MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, June 18, 2009



Counterfeiting of money brings serious penalties. Also, real money must exist before a counterfeit can be useful. Therefore the $134Billion in US Notes and bonds seized by Italian customs, and previous amounts periodically reported by investigations, must be real money. If counterfeits, the bonds must be at least based upon accepted belief in the financial world that such denominations exist as real money. It would make no sense to create then try and pass an imaginary money.

This saga of a mystery money of financial instruments of extra large denominations in US dollars being held and passed by strange persons and parties has been coming to my desk from time to time. Mainly they have come from secondary sources. I do not make personal contacts and investigations in financial matters. Too many persons have been too careless and are no longer with us or have had their well being and careers destroyed as the result of making personal queries in matters of secret finance. I advise readers accordingly, But, I feel obligated to report three curious events. The tradition of chance says significant events happen in threes.

First, I heard the bizarre story of Leo Wanta. An American citizen from Wisconsin assigned by ??? as Somalian Ambassador to Switzerland, having previously been Ambassador to Canada, was reporting that he was coordinating a $70 Billion dollar transfer of some specialized financial securities to Vince Foster at the Clinton White house. Further, Leo had been charged with a massive financial scam to finally undermine the Soviet Ruble . A fund for this scam remains with a balance of approximately $1.5 Trillion dollars that Leo was trying to return to the US Treasury when he was arrested in Switzerland. He was charged for being late in paying his Wisconsin property taxes. Shazam! He doesn't even live in Wisconsin! Who would believe this story unless you know the others?

Second, I got an Email commenting on the prospect that certain federal reserve monies were secretly made and coded for special international transactions. My personal speculation was that the smart bomb black mail and false flag terror threats using the US military would keep international financial players using the US dollar for a long time to come. Thus there should be no need for various tiers of federal Reserve money. I now have second thoughts.

Finally, there is this curious story on Bloomberg news that a quantity of some 250 US government securities totalling $134 Billion US dollars had been intercepted by Italian customs and seized from two unidentified Japanese men.Yikes! Have I been mistaken about the efficacy of smart bombs and terrorism ? Have those dark stories of drugs and White house-CIA crime syndicates selling out their own country by operating money scams true? The weight of evidence is beginning to favor the word of the so-called conspiracy fringe over the media-spin of the rulers in power.

Serious questions need answers. Do not ask the US government. It is defective beyond common corruption. The world should be able to know if there is a Bible cohort called Cult 273? Do they operate money for their God Moloch under the guise of Central Banking? The Cult 273 are mentioned for the first time in the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION?

The good Prof CMore Books, always available with comment has been reading again. He claims knowledge on money, religions and space beings. He quotes Frederick Soddy, who described the Moloch money system of National debts as egregioulsy flawed. He said, nearly a century ago, the central banking style debt based money system "may show no signs of a breakdown for a century and yet become impossible during the course of the next." I suggest the Prof become familiar with other money systems such as the Lincoln Green Back and the Riechsmark trade system instituted by the Hitler Reichs bank to find out if there are some hints on how to replace this apparently doomed money system. Puzzled by the possibly politically incorrect Hitler reference, he hurries away. He claims important reading assignments about Social Credit.

I had intended to suggest that he study my youtube links from my blog and web site. Maybe he could pick up something helpful for his studies. Emma of Kazabazua, known here as Loco Lola, tells me not to waste my time. She spoke unkindly about the Prof. I think I heard her call him a word that begins with A and ends with hole. I may have to speak to Loco about her language use on this international blog.