MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, December 14, 2014


The idea of a New World Order is a conspiracy, some say. They see a hidden message in the widespread struggle called equal rights. Civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, right to limit role of religion are seen as part of the change into the new world order. Market science, largely still secret, conceals the driving forces of modern markets which is code for the new world order. The study of marketing at high corporate office speaks to the ambition of the great merchants, first recognized in the Bible. These continue in the creation of the new culture they call the new world order. The desire of great merchants of the new world order is to create and inspire purchasing of products as called for in advertising. Advertising is greatly assisted by the modulation of electronic signals that surround a person such as cell towers, TV signals and the electronic waves of the electric wiring in any building or house. The predictable response to advertising is facilitated by understanding of the entire emotional structure of the brain. The entire emotional structure of the brain has ben decoded and it is now possible to electronically install any desired emotion to stimulate purchasing. The scientifically patented Lilly wave can control the brain by remote electronic signal. The Lilly wave can disarm any natural resistance to suggestions made by advertising. The secret of the Lilly wave is to open the brain circuits to the advertising signal. The profit of great merchants comes from the sale of inventory. Marketing science has discovered the population segments that are most responsive to being first time tryers and early adapters of new products advertised. The ranking of purchasers most responsive to new products and advertisements came as surprise in the 1960s and early 70s. It was called life style marketing. The rank of life styles most desired by the great merchants are first homosexuals, followed by negros and mixed race persons and couples. Then comes Asians and Mexicans followed by white women. This is the sequential order of shoppers most responsive to mind control designed advertising. The least responsive, therefore the least desirable customer in the new world order is the straight white male. The objective of the New world order is to give control of world governments to hidden powers. These powers will be some kind of amalgam of capitalism and dreaded other forms of government most often described as socialist. Carefully through subterfuge and deception, capitalism will morph into what is feared as socialism, they say. This progress was first identified as a cult entity called the Illuminati. This notion expanded to include others such s masons, Jesuits and dissident religious groups such as Jews, spiritualists and protestant non-conformists. Current discussion finds additional groups such as the Bilderburghers, Council on foreign relations, and trilateral commission or perhaps even the G-7 or G20 can also be considered Illuminati. The primary tool for managing the markets of the mind controlled customer is thought to be the central banking system. The conspiracy cohort finds the description of the central bank as benevolent help mate to society as cruel deception. They say the central banks like the federal reserve system actually facilitates the manipulation of the economy to advance the agenda of the new world order.