MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, December 13, 2008


New President- Old Prophecy.

She is recognized as world class. She is a leader in deep trance psychic channeling and remote viewing. We have asked for her psychic remote viewing opinion on the US election. Emma, of Kazabazua makes her report. "The transfer of office from BuckFush to Buckwheat is forecasted in Bible prophecy," she reports. We recoil in shock at her indifference to political correctness. Her referring to Pres Bush in the street perjorative of Buckfush and Pres elect Obama as Buckwheat is repelling. We caution her about deference and respect for political high office. In response, she shrieks what high office and howls in an unmistakeable expression of contempt for politics and politicians. Suddenly, she gets quiet and turns to study us as if we were retarded.

The tension is broken by annoying clatter and exhaust rumble in the driveway. The 1949 hand shift Harley 61 gagging to silence signifies the arrival of Cpl. Duty First, MA, PhD, Cpl US Army (retired). He is back from his ride along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences. We repeat to the Cpl what Emma said. He shrugs, drops his dirty shirt self down in the middle of the room and stretches out on the new oriental rug. He says its good for his back.
High voice and motorcycle noise has roused the Prof CMore Books from his interminable study. The good Prof , according to his own lights, comes to us as a world authority on matters of money, religion, prophecy and politics and motorcycles. The Cpl despises the Prof., but hangs around trying to get Emma to ride with him on that machine. We suspect an unspeakable motive.

The Prof is not surprised that Emma brings prophecy. Known in past life as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, she was unkindly called Loco Lola. Our Emma, close with Willard also of Kazabazua, in addition to her psychic powers she has frequent contact with alien beings, she says. Her message about the election comes by telepathic contact during an alien visitation during these last few minutes. We, under telepathic controlled hypnotic amnesia, have no knowledge of this contact or of the missing time. The screen memory from the alien induced hypnotic amnesia precludes us from remembering or asking questions about the visitation that Emma just experienced.

As a late arriver on the scene, the Prof immediately detects evidence of alien induced collective amnesia because of our questions about how could the bacon and eggs be stone cold just coming from the kitchen. He says nothing. He presses Emma, in her Loco Lola persona, to tell about the prophecy concerning the new President. She smiles warmly acknowledging the Profs recognition of her gift.

The thirty month $750,000,000 dollar media make-believe that is called an election was a form of electronic modulated mind control, she says. The objective is to install a type of caliphate to control life in America, she sighs. A caliphate government was designed by the conquering Muslims of the seventh century. It is how the control of an unsuspecting majority was taken over by the power of a middle east minority. The semitic rulers of the middle east protected themselves from the masses by giving political control to foreign born people without local loyalties defined by religion or race, she whispers. Obviously, she realizes this is a politically incorrect ideation, especially with President Buckwheat not being natural born in America. We rise to reprimand her, but the prof gestures for us not to interfere. He is taking notes.
Loco Lola continues. The Biblical example of such a Caliphate is in the Bible story of Joseph. He takes control of Egypt by manipulating the power of money. The US is the new version of how God Moloch infiltrated, subverted and destroyed the majestic world power of Biblical Egypt, she says quietly. It seems that the high power called Moloch; God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance and father of all pollutions made Joseph rich. He doubled the peoples’ taxes and he controlled all their property and gathered up all their money. And the people thanked him, the Bible says.

In this story, as written in Chapter 47 of the Bible Book of Genesis, Joseph creates the first financial structure based upon money. This system has progressed behind the veil of the Semitic based religions for some 2000 years. (Read the book; MONEY: The 12thand FINAL RELIGION, by R Duane Willing.)
Hiding in plain sight as banks, the Moloch system has reached its perfection and considers itself ready to rule the great countries through the modern Moloch idea called central banking. Today the Temple for the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest, stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance and father of all pollutions is, no doubt, the Federal Reserve system of the USA, she declares. It is taking control of the US just as surely as the Biblical Joseph took control of ancient Egypt, she says.

The Cpl Duty First is now standing bolt upright. His jaws are clenched, eyes squint in a controlled expression of shock and dissent. His mind tumbles in confused thought. Where does this skinny broad get these whacky ideas? How can anyone, even Loco Lola, not recognize the ultimate excellence and natural supremacy of ‘merika? Agent orange defoliation, fuel air bombs, shock and awe invasion, collateral damage, how can anyone not realize that America does these things in the best intentions for Democracy, Freedom and Peace for the people, silently muses the Cpl.

The Cpl seems oblivious to the fact that Pres. Buckfush has never mentioned the word Justice. Finally, he shouts, "God loves America". Loco Lola smiles approaches and tenderly takes the Cpls hand in hers and whispers. What if it’s the wrong God? Now in close embrace, she whispers something more in his ear. It sounded like a word beginning with A and ending with hole.
The view of elegant Loco Lola aboard the 1949 hand shift Harley 61 guided by the dirty shirt Cpl going to ride the great divide just south of truth or consequences is too much for the prof. He drops his notes in the need for strong drink. Who is going to tell Willard?