MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, February 01, 2012



The spirit power driving the BIZWOG empire is the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, shouts the Cpl Duty First, still road deaf from the wind and rumble of his 1949 Harley 61. The daily ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences makes him that way. His shouts are a type of short hand. He expects everyone to know about the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). He says obtain and read the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG;The Final World Order.

The BIZWOG is an arrangement of mutual interest for world control by a contradictory alliance called Jews. Both Israel and the British consider themselves a the true Jews. They foster periodic wars to protect their mutual religion of money at interest. The wars are to benefit either or both UK and/or Israel, roars the Cpl. He declares that the past two centuries of war has been to protect the Moloch and its religion of money at interest. He claims knowledge from his vast military experience. He says the notion of Free Trade is the code word to conceal organizing and provoking wars.


A quiet report from Emmett of Tutoyaktuk, along the Canadian Arctic ocean very near Alaska, has taxed his world class skills in signal interception and decoding. Traffic indicates the so-called West ie (BIZWOG) is making egregious errors in propaganda to the North American audience. Each day more and more in the audience are registering disbelief. A growing cohort understands from sources word of mouth that the true story has something to do with suppression of movement and actual confinement of masses of people. There is rising concern about the where abouts and purpose of the 107,000 freshly fabricated stainless steel railroad cars. These are hermetically sealed without windows with manacles on floor and bench to harness the apparently involuntary occupants.

Leejohn Billy Bob Boot, US civil servant and master secret agent always on the alert for career ladder opportunities and pension benefits, says he has heard from secret agent cafeteria scuttlebutt, about the 107,000 rail cars. He likes to be called Jack. He has rushed to Tuktoyaktuk to hang with Emmett and his main squeeze Wilma, world premier deep trance medium and remote viewer, mentor to Emma of Kazabaza. Maybe, with his secret agent burnished charisma, he can get close with Emmet on this rail car story. Who ever runs that "spook" operation will have a "leg up" on career advancement and possibly medals.

Jack is typically silent about his ongoing assignment as the only American seconded to BIZWOG for security for reconstructing the Second Temple in Jerusalem, but remote viewers know. It is also talk in Kazabazua that Emma was remote viewing Jack Boot at Davos, when he was ordered by highest powers to go directly to Tuktoyaktuk. Something seems to be bothering the high powers in high places, mutters Willard. Close with Emma in Kazabazua, a man of thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count, always on the lookout for Nazi war criminals, Willard approaches perfection as a neighbor. He reads; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.


A small town just North of Ottawa, Kazabazua, is reported by Wi Ling, Peculiar Chinaman as having the longest bar in the world. This report may be clouded by the blurred perspective of the Chinaman's inability to handle Newfoundland "Screech" in water glass quantities before lunch. Although, recently finding that he is actually Japanese by dint of the human ravages of the 4th Army Long March with Chairman Mao, he still responds to Peculiar Chinaman at his job with Mogen Dildo at the Atlanta Centre for Poverty to White People, especially rednecks.

Mogen Dildo, top MOSSAD secret agent in North America, CEO of the Centre, expects the Peculiar Chinaman to report on policy trends in Canada. Subtext indications from signal traffic indicate BIZWOG may be modifying the status and role of Canada in the Empire. The tar sands of Western Canada is a nirvana of cash, obviously too much to be managed by Canada alone, according to BIZWOG. With proper motivation the Canadian Prime Minister "Hooker" will be able to see himself at the table of the powerful. A kind of penultimate and more lasting figure than the media mogol Conrad Black. Wi Ling is supposed to find the "hot buttons" that quicken the drives of the PM in favor of suborning his country to the desires of BIZWOG, directs Mogen Dildo.

Amen, RDW