MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, March 21, 2015



The contradictions in daily life between popular propaganda and actual experience causes stress. Some say stress is bad. Go to the gym and work it off. Little do they know. Stress and contradictions are essential to the capitalist corporate democratic process. It is called cognitive dissonance in the Psych department at big bucks Con U college. The purpose of modern marketing messages, advertising and packaging is to create cognitive dissonance. Stress building is the objective of main stream media,. This stress is a state of mental discomfort where a person finds life events and media messages  in contradiction to personal values and family traditions. It ain't no accident folks.

Tranquility of thought without the stress of cognitive dissonance could lead to questioning of the "system" by an average mind. We know that the average mind buttressed by life experience is not intellectual. It can see solutions with common sense. No need for that mentality in a global corporate democratic politic, say experts.. Rather than disturb the average mind with how the system really works, Con U says let them stress over contradictions about how the system just does not work well. The decline in wages and career security and expanding dictatorship of political correctness should be thought about as too complex for common sense resolution. Somehow voting is said to help toward a solution in a democratic system. The fact that the democratic system is in fact the problem is considered unthinkable by the great minds of Con U college.

The folks at Con U college are forcing single minded choices. They say that it is either democratic capitalism or dreaded socialism. There seems to be no concept for meeting basic needs independent of so-called rugged individualism or scary socialism. But wait! Is it possible that basic needs of incomes and care and education facilities can not be filled by corporate reach? What if this is the reality?. The corporate democratic system can only make profits. It cannot by any stretch fulfill the basic needs of incomes, education and care facilities. YIKES What is the alternative? Technocracy? Social credit? Direct Credit? National Socialism? Syndicalism? Did the Bolsheviks have any good ideas? What was Father Coughlin on about?

Is it possible that the great merchants so well defined in Bible book Revelation are back again and again out of  control?. Read the book. The great merchants, all powerful, fail in one hour much to the despair  of John. A dark age of some several centuries followed the bungle of the great merchants. Are we to conclude from the Bible book that great merchants out of control of common sense are a danger to society? Anybody heard of Enron and general motors and others?

My friend the good Prof. C More Books, generally disdained by broader academia and self described as all knowing on matters of money, economics, religion  and politics, offers thought.He bellows something about "fools and a word beginning with A and ending in holes." He says more bad words about a people that tolerate poverty in the midst plenty. Trillions go so the FED can buy valueless bonds at pretend prices. This conceals the criminality of the bond issue in the first place some years prior.Some 50% of the work force is without work participation yet unemployment rates are reported as lower.A new normal is about 6% although that is about double the old rate of 3%.

There is panic in high places about minimum wages of $15.00 an hour. Lights are seen burning late at Big Bucks Con U in study of wages. Has no one heard of  Henry Ford? Wages were doubled in a finger snap.Our Prof is in a mood; unkind to modern policy explanations.He laughs a desultory sneer at the big swindle where state power mandates purchase of health insurance from private corporations to be enforced by the fed watch dog IRS. All this dictated by the Supreme Court to be enforced by federal agents.Don't buy insurance. Just pay fine. Wait how does that provide health care? Now I am shouting. The prof dismisses me as unlearned and unworthy of further exchange.Says I need to see the "Big Picture."

He does not want to talk about how a system that pretends to be based on competition is made up of giant monopolies in trade, manufacturing and finance.Every decision is reported in business terms but we find secret handshakes in backroom understandings. Smart bombs enforce deals and imaginary weapons of mass destruction prompt  wars. If possible, to make matters worse, show trials and executions demonstrate the power of enforcers. Too Bad Saddam. You were told not to violate dollar pricing on your oil. Euros, really?

NATO New World Terror Organization
 Brussels is getting impatient with Germany. Just when you need them for launching columns of glistening Armor to the East, they don't want to go All kinds of excuses. Like? Been there before. It didn't work out. When it goes wrong Russian blow back is serious problem.The size of that place is enormous.Logistics were a nightmare. Winter is a "bitch".

NATO is of a determined mind. The master plan recently discovered in some 1939 NAZI desk in  Berlin antique shop has a plan to be in Moscow in six weeks. Brilliant say the NATO commanders, especially the American Colonels posted to Brussels from Iraq and Fort Hood. There are visions of promotions and medals and lebensraum for tank maneuvers as far as the eye can see.

Israeli Colonels are equally excited. As dual US citizens they too could get promoted and then with some mind control advertising Israel could easily become part of the European Union with Euro central bank under direct control of the Third Temple under construction in Jerusalem..Good Bye US dollar. The great merchants would rule supreme in the world, says my advisor and deep channel medium Loco Lola, in past life was first woman Jesuit 1555 Vatican