MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, May 24, 2008

National Truth State Now

NEWS FLASH: American National insanity authenticated again. Texas jails Larry West to 5x20 years for avoiding gas tax for two years.

Our contributor, Emma of Kazabazua, also known as Loco Lola from her past life as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, suggests forming A Populist Committee for a Biosphere Without Central Banks. Peoples courts are obviously needed also. Forget the National Security State. We need a National Truth State, she says.

Loco volunteers that the most significant intellectual and spiritual revolution of the age was Vatican II of the 1960s. “More powerful than the Atom bomb or Bolsheviks, or Jews or NAZIS”, she says. We leave Emma immediately, not that we necessarily disagree, but her opinions sometimes lead to Liberation Theology and that often attracts the unbearable Prof C More Books, self recognized authority on religions, money and political mind control and environmental matters.

Our quick departure is not appreciated. She calls after us that we must be Bush supporters. Inherently defective like American Republicans and their clone wannabees called Democrats, she shouts. We wonder what she thinks of Ron Paul or those Jewish senators that always talk about the needs of "OUR" country and think we, Goyem-tending to redneck, don’t know they are talking about Israel. Sly buggers those Israeli Senators and their “yellow running dog” chicken-hawk Neocons.

Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk, interceptor and decoder of all existing circuits, reports that he has been tracking the files of Pentagon financial controller, Rebbi Zakheim. Now in Israel with about $3 billion US dollars, the Rebbi seems somehow connected to that 16’ foot hole in the Pentagon wall on 9/11. The additional billions plundered in the subterfuge called the Iraq war are piling up in various accounts all over the world. The Generals are also “dirty”, he says. Yikes! We caution Emmett about this type of report. He could be called unpatriotic or labeled an anti-semite. He could bring Bnai Brith, Paol Zion and the Brooklyn Rotary against this blog. He speaks poorly about our character and journalistic integrity using four letter words ending in ***holes. We leave.

Fortune is not kind, we are caught at the door. Normal rumple is now disarray, obviously the The Montreal Market Medium has been in deep trance and study. We brace for the consequences of his frenzy. It’s about money and gasoline.

Under the current fiction of the US depending upon OPEC mid east oil, (Canada and the southern hemisphere actually supply US with its oil) The Dollar/ Euro linkage is now fixed and is the reverse of the past 70 years. The US pump price will go up as the dollar goes down in ratio to the Euro. The barrel price in US dollars will rise as OPEC wants to keep their purchasing power equal to the dollar/ Euro ratio of the past. Any rise in the Euro compared to the US dollar will immediately translate to oil barrel price increase and retail gasoline prices in the US could eventually go through the roof, says our harried Medium.

“Europe begged the Buckfush and his Neocons not to blast the fuzzy wuzzies. Now we are trapped by the Euro,” snorts the Medium. We caution him about political correctness. He shrugs and continues.

As the Asian giants need ever more oil, they will use their reserve of US dollars at an incrementally increasing rate because of the accelerating decline in the value of the dollar relative to the price of oil. The dollar system of selling national debt in order to survive would have to increase interest rates for buyers like China, et al. Without high interest rates or smart bomb blackmail nobody would buy US debt. Without astronomical interest rates or the terror of acts of war the market for US Dollar debt is kaput. The Fed becomes barely significant, possibly obsolete, in the US economy, he whispers.

Our contributor, the peculiar Chinaman, Wi Ling, Chinese secret agent reporting to Mogen Dildo, CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People, reminds us that corporations are indifferent to interest rates and smart bombs unless they need them to protect revenue sources or punish somebody. (The governments of US and Israel have their military on constant alert to bomb as requested/directed by the great merchant corporations.) These corprations will dictate to China that retail merchandise supply be maintained by Chinese Communist Army Corporations, at agreed prices or else they will loose the business. China will agree to convert incoming US dollars to US debt at dictated rates in order to control the US market. The essentially blocked currency of China can continue to subsidize Chinese production at current prices for a long time, reports Wi Ling, secret agent.

The use of "smart bombs" in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere has made the US into a sort of political Frankenstein. A gruesome puppet of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) and its killer Neocons, says Wi Ling. The US and its Neocons as accidental or deliberate serfs of the EURO are about to make Israel very rich thanks to some very clever Tel Aviv stock exchange strategies, chuckles the all knowing peculiar Chinaman, Wi Ling. The Montreal Market Medium changes the subject to Wall Street.

It is happening just like I predicted, he says. They (the Wall Street rocket scientists of the mumbo jumbo swaps, derivatives etc) have killed the goose that lays the golden eggs, but they have made me mega rich, if they pay as agreed, swoons our high roller Montreal Market Medium. The Prof C More Books wants to make a side bet that the Medium will never see a dime of his so-called derivative swap profits. He will be lucky if he gets his own money back in five years, if ever, chuckles our merciless Prof. The whole point of stock markets is for them to let you pretend to have value while they have your money. When you want your money back they keep your money by shrinking the value. You get zip. They got your cash, giggles our Prof.
Read the book: MONEY the 12th & FINAL RELIGION, he says, With knowledge you could make a fortune.