraid of something. Read the both books, she says.

Wilma listens carefully when Loco reports ET contact concerns. They are perplexed about why the continuing use of fossil fuel. A billion engines operating at 180 degrees Fahrenheit every operating minute while consuming multi billions of gallons of fuel and 14 times as much air for each gallon of fuel represents a peril to the ETs beloved planet, reports Loco Lola. Emmett says the ETs still do not understand the link between money creation and oil consumption. Read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. EMMETT thinks we should know about the Egregore blood oath reported in the book THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.

The Prof is with his pages. The Cpl Duty First is standing making NAZI style postures and gestures in front of the desk. Feeling ignored, he loudly describes the Nazi salute. "Extend right arm at 45 degrees directly to the front then maintaining 45degree incline move right arm 30 degrees to the right." Still without recognition, the Cpl shouts "Heil Hitler." The Prof is unmoved except to point out the proper exclamation should be Seig Heil. It is a traditional form of Germans greeting Germans, says the Prof.

The Prof points out in his scholastic mumble that the Cpl would be well advised to understand the significance of cultural gestures, signs and symbols. For example the double runes of the SS signified the Holy Spirit long before the Nazi party existed. The marching goose step was introduced to discipline the "boozers" in the battalion. Almost impossible to do when drunk. The Cpl had merely wanted to ask if the peace symbol of the 1960s was a deliberate inversion of the Roman Crucifix to mock Christianity.

The Prof has been unleashed. He connects the assassination of US Pres Kennedy and the introduction of the 6,000,000 holocaust was part of a deliberate plan to displace Christian religion from its European roots into Semite control from the Middle East. It was crucial to intellectually conceal that the word Israel is a deference to the power of the sun to support life on the planet. There was no intent to describe a people or a place. The use of the Hebrew occult myth of 6,000,000 was considered essential for the continued control of Germany by psychological means. He says the morphing of WWII Allied powers in Europe into NATO by the Edward Warburg, brother of the Warburg, then Chiarman of the US federal reserve was BIZWOG masterpiece.

The Cpl, overwhelmed, is back stepping to the door. He lamely explains that he is late for his ride with Conchita the pole dancer just South of Truth or Consequences along the great divide.