MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Atlanta Centre

Peculiar Chinaman, Wi Ling, Chinese secret agent on undercover assignment at the Atlanta Centre for Poverty to White People has been briefing Mogen Dildo, CEO of the center. Mogen Dildo is the longest serving, highest level MOSSAD deep cover secret agent in the USA. He suspects but does not know that Wi Ling is an agent of the Chinese Red Army. The mission is to observe how Mogen plans to make white persons conversations especially redneck opinions designated as hate speech. The program was originally called "civil rights,"but is now known as "political correctness."

Wi Ling wonders how to explain China to Mogen. It seems that the first great false flag success of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) was the so-called "rape of Nanking". Wi Ling says that Japan and China were to meet in Nanking for a peace conference to end the Sino-Japan war in 1937. The Japanese military and Chinese government officials went to meet as agreed. Before the meeting could open a force of specially trained US Marines seconded to BIZWOG and made up to look like Chinese attacked killing many of the high level Japanese in the peace negotiating party. The Japanese combat retaliation against what was perceived as Chinese duplicity has been crafted by BIZWOG media as the "rape of Nanking," recalls the Wi Ling, now dubious about trying to explain China to Mogen Dildo.

Mogen thinks Wi Ling has been working too hard and is drifting away from the center's objective of poverty for and hate speech control of white people in North America. Wi Ling agrees and suggests a combination vacation and civil rights research trip to Canada. Maybe Wi Ling can learn from the Canadians on how ordinary opinion can be constructed as Hate speech and prosecuted by an all powerful Federal Bureaucracy with no possibility for appeal. Wi Ling suggests a trip to Tuktoyaktuk where he can also observe for language similarities between Siberian Buriat, Japanese, Chinese and Inuit.

Wi Ling has an ulterior and secret motive for a trip to Tuktoyaktuk. The language idea was just a cover story. Wilma world supreme multi talented practitioner of deep trance channeling, remote viewing and time traveler is in Tuktoyaktuk. She is also mentor to Emma of Kazabazua, a promising understudy specializing in ET contact. Wi Ling wants to try and get Wilma to introduce him to Emma of Kazabazua, known here as Loco Lola, mainly because she is known for her frequent ET abductions. She has powers for inducing hypnotic amnesia on entire groups during ET contact. Chinese Red Army Intelligence is seriously interested in her remote viewing experience and talents.

The hi-level officials of the 70year old Japan-China Long Term Trade Fellowship, are mutually wary of possible false flag efforts by the BIZWOG, epecially now that the Euro and Dollar currencies are in such disarray. The unofficial stance of the long term fellowship is that BIZWOG, with its infatuation with perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange finance might be a form of cosmic infestation derived from the Semite God Moloch of Biblical Temple Milcom.

Paranormal research finds that BIZWOG manifests itself in the human condition as international stock market capitalism. This mental preoccupation was first disclosed in the book
MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. It says that an Old Testament Cult of 273 men occur at the Biblical Second Temple to corrupt human thought. Cult 273 inspires belief that money can violate the basic rules of nature. Money is believed to exist and grow without need for air, earth, water or soil.

The hegemony of this belief has been manifested in control of world finance by the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate). The LIBOR is the rate of interest to be charged among banks that borrow from each other. It was a unique power of London banks and dominated generations of international financiers. BIZWOG has had absolute power without challenge until the TIBOR entered international finance. The TIBOR (Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate) has only been in the markets for about ten years. It already has a separate calculation that separates Europe markets from Asia.

Wi Ling wants to get remote viewing, deep trance channeling expert opinion on the possibility of tension between LIBOR and TIBOR. He suppresses thoughts of rumors that postulate about an earth quake and tsunami with nuclear power plant destruction being being created synthetically as an attack on Japan. He trembles at the implications of this rumor. Maybe Emma of Kazabazua, known in history as Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican can probe from her past life and ET contacts some useful information.

Loco is generous with her time. Wi Ling, still under the effects of hypnotic amnesia, has no recollection of the ET contact. Even as he records from his watch missing time, this experience is dismissed from thought by a greater power of denial. He hears Loco talking as if they were under water. The voice says something unintelligible about Cult 273 and their manifestation on earth plane as central banking now a failed system, too absurd to continue as serious thought. Then quite clearly, the voice says 2012 marks the end of the age of the "word" of God and the "word" is money at interest. A precursor of the age is when the tools begin to rebel against their users. Loco says read book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.