MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, May 14, 2010


Late Word by Cipher and Deep Trance Channeling

Loco Lola has just returned from advanced training in deep trance channeling by her mentor Wilma in Tuktoyaktuk. Together they Channeled Madame Blavatsky and Homer Judd about the 2nd Altar that used to be in temples before Judeo-Christianity. Madame asked them to return to that subject later. Right now they should be with Emmett, world class decoder of all electronic signals and main squeeze of Wilma.

Emmett has been revisiting his financial signals of the past few years. He says the Euro was invented to prevent the German D-Mark from displacing the US dollar as a world wide reserve currency. The EURO was the outcome of the Maastricht Treaty which was cobbed together by the great merchants of trade and finance. The express purpose of the imaginary Euro was to formulate austerity measures. Yikes! It was to function according to the accepted protocols of Capitalism as in the Federal Reserve and Anglo-Saxon Central Bank. The great merchants feared that a powerful D-Mark could provoke another BIZWOG war on Europe just like WWI and WWII. (BIZWOG- British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government generally erroneously called new world order in the USA.)

The Germans lending in London at lower than Bank of England interest rates triggered WWI. The potential of the NAZI Reichsmark becoming a world wide money based on exports was immediately recognized by London city in 1938 when the first Volkswagens were introduced. Hitler refused to do Reichsmark bond issues to finance exports and production. The result WWII. The Moloch, God of Money, stock exchanges and insurance companies is a vengeful and wrathful god that can neither pardon nor forgive when a nation refuses to go into debt.

Because of problems associated with creating a EURO, it was supposed to diffuse the threat that precipitated WWI and WWII. If Germans could be preoccupied with inventing the EURO, it might keep their minds off international finance for a while. It would not be necessary to blast them with bombs again. At least not soon. And the US dollar, the control currency of BIZWOG would remain the primary reserve currency of trade and commerce and interest rates and Moloch stock exchange swindle techniques, reports Wilma from talking with Emmett.

Emmett then shocks us with his punch line. The God's work being done by Wall Street Execs on secret journeys is the work of the God Moloch aimed at the destruction of the EURO. It is close to a spiritual war between the US Dollar and the EURO, whispers Wilma to her understudy Loco Lola. Great spiritual forces are moving, she says. Loco Lola asks in her innocence, "What happens next? How could the Euro forces even thinking of prevailing against the all powerful dollar and their fleet of 'drones and smart Bombs' ?" Emmett is shifty looking side to side shredding his notes from deciphering codes. He is muttering quietly to himself as it not to implicate Wilma and Loco. Loco said it sounded like he was saying something about a gold backed Ruble and Moscow a Third Rome.

I immediately think of meeting that SS Captain serving as a Corporal in the Foreign legion. Because of his Waffen SS service in Russia, he could not go back to his home in Germany. I assured him the post war recovery was nearly complete. We shared drinks of one Cpl to another. He said as we parted. "You watch Germany and Russia will unite and rule the world."

Dear reader, Please excuse this extra blog for May, but sometimes Loco comes up with some exceptional reports on current events that may have value. Thanks RDW

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Prof. C More Books, at his desk, is trying to concentrate. Loco Lola is close to him, whispering in his ear. The Montreal Market Medium, all knowing in finance and markets seems perplexed paces back and forth. How could the stock exchange lose the value equivalent of a G-7 economy in ten minutes? The Cpl Duty First, back from the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences brings the stink of fire. Peyote brush burning in the cooling fins and exhaust headers on his 1948 Harley 61 makes smoke. He is smiling humming old NAZI marching songs.

The medium is troubled that network financial news seems so disconnected from reality. What was that hokey story of Pres of Goldman Sachs away on a secret visit "doing God's work." YIKES! Loco Lola leaves the Prof with a word. It began with A but sounded like it ended with hole. She approaches the Medium. He is captivated. Loco can do that to what she quietly calls "the Market Moron."

It is amazing to watch our aciturn rustic, Emma of Kazabazua transfigure by deep trance channeling into the magic persona of Loco Lola. In past life she was Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit. The harried monks of that 1555 Vatican gave her the unkind name Loco Lola. She tends to remote view our circle and know their most private thoughts. I suspect it is possible that thoughts can be influenced during sessions when she imposes hypnotic amnesia. Since no one has yet been able to reconstruct the sessions by recall, I suspect she could make suggestions that are intended for future action. I worry about what she is doing to the Montreal Market Medium, especially in his current mental state since he has just finished reading my book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The Montreal Market Medium is transfixed by Loco. She moves toward him in half turns, smiling first over one shoulder then the other. Her reach to fluff her skirt is a ballet gesture. The sensuous stimulating effect on the "market moron" is not unintended. I worry for the Medium.

They are together on the sofa speaking in low tones. He is hypnotized, literally. Loco is asking about finance. I hear the medium making words, phrases. "Its the contrary God. The work is usury. The Bank of International Settlements-Basel-secret destination. Its daemonic, Luciferian, no moral limits. They have offended Him with loss of prudence. They can no longer tell truth." Loco is very patient asking "who are they and who is Him," she asks. The Medium breathes deeply to say harshly. "Its International stock exchange "players" in Finance and the God is Moloch. God of perpetual debt, money at interest, stock exchange and insurance company swindles. The idea of Capital enslaving people offends the Cosmos. The biosphere is at risk from financial absurdities of return on investment and interest on national debts. Using these to regulate life in the biosphere are too absurd to be contemplated by serious thought." He is jolted out of hypnosis by his own shouting.

The shouting disrupted the humming Cpl. "So what does the Moloch do now," challenges the dubious Cpl. "He abandons the failed ethic of the Anglo Saxon central banking and seeks a new people,"interrupts Loco Lola from deep trance and long experience in large scale matters of spiritual organization. The prof looks up from his concentration and says, "Moscow the Third Rome," and goes back to his concentration. He is supposedly writing another book.