MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, June 09, 2014



New American Terror Organization (NATO) has been excited like never before. There were visions of decorations with medals and awards. Travel pay for visits to the front lines in Ukraine. Promotions for all. Even the most retarded of Major could look forward to Colonel. With some combat luck maybe even Brigadier General. Think of the pension possibilities. But disappointment is lowering morale. No shots have been fired by rumbling tanks thrusting out of mother Russia. The gifted civil servant Prof Lee Jon Billy Bob Boot is doubly sad because he had visions of repeating the freelance DOD and White House command power once held by predecessors such a Paul Vann in Viet Nam and Bob Steele in Iraq and El Salvador.

It is not secret that the NATO of Papa Bush, father of Pres Buck Fush was a vision he called a New World Order. It is known by scholars that such a new world order cannot exist without conflict. It is the presence of conflict than conceals how central bank capitalism cannot apportion resources and incomes fairly. Capitalism when left to its energy of stock exchange globalism makes it impossible for even the least among us a to get a minimum survival portion of the economy. State administered poverty is a certainty. Conflict and war are profitable camouflage for Molochism often called capitalism.

My spirit advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola, says Economy is a word coincident with the advent of the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance. Thus far academia has suppressed truth. It does not recognize the presence of the Moloch as the driving force of central banking economy, she says in confidence. The Moloch is the God than can neither pardon nor forgive and plans to rule the entire earth to prevent independent thought, she whispers. I am not supposed to repeat this, she directs.  Sometimes, I wonder if church mumbo jumbo uses the name Devil to conceal evidence of the Moloch.

The good Prof C More Books has been listening and ventures comment. He claims all knowledge in subjects of History, Politics, Markets, Finance, Economics and ETs. The Prof says we should not speculate about NATO. It has become a supra national organization with self financing connections out side of budget control. It is mega dangerous to antagonize this group. With false flag powers in a dozen countries and treaties that ignite immediate combat action, NATO is probably out of any government control. The prof crosses his arms and looks down upon us from his desk and pages. We expected him to recommend books. THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; Final World Order and MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

A hurried entry finds a near breathless Prof Lee Jon Billy Bob Boot join us fresh from his CIA, DARPA office. Snowden was right NSA is listening to everything. How else would Lee Jon Billy Bob Boot, he likes to be called Jack, know about our discussion and rush to to join us here.

Jack Boot, a person of privilege since childhood, benefits of the best private education in wealthy suburbs of Connecticut and Universities at his beck and call. Double Doctorate with sufficient post graduate credits for multiple more degrees, Jack considers himself a modest worker on government civil service. Renown for his leadership at Waco where he lead his team in "Mooning" the children as they watched the helicopters preparing to incinerate the compound. The head shot execution of a mother nursing her infant at Ruby Ridge was disappointing because the Pres and Attorney general reneged on his promised medal. He dismisses the voices in his head of Serenity Sea Jones and Startle Summers, ages five and six, both burned alive, asking why? These voices are outside of the need to know and unworthy of asking questions or getting answers according to Langley training manuals. Jack is man on government service. He goes by the book.

Jack has few friends, but he kinda likes our circle for respite from his duties. That is except for Loco Lola. Whenever she gets a chance she whispers toward him a word that sounds like it begins with "A" and ends with hole. Jack pretends to pay no attention. We worry that Loco is pushing the limits. Jack Boot is direct. He says we should not occupy ourselves with NATO as a subject. It is far beyond our purview, he says in his best bureaucrat talk. We take his warning seriously, but curiosity drives us to further conversation.

"What is the master plan for NATO if Russia and Ukraine settle without combat?" How will NATO continue its expansion is not asked but insinuated. Jack quickens. Jaws clench. Eyes squint. We realize error and dismiss the subject. A freshly opened pinch bottle of scotch smooths the mood. Jack calmly proceeds to blow our collective minds. He offers that he is thinking of joining the Orthodox Church as a monk in Kiev. It seems, in Jacks mind, that the KGB 5th Directorate was in charge of Orthodox Churches during the Soviet period, maybe now post Soviet times, he could make some good spook contacts in the Church.

The good Prof C More Books throws his hands in the air in demonstration of hopelessness. Loco is going around the room saying word beginning with A ending with hole. We suppress thought that Jack Boot has inadvertently unveiled the roots of a new NATO strategy for possessing the vast area of Russia.