MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, March 09, 2013



The god of money at interest, perpetual debt and stock exchange (Mortgage Swindle) finance hides in plain sight. The Moloch is a god that does not forgive and cannot pardon. The Moloch, god of money is utterly indifferent to the human obligation of stewardship for space ship earth. The advent of this God in the human condition is concealed in occult Bible religious misunderstanding. For example, the so-called Second Temple of Jerusalem is actually the first temple. Read informative book as soon as possible. MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. Also see videos related to this site.

The objective of God Moloch is to rule the entire surface of the world and eliminate any capacity for independent thought. This requires that all people all the time will believe that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight. A magic formula must be worshipped. It says that income can be manifested with the simple calculation of multiplying a Principal amount of money by a rate of interest for a period of time.

Voila. Income is created, say Molochians. These are also known as central bankers or the Egregore cult concealed in the Exodus saga of the Old Testament. This belief in money interest is totally independent of mother natures rules requiring earth and water and sunlight in order to grow. The good Prof. C More Books toils with determination forcing words to materialize from his last remaining Eberhart Faber #4 wood pencil.

Noise in the adjacent conference room indicates that the Montreal Market Medium has again miscalculated the door count on his return from lunch. A good lunch makes a good day is his creed. Often as today, lunch begins about 11:30 first call and continues until about now, shortly after 3:30. He says he does his best work after lunch.

Considering the absence of focus in the Market Medium's eyes, the Prof. reads from his pages. The self described all knowing Market Medium expert on matters of finance and markets lurches to his feet. He needs more drink. There is no way he can absorb such a critique of  of his life in finance and markets. The idea that interest rate calculations could be an intellectual absurdity created by some kind of invisible god to take advantage of people is too much too soon after lunch. He leaves in silence for an early "happier hour" some where.

There is singing in the hallway coming to the office. The Prof stiffens. It signals the arrival of Emma of Kazabazua. The melody is from an english version of a early Nazi marching song. The residual fumes from the departed Medium stops the singing upon entry. Obviously, Emma is in her past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. They called her Loco Lola. She makes ballet steps swishing about with her diaphanous array of fabrics to disperse odors left by used alcohol.

"Where is the drunk?" she asks looking about for evidence of the Medium. A mutual antipathy is shared by Loco and the Medium. She with her ET contacts and abduction reports is in direct confrontation with the Medium and his economic gibberish of digits and financial cycles. He brings pages of figures and debt calculations about stock prices when she knows that "off balance sheet" figures make the numbers meaningless. She resents the medium's accurate assertions that she can't read a balance sheet or income statement. He refused to hear that she can remote view the facts of the meetings where the bogus data was created for the reports. Our circle is having a bad day.


According to Willard her main squeeze and pillow talk confidant, times are changing. He has decided to give up his lifetime vigil for Nazi war criminals and change his vigil to observe for MOSSAD and MI-6 spies in high places especially in the media. She wants an opinion from the Prof. Is it a little late in life for such a change? The Prof suggests some reading. It is important to understand the wacky concept of British-Israel that made Israel from a part of Palestine.. Read THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order, he says.

Loco is also still recovering from hypnotic amnesia that follows an abduction. The Prof wishes she wouldn't come around in this condition. There is always a chance of local contagion. Every once in while he can determine that a period of missing time has occurred, but he has no will or desire to try to resolve the question of missing time. It is as if the perpetrators of the missing time can also control the desire to inquire on the matter.

Loco says there is cosmic debate about the role of Justice in the future human condition. Since the origin of consciousness beginning with the saga of the guy in the diaper nailed on two sticks, there has been the notion that justice will prevail even in the face of absolute superior brute force. A modern example might be observed in the Drone debates in the USA. Clearly the killing of a suspect person just because the power exists to do so is murder. Yet the best media and political minds of "Murika" actually debate the matter as if killing was merely a bureaucratic key punch move. This debate seems to be based upon the fact that brute power exists without challenge to do murder.

There seems no way to protect a designated suspect in the face of technical superiority. The technology exists which can transcend simple human measures like 2000 years of belief in Justice. Loco is causing restlessness in our Prof. She says the ETs are worried. A breach of the basics of Justice will in short order undermine 2000 years of Moloch rule through the powers of money debt and interest. She quotes Frederick Soddy. One hundred years ago he said that the central bank money debt system will last about a century. Then it will become impossible.

It is evident that Loco is about to ask what will "impossible" look like in daily lives. The Prof is casting his eyes from side to side as if expecting deliverance from this woman. And it happens. A dreadful noise interrupts. It is the Cpl Duty First on his infernal 1949 Harley 61 returning from his ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences. He bursts into the room bringing fumes of Harley oil and gasoline soaked into his costume. "She is not there," he shouts indifferent to Loco. "Conchita is not at the Cantina. She left without a word. Nobody has heard from her." Obviously the Cpl is in crisis. His recent life has been a quest to gain the attention of Conchita the Pole dancer on the midnight shift at the Cantina on the four lane just South of Truth or Consequences.

We know Conchita has made it to Florida, but maybe she wants some privacy from the adventurous Harley rider with his octane soaked apparel.