MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, June 01, 2017


The elected government of US is in conflict with itself. The struggle is reported as evidence of entrenched powers resisting the elected president. This hidden cohort of power is called the Deep State. It has allegedly ruled since the assassination of JFK and the later purge of Richard Nixon. Both men challenged corporate power and the monopoly existence of the federal reserve control of the US money system. Banks, Industry and commerce along with their client intelligence agencies tremble at the prospect of representative government intruding into the Deep State.

The political Deep State of finance and industry and commerce and secret agents is best understood from an obscure Bible reference to the Great Merchants. There is mention in Revelation how the Great Merchants fail. These are supposed to have ruled the world in a Deep State of ancient times. They controlled everything but fail in one hour.  Little else is reported in Revelation comment.

The story describing the routines of power of the contemporary US Great Merchants of the Deep State is told in two books, both available on pdf $10,00. MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government)

The average American tends to think the middle class is the primary concern of the great merchants. These provide the steady supply of goods and services. It used to be the case until market research of the 1970s when the Great Merchants made a shocking discovery. The population most responsive to advertising and promotion and trying of new products were homosexuals. Personal insecurity was diminished by product brand names.

This group was followed by blacks, mixed race couples and Asians. Mexicans and white women easily surpassed straight white men as responsive customers. Decades of concentrating merchandising strategies and messages on straight white males had been error. The wave of the future was with homosexuals, blacks and mixed race couples. The social chemistry for a new world order was unveiled. It was called lifestyle marketing.

Further study revealed that a useful model to represent the character of the US consumer was a McGoo cartoon. Very popular in children's TV programs at that time, the McGoo figure had limited vision and was disposed to misinterpreting his way among obstacles. Consumer purchasing attitudes could be measured in how they responded to McGoo cartoons.

My advisor and trance medium Emma, in past life was first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican, says marketing research has advanced into the dark reaches of mind control. Particularly beneficial has been how opinion polling has been discovered as a choice restricting technique.  They call her Loco Lola at the Vatican.

Carefully designed polls reduce and sometimes eliminate entirely the true spectrum of possibilities. They result in guided choices. These make possible the construction of a controlled opposition. Critically important for the Deep State to control politics. This is not a new phenomena, Loco says. It has been around since Abram came from the other side of the flood to meet Melchizedek and be renamed Abraham, Loco offers.

One might conclude that the Great Merchants are in the genealogy of Abraham without being defined in that Illuminati fabricated literary excreta widely known as the King James Bible, she murmurs. I observe that the tradition of Great Merchants might be summarized as one of colossal economic screw ups. 

The more far reaching the global grasp of the Great Merchant the greater the economic implosion. The conclusion might be that left to their own means without the limit of existing for the service of the people rather than share price the Great Merchants self destruct on a massive scale. Too bad the Book of Revelation is silent on the cause of that first demise of the Great merchants. Some times Loco Lola is not much help.

She seems to be in swoon now humming a baby Jesus loves me song. Must be space ships in the vicinity when she gets like this. Loco says that because of control of media and all commercial semiotic symbols by the Great Merchants the individual barely has any self left. It is nearly inconceivable that an individual can have an idea from their own imagination, she says.

She says the crux of the struggle between the Deep State and elected president is about who will control the Break with the past. How will traditional household mores of man and wife be replaced by cosmopolitan lifestyle marketing..The Great Merchant, Deep State, favor for the life style marketing requires dismissing decades perhaps centuries of cultural mores, habit and tradition. All was going well on the way to changing key consumer attitudes including such changes as same sex toilets in stores. Then there was the arrival of counter ideas through so-called social media.

Preliminary findings suggest that the elected president and his use  of the new factor of social media is perceived by the Deep State great merchants as a barrier to a break with the past.His intrusion into daily media issues is unpredictable. The attitude  change procedure for a clean break with the past requires unchallenged government support of advertising and news media content. 

This allows brand names to lead the way to the changing of consumer personality. President Trump either does not know how he disrupts the master plan for a break with the past or is driving a counter move to take control from the past century of Great Merchants. Loco speculates about a demise of the Deep State. I fibulate with the prospect of a brute serious Kulture Kampf by groups who do not understand the root issue. Who is to control the break with the past?


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