MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Willard in Holocaust study.
We are alarmed at the change in Willard's attitude in these recent days. It seems the man we know as thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count with a lifetime vigil for nazi  war criminals is in change of life. He now wants to be a WWII scholar, especially in regards to the Holocaust saga.

 He seems convinced that the Concentration camp labor was the primary economic asset of the Waffen SS. Without the labor resource and production output the SS would have been destroyed in the first year of combat in Russia. He says proof is in the camp records thus far not studied.

For example, he disputes the death camp saga with personnel records kept for each inmate. The induction process involved first a shower of some kind of acidic solution . Then there was 12 days of quarantine followed by mass inoculation. Each inmate was interviewed as to their skill and a record was made of next of kin to be notified in case of hospitalization or death. After this the camp assignments were made according to skill and labor needs in the work force.

Camp population was first made of work shy social democrats and communist Germans. This was followed by French, Polish and finally Russian prisoners of war. The record seems to show a minimum number of Jews as prisoners. It seems Jews and Poles were most effective as "Kapo" to enforces rules in the camps for the SS. Willard is fresh with excitement about what he calls his factual discovery. 

Some of us think Willard has discovered some quaint German law about financial reward for discovering fraud. Perhaps a percentage is paid to the person who discovers and reports a financial fraud against the state such as would be case of the Holocaust payments for 6,000,000, if Willard is right. Emma says he has left for Germany with his German language book to begin study of camp intake and work assignment records.

Tension Rising
Lee-Jon Billy Bob Boot premier US civil servant with maximum pension credits and long time secret agent with multiple PhDs seems unhappy to be visiting our office. We are too, because this means that Mogen Dildo, senior MOSSAD agent in North America will be close soon. Mogen as founder and CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People keeps informed on the whereabouts of secret agent Boot, who likes to be called Jack.

Sure enough both Jack Boot and Mogen Dildo have arrived and taken the premium chairs in the office. I worry and remain quiet. Jack wants to see Willard. Mogen agrees.  They both want to see Willard. I confess ignorance. They know I am lying because of wire taping of all conversations in the office. They pretend indifference to my ignorance. 

Mogen exudes charisma and is my friend almost convincing. He isn't CEO at of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People by accident. The MOSSAD knows all the personal relation skills. I pretend to succumb to flattery about my office and skills. Jack Boot, personally responsible for burning alive 99 people to include children at Waco and claims author of the head shot murder of a nursing mother at Ruby Ridge is attentive as would be expected from a perfected secret agent on government service.

It seems that both of these acclaimed secret agents have an offer for Willard. Mogen has a paid internship for someone with a life time vigil for Nazi war criminals. Jack Boot says his office has a mega dollar contract for someone with skills exhibited by Willard. I promise to pass on the message. They both need someone right away. The timing will no doubt put an end to Willard's research on Nazi labor camps.