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Monday, September 05, 2016



It is unkind to assert that something as hopeful as civil rights could have a deleterious outcome on society. My advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola says the facts are cruel as they are diabolical. Relations among races are more stressed today than before civil rights. Individual Whites on a street encountering blacks in groups see danger. Police in conduct of duty fire weapons as culprits mock the law. Regardless of crime, the black victim claims his rights were violated.

Black pride seems buttressed by refusing police instructions. Black groups organize in defiance of the true circumstances as in black lives matter mobs and demonstrations. Loco Lola gets like this when speaking from her past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She says the media is complicit.

 She says the USA at one time before dominance of public policy by the code word civil rights, the accepted rule for social relations between blacks and whites was “separate but equal.”  Streets were basically safe for both blacks and whites. Gun battles in black neighborhoods were rare. Police were seldom called to fire weapons in conduct of law enforcement. The idea of patrolling in bullet proof vests was absurd.

Although not ever perfected in practice, “separate but equal,” was a work in progress. It was a guide enforced in a major or lessor degree in the nation. The prospect of being accosted or harmed while passing through a black neighborhood because one was white was perhaps a worry but unlikely event. Now to stray as a white person into some inner city areas is certain trouble possible serious harm. Seen as a violation of Black territorial integrity, white presence is confronted as an intrusion on rights.

How did all the apparent well meaning of civil rights degenerate so consistently during the past 50 years. First came hollywood sex implied multiculturalism, then a degenerate moral stance supporting public display of sexual deviance. Males mock females by sex role playing gestures and costumes then came politically correct speech censorship, now finally a broad reaching sense of danger and overbearing intrusion of the degenerate pervades the streets of America in cities large and small..

Who in their right mind would support this descending moral order in graduated steps? First from diversity, then to decadence, on to degeneracy and finally to danger. Check the ever expanding record of drugs on the streets, pornography on media net work, school violence, obscene language and contempt for teachers in class rooms, media support for groups using rights to pursue false and deviant public displays. Who profits from this?

Or was civil rights a propaganda code word for an attack on American culture itself.  Was it a contrary concept imported for political reasons imposed by foreign designs? If so, who could it be? Not the commies, they fell apart unable to keep their own system alive. Dread the thought that commies were always a red herring to bamboozle straight Americans to ever lower dimensions of mental capacity, chuckles all knowing Loco Lola. She is reading in the Bible Book Revelation something about the Great Merchants.

Loco says the great merchants through lobbying and bribes assume control of governments. Then just as they are about to become all powerful global, their financial system implodes and they fail. The failure is “in one minute” according to the bible.    Read the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG; Final world order, she says. BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) is the contemporary version of the great merchants of the bible. Central bank globalism is the desired objective of BIZWOG with its NAFTA, WTO, NATO, IMF etc, offers Loco Lola from her past life as Queen Juana, the first of seven woman Jesuits in 1555.

Our conversation is interrupted by the arrival of our disheveled and annoyed Prof C More Books, although disdained by broader academia, he is all knowing on any subject, he declares. “Loco is out of her mind,” snarls our prof. “Too Much time with ETs ,” he says. “The impending troubles of the great merchants, which includes all corporations, is about politics not finance,” he says. “ The use of corporate structure is made unstable by the notion of two different understandings of the Biblical Jew,” he says. “Although currently in alliance, the Zionist and the Anglo Saxon are now in sort of a mutual admiration society which could easily become a death grip, if things go wrong,” he says.

“Watch the signs for a betrayal of interests between the UK and Israel. This will spell trouble for world corporations especially if Israel tries to double cross the Bank of England by trying to unilaterally control the US Federal Reserve system after the next election,” he chuckles. It has been the Anglo-Hebraic alliance through bank of England dominance of the US through subtle control of the NY Fed branch of the Fed Reserves system that has given BIZWOG world control. It has been this way since killing the Kennedys including young John in his plane crash. Killed the whole damn family and got away with it,” he sighs

It has been the objective of BIZWOG to undermine the capacity of US citizens to think independent of BIZWOG media directed mind control. The 50 year program of civil rights has carefully destabilized  and disconnected the root reasoning of Americans from the real world of their national psyche such as separate but equal. BIZWOG directed immigration flows should finish the job unless interrupted, rumbles our Prof. Read the BIZWOG BOOK he says. It could be helpful if you have any independent mind left after 50years of media directed mind control.

Act now. Book bargain pdf $10,00 for both books. MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG, The Final World Order.


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