MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, February 19, 2010


The NAZI Armies were being crushed by advancing Soviets. Berlin was in danger. Adolph Hitler demanded reports. Chief Propaganda Minister, Joe Goebbels had a serious problem. If he told the truth; he was a sure thing to be fired, sent to the Concentration Camp or even shot dead. Hitler only accepted favorable party-line opinions and news. YIKES!

Joe Goebbels, as probably the leading media master of his age, solved his problem and set the standard for US media in subsequent years. He lied. Every day Joe reported Nazi victories on the Eastern Front. He survived for more than a year before he was found out. Russian tanks destroyed his radio station.

The media of North America has not only learned the Joe Goebbels solution, but have added the refinement of the stupefying contradiction, declares our visitor, Prof. C More Books. For example, Economic confusion is reported in a voice indicating certainty. Financial boosterism finds good news in the slightest mainly irrelevant event. The "eastern front equivalent" in economic market collapse is reported as a "correction" The Prof lectures to anyone who will listen.

He says, the most bizarre contradiction is in the economic debate about spending and saving. Spending is reported as good because it creates economic growth. On the other hand, experts say more savings is needed because it makes economic growth by way of capital formation and investment. But wait a minute? This is a serious contradiction. Money for consumption comes from domestic incomes and jobs. Money for investment comes from loans. We know that ultimately all loan money is created by banks from "thin air" ie public credit. Is this contradiction an absurdity or deliberate deception? "Has Capitalism been some kind of financial prank," he chuckles all knowingly.

Financial task forces have been mobilized in Washington to make secret plans for economic recovery. An echo from Nazi history brings recall about "storm brigades and super weapons" bringing victory to a lost cause. We thought for a moment that Prof was going to say that Capitalism had finally collapsed, but Emma of Kazabazua interrupted. She flutters in bringing news from her deep trance past life as the first Woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. They called her Loco Lola.

Loco is holding her shawl above her head with both arms outstretched. In short mincing bullfighter steps she approaches the Prof in his chair along the wall. With a turn and gesture not seen since Manaleto, she shakes her shawl close to his face just like a Torreador in front of a bull. The effect is perfect. The Prof is now sitting bolt upright, stone still, jaws clenched, eyes squinting, breathing heavily. It is amazing how Loco can transform the gentle Prof into a virtual animal in so few moves.

Loco wants to tell us about the Caliphate control of America. She says a Caliphate is when the Elite control a nation by giving political power to a minority, often foreign born with divided loyalties of religion and race. She whispers because she knows this is not politically correct. Besides it is annoying the Prof. He gets really angry when Loco reports from her deep trance contacts. She is especially annoying in the report about the plan for America as the first electronic concentration camp perfected under the rules of the Patriot Act.

A great thundering machine in the driveway announces the return of Cpl Duty First from his ride along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences. I see that the 1949 Harley 61 was transporting the Montreal Market Medium as well. Unbelievable, the Medium on the infernal machine with the Cpl.

The Montreal Market Medium bursts into our circle in a frenzy approaching levitation. "We were along the great divide just at truth or consequences when there was a great light," he shouts. The Cpl gestures calm and reports that the Medium bumped his head when they hit a mule dear. As a free spirit the Cpl does not believe in helmets "Good thing the forks didn’t bend or we would still be out there," he says.

The Medium stands turning side to side, chin up, hands on hips, looks like caricature of Benito Mussolini. "The stock market is from the Moloch, God of perpetual debt and money interest. It is the origin of all pollutions," he shouts from his revelation. "Public transport, energy, health care, banking and insurance are public utilities. They are supposed to be completely separate from the profit calculations of stock issues," he declares. He breaks into a disturbed laugh. "Now with zero interest rates at central banks, capitalism no longer exists. Read the book, MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION," he howls.

Loco Lola is back in deep trance. She is muttering something about Social Credit, direct Credit, National Socialism, Vatican II, Liberation Theology, Moscow the Third Rome and a "key currency" money system of complementary opposites between China and Japan. Sometimes that woman is just too much.