MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, August 04, 2011



It is known that accounting audit can precisely track any funds moving from one person to another within the financial system. It is called the audit trail. The secret of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) in its control of world capitalism is to move funds and close secret deals without leaving an audit trail. The audit trail is broken by the use of mind controlled women, often beautiful in all their ways. Sexually aware and trained in the ways as a professional but "gentle Bimbo" their contribution to the new world order is discussed in the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.

The book reports that mind controlled "Bimbos" can, under hypnosis, deliver account numbers to the parties involved secret deals. The account with the payment of bribe such as was required from the US to open the Mexico border to NAFTA would already be in a bank somewhere. It might have been arranged possibly as a non repayable loan to the Mexican traitor. The hypnotized Bimbo would contact the Mexican official as reported by Kathi O'Brien when she reported the account number details to fulfill the payoff offered by the US, BIZWOG puppet, President. Voila, NAFTA was born, and there is no audit trail connecting the two parties.

Next to come are Panama, Columbia, South Korea, et all, declares the Montreal Market Medium. "With no direct connection between principals and Bimbo memory erased by hypnosis, there is no audit trail. Global BIZWOG capitalism is now perfect," he howls in derision of a system he call the Moloch. Moloch is the God of perpetual debt money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance, the origin of all pollutions. He says to read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.


The Montreal Market Medium is self described as wise in finance and markets. Although at the moment he lives in his car, answers his phone with a phony Pakistani accent, he moves frequently to avoid the repo man. He hopes soon to restore his financial standing with a report on pension funds such as the California State Teachers Pension Fund.

The medium has a shocking finding. The California system is laying off teachers at a time when the profits in the pension fund could be paying every active and retired teacher a year end bonus of about $20,000 per person simply by distributing the pension fund market profits for the year. He thinks something is amiss here. He can't believe that fund managers and wall street are bleeding the state of cash when teachers need the money for basic payroll. Loco Lola says there probably is reason why the Medium lives in his car. She wonders what the Medium will do when he calculates the market situation in China where there are 20% more males than females. Loco thinks Chinese women are on the cusp of becoming very valuable.

Emma of Kazabazua, known here as Loco Lola from her past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican, has vast experience with ET contact and deep trance channeling. Her main squeeze Willard is with her and still groggy from hypnotic amnesia induced during ET visiting at breakfast. A good man of thousands of masses and Decades of Rosary beyond count, he has been contemplating substituting Zionists for Nazis in his lifetime watch for war criminals. They are a remarkable couple. A miracle must describe the continuity of their relationship.


Before Loco can make her usual disruptive entrance, the Prof C More Books is disturbed from his pages by the infernal machine. The 1949 tank shift, foot clutch, Harley 61, rumbles to a gasping halt right at the Professors door. Fumes of exhaust, leaking octane and oil soaked clothes arrive with the Cpl Duty First, now back from a ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences.

Oblivious to effects of his intrusion, the Cpl reports in visible relief that Laredo the Blade has slipped back South of the border to avoid immigration searches. It seems Conchita the pole dancer was outraged that Cpl got away before Laredo, her recent squeeze, could at least slash the Harley tires. The Cpl has been unwise in his attempts with Conchita. Before the Cpl can regale us with road stories and his saga of the USofA being a Caliphate of the BIZWOG where the US is under what he calls "control network KDQN-word" ( K=kike.D=dike,Q=queers and N=Nword), the Prof shouts that a message about 2012 prophecy has just arrived from Emmett and Wilma in Tutoyaktuk.


Emmett worlds premier decoder of all signals and codes along with Wilma world premier remote viewer and deep trance channeling medium finally agree. The tools of capitalism are in rebellion against their users. YIKES! When the tools rebel against their users? This is the signal in Mayan prophecy of the end of the age of the word of God. DOUBLE YIKES. We look to the Prof for wisdom about the end of the age of the word of God. He says it is the end of the age of Moloch, God of perpetual debt Money at interest and stock exchange Swindle finance, the origin of all pollutions.

Willard, now coming out of his fog of hypnotic amnesia, says it is the end of the pension fund swindle. He says the massive bonuses of 30 years of stock markets has come from a charade of market trades. These essentially fictitious trades generated artificial commissions which were paid with the cash provided by pension fund contributions. I wonder if the ETs told Willard during the breakfast visitation.

Thanks again to Prof Soddy(Virtual Wealth) and Louis Evan(Social Credit) and Alfred Lawson(Direct Credit) and Adolph Hitler (Truth from Facts) for critical clues to these findings, says Loco Lola.