MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, January 05, 2012



A plan for a vast pipeline to slice America in half is on Pres"Buckwheat's" desk at the White House. The big pipe is supposed to create 1000s of jobs. Obviously any objection or delay denies employment. So says the "Ivy Lea" excreta that gives us our modern mind control masters of advertising and lobbyist public relations, shouts Cpl Duty First. The Cpl always shouts when he returns from his 1949 Harley 61 ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences, NM. Once the pipe is in, it will be automated from Alberta computers. No more US jobs, he howls. Ivy Lea as PR man for Rockefeller Standard Oil created the bogus rational for prohibition that outlawed production of alcohol and made gasoline the only fuel for automobiles.

The Cpl snarls that the pipeline is key to BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) master plan for North America. The utter destruction of the Alberta aquifer and water reserves to produce crude for the pipe line is a catastrophe on mother nature. The imagination staggers what is in store for Alberta nature if the pipe line is installed. It takes several gallons of precious water to produce one gallon of contaminated crude.

The Montreal Market medium has prophesied that oil has made the Canadian dollar an oil currency on par with the US dollar. He says BIZWOG plans to use Canada as a cash cow. As a proxy for BIZWOG, Canada will eventually reduce the US to be a servile dependent of its Northern Neighbor. If Canadian Prime Minister "Hooker" lets China get an ownership share to unilaterally exploit the oil sands, BIZWOG will turn Western Canada into one gigantic scar of contamination on the planet, he says read. THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The FINAL WORLD ORDER.

BIZWOG is brilliant. This severing of the US is the revenge for Pres. Ike reducing the British Prime Minister, Anthony Eden to a babbling drooler at the Suez crisis. Tony cracked when Ike gave him just seconds to quit the Suez or London would become a smoking Atomic bomb hole in the ground. Our Cpl Duty First has all sorts of historical and political references. He says the BIZWOG, with its Pres. Buckwheat, now operates the USA as a private CALIPHATE. It is just like in the old British Imperial Empire rule over India. This is where minorities in religion, race and loyalty are put in power to rule the majority. Read THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order, he whispers, as if the book was secret.

Word is just in from Wilma in Tuktoyaktuk, world premier deep trance channeler, remote viewer and time traveler. She claims occasional conversations with Tony Eden, Adolph Hitler among others. She has also been in close pillow talk with Emmet her main squeeze, world gifted decoder of all electronic signals and computer programs. Emmett seems to confirm our thesis ofUS as a puppet Caliphate of BIZWOG. Also, Emmett admits to monitoring global signal traffic concerning Israel false flag operations in Asia. We ask about a link to the nuclear power plant explosion in Japan, but he won't offer any findings. We suspect the Mounties have him on contract with CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service. They read everything everywhere. Take that Fort Mead, Charlatanism, Hong Kong, et al, smirks our CPL.

Emmett says Signal traffic talks about the British Imperial Empire being being reconstructed. Canada is to be the key imperial tool especially concerning the USA. NATO has found Canada more effective in nation building than the USA. The US military in occupation tends to be brute mindless killers, unsatisfactory for long term relations and economic exploitation.. The British Monarch as Commander of the Canadian military forces is a role not even understood by many Canadians, and unbelievable to Americans, chuckles the Cpl. Emmett is without comment on PM Hookers "out of the blue" order to restate Buckingham Palace dominance over Canada. PM Hooker has ordered that all Canadian Embassies are to identify the British Monarch as head of state by the picture of the Queen of England dominating the facility. Her appointed Governor General will be recognized as her link in the Chain of Command over Canadian military as well.
Any Canadian Parliament objection to mobilization orders from the Monarch will find the Governor General dissolving Parliament, offers the Cpl.

Mogen Dildo has just whispered another of his frequent benedictions "Heil Israel." He does this to acknowledges filial loyalty to his Israel that he will never be allowed to visit. The senior deep cover MOSSAD secret agent spy in America, Mogen can never contact or visit his God given state. Heil Israel brings such sense of chosenness and superiority that he sometimes wonders why God would even allow the Goyim the privilege of walking in the dung of Jews and their animals. (Order of march during Biblical Exodus).

Life as CEO at the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People, especially rednecks, sometimes taxes Mogen's patience. His key employee, Wi Ling, the peculiar Chinaman as been out of sorts and very quiet lately. The taciturn Chinaman has become a concern. Wi Ling assures Mogen that all is well and volunteers for more duties. Mogen is relieved.

Wi Ling has decided not to tell that he might be Japanese. Recent genealogy findings indicate that Wi Ling family origins have been confused by the circumstances of his mother surviving as a child of an orphan of the long march with Mao's Fourth Army. The orphan was of a Japanese parents saved by the concubine of young Chinese Marshal Zang Xueliang. The odds against infant survival during the long march approach certainty. Great Leader Chairman Mao had to give away at least three infant children during that exodus.

Wi Ling struggles to draft his report about his visit to Canada. He must satisfy Mogen about Canadian progress in crafting "redneck opinion" as hate speech while at the same time reporting to his Walled City HQ about the purpose of anti-Iran propaganda in the US. Secret agent life is difficult and demanding.

It is obvious to Wi Ling that the saga of no-nukes for Iran is a smoke screen aimed at intimidating China and Japan concerning their purchases of petroleum. Iran oil exports to Japan and China bring vast dollar revenues to Iran. A certain portion of oil is also purchased from Saudi Arabia on a pro rata basis compared to Iran. Virtually no oil is imported from the mid east to the US, but all mid east oil is paid in US dollars by both Japan and China. All Saudi Arabia oil export revenue is deposited in the New York Branch bank of the Federal reserve system. Saudis cannot get access to that dollar deposit without US permission. The conclusion is that Japan and China must always purchase a given portion of their oil needs from Saudi Arabia because that US dollar deposit is needed by the US banking system.

Any attack and occupation of Iran will be for the purpose of assuring that oil is marketed in US dollars and the dollar revenue is under the control of and goes through the accounts of the federal reserve system in New York. The nuke weapons threat is false flag because Iran has already announced that it has mastered all aspects of nuclear technology years ago. The implication is Iran already has its own nuke weapons. Therefore the war talk against Iran is really intended to assure that Japan and China continue to make oil purchases in US dollars. If not they risk losing their oil source to US occupation and would have to pay in US dollars anyway, writes Wi Ling in a carefully coded one-time use page. He suggest reading the book,