MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, July 10, 2013



Secret MOSSAD agent Mogen Dildo, founder and CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to American White People, is worried. Yea Verily, he is  frightened and outraged all the same time. How is it possible that Canada disavowed sovereignty over all the territory North of the existing ten provinces without Mogen having prior knowledge? The idea of creating such an huge autonomous region in secret and effectively giving away such massive resources is breathtaking for Mogen.

Further Mogen is alarmed by the return of British Army symbols and rituals of rank in the Canadian military. The idea of Canada independent of London control was implied in the 1960s unification of the military services into the "forces" rather than separate branches of ARMY, NAVY,etc. The prospect that BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) has secrets unknown to Mogen is unsettling. As the senior MOSSAD man in North America, he feels he should be kept in the loop. Even if there is no specific need to know. A more profound wave of alarm quickens Mogen. What if the changes are not of BIZWOG? Who else could it be? Read THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, ASAP, he says.

We often expect Mogen at this time of year. His sense of worry is palpable.The Cpl Duty First has just finished his rant about all politics in North America is under what he calls "control Network KDQN-word." K=kikes, D=Dikes,Q=Queers and N=N-word, he reminds us. He studies the Mogen for a minute and says, in his usual uncouth self. "What is with the Kike?" As if motion could suffice, a slight hand motion recognizes and dismisses the Cpl at the same time. The Prof, at his desk. raises and points his Eberhard Faber #4 in his unique call for order.He demands Read, MONEY: The 12th and  FINAL RELIGION.

Hot temperature slow humid air and fumes from Cpl's octane soaked Harley clothes, the wheezing breath of the lunch lubricated Montreal Market medium and the usual Chanel#5 of Loco Lola makes unspeakable redolence. Stalwarts all. No one leaves the room.

Mogen is mumbling his usual benediction of Heil Israel. He is reassured by Cpl's uncivilly. This proves that his people suffer most. Theory says that moral distress is more bitter than physical distress because Jews are more sensitive as humans. Only in Israel can Jewish genius be truly cultivated. All Jews feel wounded when a successful Jew, especially in US politics, meets intolerance. All is not enough seems to be
a reasonable dogma for Jews, thinks Mogen.

The Montreal Market Medium, self described as all knowing on markets and monies bestirs himself in a cloud of fumes. Whiskey by the glass and wines mixed in color according to dish, cognac and liquors of taste make waves of breath. The medium says "don't worry about BIZWOG." Think Japan he says. "It is no secret that legislation and law in North America is a function of cash paid to the proper legislative committee," he says. "Who has the most money to reach the most politicians on the longest standing set of relations since WWII," he asks? Japan. They have effectively purchased the entire North Arctic by subterfuge, he breathes. The rearranging of the Canadian Army as directly part of the British Army is just an offset to suggest that Japan doesn't get to aggressive in occupying the Northwest Passage with Airborne regiments and submarines and navy ships. The deal is supposed to be a quiet arrangement between the "Crown and Japan", mutters the alcohol fueled Medium.

"What about China, super power," blurts Mogen. Our Medium smiles from deeper knowledge. Israel has made a mugs bet on China. The China Japan Treaty of Friendship has been in place since 1935. Except for the false flag operation where US Marines dressed as Chinese killed the Japanese Peace committee en route to Nanking and blamed it upon Chinese duplicity, much has been learned on both sides. The knee jerk reaction of the tricked Japanese resulted in the famous "rape of Nanking" when Japan blasted Nanking to bits in retaliation for the murder ambush of the peace committee. The good Prof looks dubious and the rest of us wonder if we are hearing Whiskey talking. No time for answer because the Medium has dozed off again.

Mogen is conflicted. When BIZWOG was in control. he felt like an insider. Now with unknowns high in governments piling up non BIZWOG cash all bets are off. Maybe he should be considering some broader options. What are the prospects for ex MOSSAD in free lance work? He has to hurry back to his Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People and check this story with his staff member, self described as The Peculiar Chinaman Wi Ling.