MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, August 04, 2014


Lights were burning late at the Atlanta Centre for Poverty to White People. Chief executive Mogen Dildo was working on the Israel invasion of Palestine. "F-word wogs  were always causing trouble," referring of course to Arabs, he mused to himself, followed shortly by his personal benediction of "Heil Israel."

He agrees that the ultimate extermination of the Gaza Arab population is a logical foreign policy objective of his people and God's chosen state.. The US  tacitly supports this objective by refusing to criticize Israel. Fresh and free supplies of the latest munitions are forthcoming from US arsenal. Mogen was writing before encoding this brief for transmit to some destination for eventual decoding in Tel Aviv. As if they did not know this information already. As the senior and most secret agent of Israeli MOSSAD in America, he has no direct connection to headquarters in Israel ,but is expected to report daily. When Gaza beachfront property,  clear of Arabs, opens for Jew condos he wants to be "in touch" with headquarters. Might be some deals there?

Mogen decided not to mention the absence of criticism of Israel by any of the Christian spokes persons, especially preachers on TV. The obvious complicity of Christian preachers in the slaughter bench of killing in Gaza by their silence was something not unexpected by Tel Aviv. Could this be Judeo-Christianities finest hour. mused Mogen. He shuddered a small tremor at the idea of Judeo-Christianity. What a grotesques description of his tradition. The idea of his chosen truth connected by hyphen to the swindle called christian was repelling, but global econo-politic dictated sufferance.
 One day soon Jews would take their place as superior and chosen over all other people. The Goy Christians could amuse themselves as proper servants for his people.

The mind of the typical goyim, i.e. christian in the US has been a study by Mogen for years. Feeble often comes as a description of the average christian believer that supports Israel. Knee jerk fellowship with anyone claiming to be a Jew is a matter of record. Indifference to politics of Israel is evidence of anti semitism. Mogen finds this mental state amusing. Clearly evidence of feeble mindedness.  The fawning deference of christians to Jews makes Mogen wary. He suspects an agenda, but by the same token it makes it easy to isolate opponents of Israel.

Mogen settles in for some introspection of his own mind. The extermination campaign in Gaza may call for some sophisticated massaging of the christian Zionist support. Sometime Christians are a little weak on grasping correct meaning from blowing up schools and infants as necessary Israeli foreign policy. A special fund raising by TV preachers for Israeli victims of Arab rockets would be a good idea. Maybe some preachers could find a bible text justifying the destruction of Gaza. For money a TV preacher can find Bible story for just about anything. Sometimes Mogen really appreciates christian thought.

He is pleased to find the American mind paralyzed by the needs of Israel. It is clear that the importance of Israel cannot be exaggerated. No atrocity is challenged. His cultural identity is protected by the saga of the holocaust. Any question is an affront to his personal identity and Jews in general. Free speech should be regulated to assure favour to Jews and Israel. The goy will never understand that moral distress for Jews is more bitter than physical because Jews are more sensitive as humans. Jewish sensibilities are wounded when a successful Jew meets with intolerance. Mogen can see a future of supremacy for his people as the channels of communication become more and more deferential to his people.