MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, October 03, 2014


MOLOCH, God of Capitalism

It is sometimes difficult to get your mind around the obvious. But it is obvious that the creation of money by corporate entities known as banks is unnatural. Money is reported as growing without air, earth, water or sunlight. My advisor and deep channel remote viewing medium says " Belief in growth of money is spiritual, a form of worship of high god Moloch." Read book MONEY; !2th and FINAL RELIGION, she commands. Moloch is god of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance, she says on the authority of her past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican.

We can see without effort that the creation of money does defy nature. Corporations as well as consenting Anglo-Hebraic religions would have us believe that money unlike anything else on planet earth can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight. They say plan your life around this belief that money can grow. Growth is called interest. The ancients called it usury. It is a tithe to God Moloch, she whispers.

The Anglo-Hebraic infection of the white mans mind by the Semite mental infarction often called the King James Bible has made it possible for the Moloch to advance in secret for centuries. Already recognized  in You Tube videos as the Egregore of Cult 273, this  Moloch Apostolate is the cult that has made modern central banking possible.

Bursting into human learning by virtue of printing, many considered unworthy were found writing and reading books about banking and money and interest. The Church recoiled in shock as the readers called themselves illuminated. Then came combat as there was discovery that Jews were thought to be in control of the theories about money and banking. A long period called the inquisition conceals how the Illuminati in alliance with the Church plundered Jews in search of those Talmud taught money theories in the books of Jews. Expulsion of Jews made money markets open to newly inspired Illuminati. Eventually uniting in London the Illuminati and the expelled Jews made a pact for world conquest called central banking. The British empire was born. Loco Lola says read book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order. BIZWOG is for the BRITISH-ISRAEL ZIONIST WORLD  OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT. Now in its nascent form as the United Nations and NATO.

Our revery of historical inquiry is shattered by shrieks and calls of recognition and joy. The Tuktoyaktuk duo of Wilma and Emmett have come without notice. If horses they would make an elegant team. Emmett as world premier interceptor and decoder of all known signals and Wilma as world leading psychic and mind reader come to us for our annual update on ETs and BIZWOG psy ops. We conference quickly because it is already late in the season and they have to get back in time for "freeze up." Persons in the North without respect for the seasons travel at their peril.

Emmett is taciturn. Still under contract by some or many secret agencies. They rely on his web monitoring expertise. He tells them how many minutes it takes for him to intercept and break their most secret codes.
Wilma is ebullient. Her deep channel contact in spirit world and ET contact have the same message. They repeat the first rule for the human condition. "Do not foul the water." Each recent contact has included this message, she says quite cheerfully considering the gravity of the warning in the face of fracking and the water polluting catastrophe of the oil sands. 

Emmet's body language forecast spoken thought. Wilma holds her hand for silence. She says that ETs are anticipating a change in human consciousness on the order of some 2000 years ago when the idea of the guy in the diaper, nailed on two sticks with thorns on his head was introduced into human thought. There is possibility that an equivalent consciousness is underway on earth plane now.

Emmett speaks. He says there are two options. One is the capitalist option where in the capitalist democratic world of international stock exchange finance, the people exist for trade and commerce. This was the war cry of Roosevelt, Churchill and Morgenthau when they planned the extermination of 6,000,000 German civilians in WWII. The other option is to reject the idea of stock exchange supremacy and make capital exist for trade and commerce and industry  for the people. It is a political choice expressed in German national Socialism where people comes first over capital.  

Our visitor Willard, a man of thousands of masses and Rosaries beyond count has leap to his feet. A lifetime vigil for Nazi war criminal has biased his thought. He refuses to accept any idea that would support the myth of Adolph Hitler as a Messiah figure.