MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, October 01, 2010


Cpl Duty First, is shocked to find a propagandist on US Net work TV saying that "truth is a hate crime." Clutch troubles with his 1949 Harley 61 delayed his return ride from along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences. Willard of Kazabazua, man of thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count, lifetime observer for Nazi war criminals, cautions that the Cpl misunderstood. He heard the quote out of context. The whole report was something about building a Mosque in New York City. Jews, Christians and Muslims are having a dispute. The Cpl shrugs indifference. " They are all F-word wogs anyway," he says. Willard recoils in silence, but reminds himself to do extra decades of Rosary on behalf of irreverent Cpl.

Mogen Dildo, founder and CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People, is a MOSSAD secret agent. He operates under such deep cover that he cannot visit or contact his country in any way directly. Prayer partner Pat a TV Born Again Church Preacher in Texas works for Mogen as his main agent of influence in Amerika and communication "cutout" to the promised land. Heil Israel whispers Mogen to himself in a quiet benediction.

Since the arrival of Mogen and the Cpl and American secret agent, Jack Boot, seconded as master of security at the Third Temple, my chambers have been in tension. Mogen is a teetotaler. Jack Boot drinks my stuff if the bottle is selected at random and opened in front of him. "It is not paranoia if there are enemies out to get you," he says. The Cpl despises them both. Their hints about important posts in the new world order offend him. Their story about a world money system being directed from the reconstructed Third Temple in Jerusalem in Israel is a "crock of Bible B***S***", snarls the cranky Cpl. I try to excuse his outburst as consequences of his Harley "suicide" clutch problems. This type of clutch was common to 1949 model year. It will engage without warning at the most awkward times.

The good Prof C More Books arrives just in time. He settles at my desk in my chair to lecture. Utterly oblivious to the mutual hate sparking between my visitors, the Prof wants to talk about religious and political developments in Israel. He says the new world order swindle is moving apace. The unauthorized US Embassy building in Jerusalem is now complete ready for Senate consent and a visit by Pres "Buckwheat." The master plan for world domination will be ready when the huge US Embassy in Baghdad is secure. It will actually function as a branch of the currently illegal Embassy in Jerusalem, he says.

This will allow for the US dollar, based upon consumption of Iraqi oil war booty, to continue as world currency until the Emissions credit calculations and computer systems are installed in third world countries. Then the Federal reserve note will be repositioned to effectively morph the Federal Reserve System to be the reincarnated Biblical Third Temple in Jerusalem, he pauses in self satisfaction. "BIZWOG is the new world order," raising his right arm in a mock, but widely recognized salute.

Mogen and Jack lurch as if electrified. The mention of BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Order) is maximum classified information in both their secret agencies. The Cpl is doubled over in laughter at the shocked secret agents. He called them dumb, using bad words meaning excreta. Every body knows about BIZWOG now. Read the book;
THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order, the Cpl shouts nearly out of breath from laughing.

I momentarily fear for the Cpl. Laughing at secret agents is not done by other than secret agents. Then I look again at the Cpl. He is not alarmed. He knows something. Then all changes. First is the delicate scent of Chanel #5. Then the rustle of diaphanous fabric. A voice of the Angels calling to ask if the Prof is with us. Emma of Kazabazua, now in deep trance as Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit of the 1555 Vatican, joins us. She looks to the Prof. I make room for her at my bench seat. She avoids me.The Prof freezes. She goes close to the Prof whispering. She is asking him if he has read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. Then she turn to me and reports from deep trance contact that I have been banned by Reuters press from further comments on their sites. YIKES! Why me? Why not Mogen and Jack Boot, etc?

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