MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nov 1956, The Epic Election vs Nov 2008

HOT NEWS: According to the news production scheme of Joe Goebbels, Nazi news genius, the bigger lie requires more repetition, says Cpl Duty First, just in from the great divide South of Truth or Consequences. We think the Cpl is referring to the majestic press buildup of the presidential candidate Osama that the Cpl calls Buckwheat. We caution him about his appellation. He shrugs and continues. The Geezer is a goner, even if he wins. VP "Spooky" from Huntsville would be President before Nov 22, he prophesies. "Osmo", also via Hunsville is probably safe because his VP is too feeble to do more than get cash for his Delaware Banksters, the Cpl declares. We dismiss him in disgust. He simply cannot be politically correct.

Contrary to fifty years of Joe Goebbels style propaganda of US power aligned with close allies of Israel and the UK, the supremacy of the US has been a myth. This myth has been perpetrated to conceal a plan for vicious revenge. It seems on that election day in November, 1956, President Eisenhower, for reasons not yet clear, ordered Anthony Eden and his Israeli ally to get out of the Suez or the city of London would be a smoking hole in the ground. The bombers were already over the UK. The infra red targeting was locked on the heart of London City. The psychological impact of this direct order from the US President to the British Prime minister was too much. Tony Eden lost his mind in a total psychological collapse. Within days he was retired to Jamaica out of public view or access. The hatred engendered for America by that action laid the groundwork for one of the greatest subversion efforts in the history of secret agents and their wars. It gave us the BIZWOG, (British-Israel, Zionist World Occupation Government), asserts the Cpl as he departs.

We summon LeeJohn BillyBob Boot, Phd, US Civil servant secret agent seconded to world corporations to protect their wealth while he earns top grade US Govt pension credits, and likes to be called Jack. He sometimes comes around to visit with Emma of Kazabazua, known in past life as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit. Vatican insiders called her Loco Lola. Jack Boot is reluctant to talk about what history books refer to as the Suez Crisis. He brushes us off with a snide remark. He said something about "honkies and rednecks sweat so much trying to read that the moisture from their fingers blurs the print". We immediately laugh with Jack Boot, secret agent, about his clever turn of phrase. Any further inquiry on the Suez/1956 Election will require more preparation and copious libation with Jack Boot.

Then the thought strikes us cold. If BIZWOG is real and the passion for revenge is its driving force. Uncle Sam is in big trouble. Over fifty years of nearly perfect deception, including JFK assassination, Pres. Nixon purge, Tonkin Gulf trick, World Trade Center, Iraq/Afghanistan war, no win in South Viet Nahm, YIKES! We refuse to think about the Holocaust saga being invented as part of a great Psywar subversion program. Those BIZWOG guys are nearly perfect. Wait until they inflict the "shame of America campaign for not rescuing Jews from the Germans in WWII", offers Emma, just in from remote viewing the Huntsville programming of the presidential candidate the Cpl calls Buckwheat. They, the BIZWOG, have arranged everything in US politics since they hit JFK, she says. Check the video: Money, Markets and the Biosphere, she orders.

Our contributor, the Montreal Market Medium is appalled at the allegations of Emma and the CPL. He thinks they are institution material. A self confessed wizard on stock markets, he claims his night job parking cars is just to keep himself physically active. His technical analysis and other market divining rituals are unkindly exposed by the book, MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. The book explains how the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance is father of all pollutions.

NB: Huntsville is the NASA site in Alabama where advanced work in behavior modification and mind control is done. The creation of "screen memory" and compartmentalization is so far advanced that a person can be programmed not only to forget on command, but also to believe most anything such as being on the moon while never out of Huntsville.(ed)