MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


BERNIE "standup" Made-off.

Sometimes it is necessary for one criminal to go to jail in order to protect the gang. When the criminal goes without confessing or implicating his fellow criminals he is a hero. They call him a "stand up" kind of guy. All fellow criminals are safe from prosecution because the "standup" guy takes all the guilt.

As regards all future "stand up" guys, we recognize Bernie as the role model for the Moloch cohort that makes Wall Street possible, offers CPL Duty First, just in from his ride along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences. (The Moloch is God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance). Read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The Cpl reminds us that NASDAQ was invented by Washington insiders beginning with the Zarb-Sawhill-Texas RR Commission cabal that were close in the NIXON White house. Tricky Dick had all these guys worried simple with his Energy Free by '83 idea and His terrifying notion of guaranteed Incomes programs for Americans and a Federal Reserve System under control.

The cabal of NASDAQ in choosing Bernie as their long time President seems to have found a genuine standup kinda guy. Not only could he find an entire community to skim their money into stocks, he could keep his mouth shut just in case the swindle failed. Given the origin of NASDAQ, and the government agencies and Presidential links protecting the cabal, no one seriously expected any problems from regulators or investigators. And there were none.

The Cpl declares that Bernie and his NASDAQ gang had effective control of government at all levels to include the master mind idea of casinos on Indian Reservations. With some UN resolutions these could soon be declared as independent countries with UN military protecting their borders from any government intervention by either US or Canadian authorities. A Bernie buddy, Jack Abram-off was operating the US Interior dept like a province of Israel, says the Cpl. (Jack was convicted of various felonies involving Indian tribe swindle).

We hint that the Cpl might be thinking anti-Semitic thoughts. He lurches back and accuses us of being simple. Can't you see. The entire US federal government is run by the network of KDQN-word, he snarls. I cant believe he actually said the N-word. The Cpl thinks the US government is a Net work of what he calls Kikes, Dikes, Queers and N-words. It is just shocking that the Cpl could think like this after 40 years of military and mind control exposure to political correctness. Unbelievable.

Perhaps the questions raised by the Cpl can best be dealt with by a conatct with EMMETT, of Tuktoyaktuk, senior decoder of all known ciphers and electronic circuits. He is also close with Wilma, world ultimate medium in deep trance channeling and remote viewing. Emmett is familiar with telecommunication traffic connecting all locations including casinos, but he is silent on any special links to foreign destinations. He says its none of our business. We think he is already on a spook contract. Probably selling the same info to a dozen competing agencies. Wilma is less taciturn. She says the MOSSAD has been crawling all over the North American Indian reservations for twenty years. Maybe we should also think of Jack AbramOff as a stand up kind of guy, giggles Wilma from deep trance detected insights.

Innuendo, allegations, speculations and slurs are words too kind to describe my findings with this trio of sources. The thoughts of the Buddha come to mind. "Life is suffering." I suppress thought about the possibilities open to the Israeli duo operating in control of the "Buckwheat" White House. Yikes!

It is fairly obvious to those that study markets and Money that the century of Moloch Capitalism has arrived at its anticipated end. Bernie was doomed from the start. He like so many others have just lived too long. "A national debt/stock exchange/interest rate manipulated system may operate for one hundred years. Then it becomes impossible." Frederick Soddy, Nobel Laureate, 1923. Thanks alot Fred! What do we do now?


Voices approach my open door. I hear Prof. C More Books lecturing in his usual bellow. He is saying to someone that when a people fail the God Moloch like the recent "credit melt down", he abandons them. Then he moves on to another people. The Moloch is The God that can neither pardon nor forgive. He is a jealous and vengeful God, roars the know it all prof. The Prof is quoting from my book as if he knew what he was talking about. I hear a most astonishing query to the prof.

Emma of Kazabazua, deep trance medium and remote viewer understudy to Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk, is close with Willard, a man of innumerable masses and Rosaries beyond count. Willard has spent his entire adult life on alert to detect Nazi War criminals. So far no luck. He often mentions the concentration camps and WWII in his conversations.

Willard had just asked the Prof if it was significant that since Vatican II the macabre, such as the crucifixion on the cross, was being deemphasized in Catholic imagery, and is this in in any way related to the 1960s creation of the Holocaust saga? Willard finds the substitution of a group macabre of the WWII holocaust saga for the individual centered macabre of the crucifix to be very interesting. Especially since this substitution begins immediately after the assassination of Pres. Kennedy and the closing of Vatican II. The prof is in his glory. He knows all about religions and money and space beings, he says.

The Prof thinks this is a very perceptive question. His answer is vague and incomplete. He mutters on about Vatican II being the great undiscovered revolution of the living age. Something about the western mind is gullible and vulnerable to manipulation by images of the macabre. He says the number 6,000,000 has occult significance going back to the total chosen for the Exodus. Patricide of the Exodus is very important too, he says. Yikes! Somebody! Throw this guy a fish!

Finally, the prof finds his stride. He says the distraction of the mind by the macabre has made it possible for the God Moloch to dominate this past century. Hiding in plain sight behind the Judeo-Xtn and Bible traditions, the Moloch imposes a servitude manifested by perpetual debt and money interest that is supposed to last a thousand years. But Bernie and his cabal has failed. Thus far no people has been able to achieve Moloch success of 1000 years. Consequently, there is a spiritual, yes even occult, struggle in North America. The central bank NASDAQ stock market cabal do not want be abandoned by their God Moloch. This dollar based cabal know they have failed their God but hope to obtain a Moloch forbearance by perfecting the US as a consumer occupied electronic concentration camp made mindless of their impossible debt by infatuation with the macabre, sighs the prof.

As the prof gives way exhausted by his own rumbling, the rustle of fabric announces the arrival of Emma. Willard calls out to her as his "main squeeze." Known here from previous blogs as Loco Lola, it is pleasant to see the sparkle in her eyes when greeted by Willard. Constant alert looking for Nazis war criminals does not allow much time for Willard to get out and meet people.