MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Prevaricator Man Lives says Loco

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Money Market Watch

Our Montreal Market Medium, in contact with his Oracle, has secret financial news, he summons us. We rush to meet him. The Bistro is a few tables, hillbilly music sung in French, punctuated periodically by toilet flushing from behind plywood walls. He points to a vacant but still warm chair. A faint chanel tells me Emma of Kazabazua has just been here.

The Prudent man is dead, he whispers. I signify indifference. We all know that investment custody and decisions were supposed to be based upon what a prudent man would do in a fiduciary responsibility. "The guy is dead," repeats the Medium. For a short time, during the .Com period, he was replaced by the Business Plan guy, but that phony is gone ,too, sighs our medium. All we have left controlling the markets are the "Prevaricators",he whispers. Prudent man, Business plan man, now Prevaricator man. What is our medium trying to say? We want serious market information, now!

The Prevaricator man has destroyed the commercial paper market and paralyzed the bullion markets for silver and gold, he declares. Everybody knew that a prudent man could float commercial paper to cover periodic losses and eventually make a share issue to rebuild his corporate position, he says. Now with the Prevaricators in charge, all commercial paper is suspect. They have been cooking the ratings from below "C" grade to "AAA" investment rating. Everybody in the issuing market is suspect. Everybody has been using the big lie to milk cash from sources at banks, pension funds, especially state civil servants and federal government funds, he whispers. Trying to avoid possible implication by hearing him name names, we interrupt. "Whats this got to do with bullion markets",we ask?

The swine, Prevaricator Man, used a bullion leasing ploy to buttress commercial paper offered to those interested in owning a back-up position in silver and gold. It looks like the same bullion lease has been used as collateral for multiple paper offers. These have been approved with "AAA" ratings by the top rating agencies. The amounts of silver under lease surpasses the total silver available by huge amounts. No body wants to price the futures market for fear of a short squeeze. There is talk of payoffs and secret agents in the markets. We interrupt again. How did he get this information, we demand? The Montreal Market Medium, annoyed either by our challenge or by the interminable toilet flushing leaves us without comment.

Obviously the implications for the future of stock market capitalism are significant. Without truthful dealing there is no trust and without trust there is no credit. Yikes! Without credit there is no North American economy. This is perilous. How can trust in and among financial structures be reestablished? For guidance, we immediately make remote viewing contact with deep trance channeling medium, Emma of Kazabazua, known in the 1555 Vatican as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit also called Loco Lola.

While waiting for the remote viewing circuits to connect, we suppress thoughts on the future prospects for the US dollar. Curious thoughts intrude. The Canadian dollar could become by accident of oil production a reserve currency. The power of a reserve currency is in ability of the home country to issue debt and spend to luxurious levels. Canada could make its people rich like Norway.

Loco Lola comes to us with the universal greeting to read the book: Money: The 12th and Final Religion. The solution to the confidence crisis that is filtering through the dollar based global economy is an immediate repudiation of all federal Reserve notes as legal tender and a reinstatement of the US Greenback as the sole legal tender for Americans, she says. A six months hold on board each container ship for all manufactured imports would allow for a restarting of the lost industrial base, she says. An extermination of the corporate for profit insurance industry is essential. It has become a economic infection on the people, she says. Universal single payer health care and guaranteed income for those without employment would make the transition to freedom from Federal Reserve servitude a easy task, she says.