MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, March 03, 2012


Elections as Swindle

The BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) is worried about their property holdings. The popular mind regards these property assets as Canada and the USA. The global reach of BIZWOG includes secret control of nations, banks and belief systems. Manipulation of allies for War and revolution on others often proves useful to gain property and supress opposition.

For example Christian communities of thousands of years are being purged from all across Biblical regons by war made by Christain nations. The elimination of Christians in Syria seems next on the BIZWOG agenda, offers Prof C More Books.

The book titled THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order, explains the hidden evolution of how the USA has been overtaken by BIZWOG to become a modern version of a dark ages Caliphate, a property under occupation government, says Prof C More Books. He claims great knowledge in all things political and financial.

The Prof signifies alarm. He says beware of "Hooker Gate" destabilizing the BIZWOG control of Canada and possibly North America. Anti government demonstrations are now in every major Canadian city. For reasons in his own mind, he sees Canada as the key tool of BIZWOG. He unkindly refers to the Canadian Prime Minister Harper as "Hooker". It seems that the "Hooker" conservatives won a majority in last election by cheating. The people are angry. The "Hookerites" used USA based (BIZWOG) controlled experts in political tricks to win a majority. The tricks and vote counting were very similar to those used in the victories by US Presidents BuckFush, 2004 and Buckwheat, 2008, he says. The Prof shows no respect for politicians.

The trick was to call all non-conservative voters and tell them their regular polling place had been changed. Obviously the new location turned out to be a bogus address. Conservatives had rare wins in surprising places. Just enough to gain majority in Parliament. A majority is the same as absolute dictatorship if the "Hooker" (BIZWOG) so chooses. The problem is that the vote trick might result in new elections in the disputed ridings. "Hooker" could lose his majority and BIZWOG its dictatorship over Canada, sighs the Prof,

Our circle is somewhat dismayed by the lack of deference to high office expressed by the good Prof. He is sharp with us. "Political power is a prank manipulation of certain primary interests," he shouts. These are rooted in the public concerns for pay, position and pension. Security offered in these three areas always create a majority in public opinion, he growls. The use of fear to threaten these three areas is a primary tactic to position the opposition for defeat. Recently, in the USA, the losing party deliberately positioned themselves to lose by posing as a threat to pay, position and pensions. BIZWOG has no tolerance for genuine political opposition, he says.

Our Montreal Market Medium arrives. He joins us late full with opinions but without benefit of our discussion. He is reliving the visit of Billy and Kate the Royal Couple on their Honey Moon stop in Montreal. Unaware of the heavy hand and far touch of the far seeing BIZWOG mind, the Medium rants at the ignorance of subjecting the couple to known anti-monarchist sentiment in Quebec. There was uninviting chanting by a loud crowd of Quebec believers at the podium site. The Royal speech was cancelled. Certain embarrassment was avoided. The French language of the crowd was modified enough to make clear the F-word regarding the Queen.

It is a mystery as to how the self informed like the Medium can miss the BIZWOG possibilities expressed in the Montreal visit. Did they certainly know? How could they not know? Was this hectoring arranged by BIZWOG? If not by whom? What is the ultimate purpose of such expression? Such lovely questions must keep some spook cabal up at night. I decline to press the Medium for further impressions of the visit.

It is probably unkind to task Emma of Kazabazua on the subject of Greek debt. She has been asked to divine, in deep trance contact in her past life, as Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican, the real meaning of the so-called world debt crisis, especially regarding Greece.

Deep trance contact reports from spirit are sometimes slow and intermittent in coming. Loco alternates between tense and relaxed. The first report is about the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, origin of all pollutions. She says to read the book MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, right now. We all agree to reassure her we are present.

Loco says the failed ideal of the Euro as a currency was based upon agreed performance by member states. They were to regulate state borrowing within formula limits. However, that ideal never existed because all US dollar based and LIBOR regulated finance is controlled by BIZWOG secret agents. All Euro nations, especially along the Mediterranean, violated the limits. This saga like all history has been created by secret agents.

The rules for secret agents, especially BIZWOG with its CIA cash cow, is to lie, cheat and steal. This credo, once under state control by means of agent pay, position and pension has escaped into the "free market" because of state betrayal of once loyal agents. Now impoverished in benefits and challenge and pay the retired and unemployed and dissident contract employees are out of control pursuing money gain by any means of lying, cheating and stealing. The proletarian army of the disenfranchised has taken a whole new form. She pauses before further report.

The Montreal Medium is jaw dropped and bug-eyed. The capitalist situation of LIBOR (the interst rate allowed on loans between banks) is now under control of renegade money buccaneers he whispers, audible only to himself. I thought I heard him say Blankfein and something about "doing god's work." I supress thought that the God out of control might might be the Moloch.

Loco returns to us with further report. The God Moloch is disappointed in the failure to have a reconstructed Third Temple in Jerusalem. The disappointment is so grave that the religion of Money and its three co-religions out of the Semite traditions are going to be abandoned. There is mention of violations. One, is the gross disregard of the first covenant and the human obligation to prosper in harmony with a balance of nature. Violation two is the attempt to regulate life by money arithmetic(usury) ie, interest on money. The third violation is the fouling of mother natures water by means of sewers and digging and drilling for gas and oil too evil to mention.

Loco says the God Moloch, origin of the lie of free markets and the Anglo-Judaic LIBOR capitalism of central banking is seeking a new people more suitable to continue ruling the world of money. The Medium is agitated. He wants to know about Greece. Loco says not to worry about debt. The debt issue is a smoke screen to conceal the elimination of Christianity from the mid-east to eventually include Greece.

A long silence follows, then Loco Lola whispers something about new ideation that will come from the cradle of democracy with a new Messiah. She is tiring fast after such deep trance effort. It sounded as though she was saying something about full employment, people over capital and pensions and career security and Adolph Hitler.

AMEN Rduanewilling