MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, April 09, 2007

SECRET Financial Reality of 911

A secret report from a Prof. C More Books, a reader.

The stock market collapse of 2001 had wiped out 50% of the entire US net worth by June 0f 2001. Market still softening through July and August.

The 666 bond traders in tower one at Cantor Fitzgerald had refused layoffs and downsizing. Thus preventing a payroll cost reduction approaching a Billion US dollars including bonuses.

All the Bond traders were killed by trauma and fire by direct hit of flight 11. The numerology of flight 11 and tower 1 makes the occult number of 111 indicating the end of one epoch and the beginning of a new era.

It is widely known that Federal Reserve and the Income tax system of the in US is controlled for the benefit of British and other foreign interests.

It was agreed that the WTC was an obsolete complex not capable of ever being profitably up graded to "smart building" status.

Payroll savings alone will cover the cost of the lost buildings every 3-5 years.

Restore control of US Money and tax systems according to US Constitutional purpose.

Eliminate foreign control and influence in US money creation and banking.

Stop corporate control over US markets and living standards and political decision making.

Repudiate the Federal reserve note as legal tender currency in the US.

Repatriate all Gold in Federal Reserve system and IMF and World bank back to Fort Knox.

Reinstate the interest rate and debt free US Treasury Greenback as a modern banking system.

If market forces really exist and work for the common good as advertised by the Privleged, Informed and Gifted(PIG) elite they will have no difficulty of surviving with the trillions of Federal Reserve notes they have plundered during this war in IRAQ.

With its own Greenback currency and banking system personal liberty can be restored to US citizens.

With this liberty, the Molock God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange(swindle) finance can be revealed. Hidden in plane(sic) sight as central banking, the Molock is the God that can neither pardon nor forgive. Once revealed the Molock can be chained for the 1000 years as prophecied in the Bible and so widely anticipated by the passionate but unseeing TV evangelists.

Thanks to: Prof C More Books for his offering.
R Duane Willing