MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Generally unknown to popular opinion, it was discovery of behavior by race that gives us modern marketing success. The finding that blacks and homosexuals are most responsive to new products and imagery was a surprise in the lifestyle surveys of the 1950s-60s. 

This behavior cohort was closely followed by mixed races and Asians then came white women, Mexicans with the straight white male last as likely new product customer. Some might say the civil rights movement was to promote corporate preference for Negros and homosexuals.

 Obviously the consumer studies would tend to influence a restructuring of corporate hiring practices to favor  blacks and homosexuals because of their spending habits. The image of the straight white male as stalwart of the job market is contradicted by the preferred business potential of the employed blacks and homosexuals. The Corporate sales and market share objectives can be facilitated by the incomes of homosexuals and blacks.

It can be  further forecasted that Democratic corporatism with its use of mass behavior modification is on the threshold of creating the perfected commodity being. A person without identity of race or gender. The urge to consume could be programmed from earliest age regardless of race or gender disciplines of the family. The driving force would be a function of new product offering, price and style. Style dictates consciousness in the American market.

The moral values  of society can be changed with intense electronic conditioning of the brain replicator memes. Controlled customers is the objective of changed moral values in society. The individual person under intense conditioning can actually experience a change in personality.

The disposition favorable to miscegenation and homosexuality can be seen as preferred customer attributes by democratic corporatism. This can result in a change in moral values of society. The resulting behavior is reflected in how diversity becomes decadence. Old resistance to moral deviant behavior and decadence can be overcome by TV induced passivity which in turn obscures the impact on individual subliminal psyche. It obscures the reality of diversity fostering decadence.