MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The Mayan prophecy for year 2012 refers to the end of the "age of the word of god." This of course would be blasphemy for Xtns and Jews and Muslims if it referred to their religion. So says Emma of Kazabazua, known her from her past life channeling as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in 1555 Vatican. They called her Loco Lola. Loco says to read the book;
THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOGFinal World Order : for meaning of this prophecy.

Our good Professor, C More Books advises not to worry about 2012 because it already happened in 2008. The date has been revised according to more accurate calendar calculations. He says the word of god that has reached its end is "money." The "Mayan age" that has reached its climax is the epoch of Moloch," God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance. All pollutions are derived from the centuries of notions about money. The Prof says to read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The mechanical moans of a 1949 Harley 61 clattering and gasping to a stop reports the arrival of Cpl Duty First back from his daily ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences. The Cpl says the end of the Moloch age in 2008/2012 was announced by the collapse of international stock exchanges and derivative finance. The 2008/2012 marks end for the word money as dominating life and introduces the arrival of a new cosmic age. This coming time will be free of belief in national debts, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance. These are the powers that have driven contamination of the biosphere since the industrial revolution.

Loco Lola, reporting from a trance like state, declared that Hitler says Providence had called him to struggle against these the powers of international stock exchange finance. She asks the prof if Adolph Hitler should be considered a Messiah figure for this post Mayan age? The Prof is abrupt with Loco. "Read the books," he growls. It is important to learn that the word Israel does not describe a place or a people. The word Israel describes the power of the Sun to support life on the planet. It is blasphemy to appropriate the word to any other use. The word israel has no intent for politcal description. It is cosmic blasphemy to appropriate the sacred word to the homicidal political location that now calls itself israel, warns the Prof.


The advent of this new epoch has put the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government BIZWOG into an impending sense of doom. The BIZWOG is entirely dependent upon the US Wall Street and the US dollar. The role of the US as sort of Caliphate used by BIZWOG for world control by smart bombs and drone assassinations depends upon continuing acceptance of US currency world wide. If confidence in the US dollar should fail, BIZWOG would have to take open and dictatorial control of Washington in order to use US military against nations that reject the US dollar.

Jack Boot, top level US secret agent seconded to Israel to secure the reconstruction of the Third temple in Jerusalem shares my whiskey with Mogen Dildo, CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People. Although both are on assignment to advance the plans of BIZWOG for rebuilding a Third temple in Jerusalem, they mutually despise each other. Jack Boot looks forward to the Messiah that is to return to cleanse the temple of all non believers, including all Jews. Mogen looks for his Messiah that is to come to clear the Temple of all non Jews, most certainly including all Christians. The fact remains that the temple location is already occupied by a Mosque.

SPECIAL NOTE: Occupier Caution #2
Loco Lola says to be aware of George Soros and his cohort of "short Sellers." They will benefit from the concealed accelerating of the plunder of the US by its corporate controllers. Loco says they are using if not supporting the occupiers to set them up as "fall guys" once the secret plundering is discovered after the occupiers are eliminated. The majesty of corporate sin against the Republic is beyond mental imagery, she says.
Amen. Rduanewilling