MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, May 01, 2015



Mogen Dildo is a MOSSAD top secret agent In America. He whispers a quiet benediction, Heil Israel. Although the CEO and founder of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White people, and life time citizen of the USA, Mogen is devoted to Israel. A country he says God gave his people, but Mogen cannot visit nor have any contact there because of his secret agent cover in the US. His periodic benedictions bring his feeling of supremacy to a high spiritual level. All is not enough seems so logical for him and his people.

 His job as Chief executive is a constant array of decisions. Just last week he had to discipline long time staff member Tyrone Randolph Leroy Moon Coon for untoward behavior involving a messenger boy. There is good reason Randolph is called Randi. He can’t keep his lust under control even during office hours. Tried to lure teen-age messenger boy into toilet stall by lewd suggestion and exposing himself.

Mogen wonders if all the agents seconded to him from London Office of The Secretariat are queer like Randi. Mogen thinks the hidden Secretariat of the East India Company should be more careful not to risk compromise of secret status. The Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People is probably the most important front agency of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) operating in the US. The cover of civil rights has been a masterpiece of public deception.

Not everyone is satisfied with the success of Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People. That is the reason that peculiar Chinaman Wi Ling has been assigned from Red Army spy school at Kyumchee, China to help Mogen in strategic planning for the future. The BIZWOG is trying to work closely with Red China in securing the New World Order.

Wi Ling is a super star in economic strategy. It was his idea that was the basis for China to rise as world leader in trade. During the dark days of the Red guards at the end of Mao, Wi Ling brought from the US a copy of the Sears catalogue. He introduced the idea that China begin immediate manufacture and sale of all the items in the catalogue. American retailers would abandon domestic suppliers to purchase china made goods to sell at going prices without question. Profits would sky rocket for both China manufacturers and US retailers.

 The availability of all the Sears household products, which covered all possible home needs, would boost the domestic China merchandise selection and standard of living as well as begin to dominate US markets through big box stores like great merchant Wal Mart. A two for one victory, take over retail sales in both countries and bankrupt US industrial base at the same time. Wi Ling was immediately designated for assignment to the US as agent of the Red Army.

The Party Chambers at the Walled City made the majesty of the Manchu period pale to insignificance by comparison. The rush of red and gold wall covering and polished hand carved furniture on elegant rugs in a room temperature perfect to the human condition was awesome when Wi Ling received his secret agent charter to go to America. His mission was infiltrate The Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People.

 Arrangements had already been made through centuries old opium contacts at the long forgotten Secretariat for the East India Company now in its quiet office under the Parliament in London City. It seems the Secretariat has been providing family offspring for some centuries as continuity in Imperial relations. BIZWOG comes as sort of a natural excreta movement from this occult shadow of  global of commerce.

In his usual work/study routine, Wi Ling learned that the driving force of commerce of North America is based upon a market research discovery of the 1960s&70s. It was by accident that market research found the premier customers were those that were quickest to try and adopt new products. That is to say those customers who were most responsive to advertising suggestion. The finding that homosexuals were quickest at trying and adopting new products resulted in what was called lifestyle marketing.

A refined analysis of market data showed that best customers were homosexuals first. Then came blacks, mixed races and mixed race couples, Asians, white women then Mexicans followed last by straight white males. It had been known for years that sales appeals should be directed to the female when dealing with a middle class white couple, but it was a shock to find how low on the customer ranking was the ordinary straight white male. This challenged the great merchants to arrange a complete cultural reorientation of the white male role in media image.

The North American male identity in movies and media has gradually repudiated the idea of rugged white male individual. The hero figure is no longer white male, a taciturn achiever such as a Bogart or John Wayne type as cultural icon, but is now seen as more akin to a multicultural homosexual perplexed in deciding between sodomy or fellatio as social norm.

All this has been done under the aegis of civil rights. Mogen Dildo found his Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People doubly funded to advance the notion of multicultural civil rights to include homosexual issues and life style. He is happy with his work; especially what he calls gay marriage rights.

Peculiar Chinaman Wi Ling is astonished at how rapid the cultural reorientation of North Americans is taking place. They seem to have no historical memory of values and virtues. Every lifestyle suggestion by the great merchants about new products is regarded as good even when it repudiates moral history. Every change is accepted as important news necessary for the economy.  The control of information by the great merchants is so complete that nothing contrary to their needs gets to be news in the main media or Hollywood movies. Everything is a matter of consumer motivation to purchase something.

The artful construction of continuous psychological discomfort by great merchant media called cognitive dissonance keeps the consumer mind upset. Tranquil thought, especially religious, is purposely attacked constantly. The mental reference of brand names is broadcast as a safe harbor for mental security. Owning brand names creates social identity and helps alleviate insecurity for the individual.

Wi Ling pauses in his report to the Walled City Red Army headquarters. He is not sure if he can say that he has discovered the world’s first perfected great merchant mind controlled concentration camp. That all other models of mass population control are obsolete. This might be premature given that BIZWOG may have another agenda that is not visible yet. Wi Ling decides not to expose North America as the world’s first perfected electronic concentration camp.

Mogen Dildo is in a deep funk. He caught some of his staff reading two forbidden books available on the web. MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG Final World Order. Get booth books in pdf for ten dollars. He wonders if Somali immigrants would make better employees. They would not understand You Tube video, Cult 273 The Rulers of Now.

Amen RDuaneWilling