MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, April 02, 2012



Somewhere the bible says lend money (or bet) with the rich and powerful and the money should be considered gone. "Fukashima is a modern example," bellows Cpl Duty First. The Cpl shouts to inform us about a Japanese derivatives bet. He says Japan had won a 60 Trillion Yen bet with the Libor (London interbank offering rate) cohort. The London crowd would not pay as agreed. The Japanese did not get paid their derivative winnings. Instead there was an earthquake, horrific Tsunami and total destruction of the Fukashima nuclear power plant facility. Some are saying the Israeli spy cohort collaborated in this mysterious disaster.

The Cpl is denying knowledge that there is any direct cause and effect link. He says it is inconceivable that the LIBOR cohort, that controls world interest rates, would not only in addition to a welsh on abet, but would use such a disaster to intimidate any future requests to get paid their winnings. But, then on the other hand, there were the two Atom bombs during WWII. He decides to drop the subject.

He does not comprehend how the recent introduction of the TIBOR (Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate) of the Tokyo banking cohort is such a challenge to the LIBOR cohort. The Cpl does not understand how the TIBOR with its divided financial functions that provide seperate money market considerations for Tokyo and London is the equivalent of a financial atom bomb threat to the supremacy of the LIBOR banking cohort in London and New York. Money remains a mystery to him because he has not read the books MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order, both by the Self described as gifted author RDuaneWilling.

The Cpl has been preoccupied since his recent ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences on his tank shift, suicide clutch, 1949 Harley 61. The Harley clutch has been a minimal problem compared to his encounter with Laredo the blade. Laredo says Conchita the pole dancer is off limits to the Cpl. The Cpl thinks it would be unsporting to report Laredo to the border patrol as a suspected Mexican illegal. But on the other hand, if it turns out to be true. The tawny likely "wetback"Laredo would be no longer be a hazard to life and limb in matters concerning Conchita, the pole dancer at the FourLane cantina just South of Truth or Consequences. If not true, things could be infinitely more risky in the attempts to get close with Conchita.

The Cpl and his infernal machine annoy our good Prof C More Books. He is inspired to make unkind comments about the US military industrial complex and what he calls its excreta. He says the US structure has evolved during the past fifty years into advanced state of teratology, an imoral beast, and should be described as being in an advanced state of theronistics, the creation and maintenance of monsters. It is not uncommon for the Cpl to trigger this kind of reaction from the Prof.

Careful studies in Vatican prophecy has troubled the Prof. He finds the famous Malachi prophecies about the 111 Popes that mark the end time of the Vatican to be in error. Allegedly according to the current but erroneous understanding, the next Pope after "Benny" would be 111th and final Pope. But, that counting does not include the founders Pete and Paul. When these two key Saints are added, without which there could be no Vatican in the first place, the count changes. The Pope Paul I, the Pope of the 33days becomes the 111th or the final Pope of the Malachi prophecies. Therefore the Pope after "Benny" is not the end time of the Vatican. YIKES!

The implications surrounding the passing of Paul I take paranormal significance. "They signify spiritual warfare. A final beginning of the end of the age of the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange "Swindle" finance," whispers Emma, just in from Kazabazua, North of Ottawa. Now in deep trance contact with her past life as Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, Loco says we begin the age when tools will rebel against their users. The Mayan's said it is a time we will call 2012.

Further, Loco channels the prophecy that this is the end of the age of the "word of God." Before she can explain what word? what God? Her cell phone rings to interrupt and contact is lost. The Prof is silent, but I think he suspects the age coming to end is the 2000 year reign of the Moloch, god of money and interest and origin of central banking, the cause of all pollution. If the current age of swindle by controlling national debt bond conversion into bank credit and money at interest is to end, then credit free of interest could begin a genuine New World Order, she says.

One can only speculate about the rebelling tools. If financial calculations as in finance and stock markets were to be counted as tools as they are in maintaining the central bank world of the Moloch, then the year of 2012 could see the teratology of the business mind, mistakenly called market forces, unveiled as simply Moloch worship. "What a con job," bellows the newly arrived Montreal Market Medium, unable to further articulate complex ideas this soon after lunch.

AMEN. Rduanewilling

PS. Dateline 5 APRIL 2012, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, Canada. Word just in from Emmett, world premier decoder of all known codes and systems, says network traffic is indicating that BIZWOG(British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Governement) and NATO, its force to exterminate the unarmed, especially babies and mothers, is preparing to meet great peril.

The Moloch central banking of LIBOR is in a state of fear not seen since the two perils preceding the world wars. First, it was in 1914 when Germany began to lend money in London city at rates lower than those of the Bank of England. London City immediately closed the stock market. Second, was the peril to world markets experienced at the 1938 Nazi Party Congress when Adolph Hitler unveiled the Volkswagen as "a peoples car."

The British and American loss of interest income on world automobile sales and the revenue gain to interest free Germany would have been the end of central bank, LIBOR, control of world finance. Now with Tokyo and the TIBOR, the halls of the Moloch central banking system, called G-7 are in disarray. Fear and Peril reign, he says.
AMEN again. Thanks Rduanewilling