MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, October 06, 2012


Mogen says he has come to Montreal from his office in Atlanta to view the Autumn colors. "Montreal is especially attractive this time of year," he says. As a MOSSAD deep cover secret agent for Israel,  Mogen  Dildo,CEO and founder of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People is a liar. He is up to something secret, says Cpl Duty first, just back from his ride along the great divide, South of Truth or Consequences on his 1949 Harley, tank shift, 61.

Mogen Dildo's function as MOSSAD secret agent is so deeply classified that he cannot visit or have any contact with his beloved Israel, says the CPL, MA, MS, PhD., Case Western University, 1968. He claims to have seen Mogen at the Pentagon in secret meetings with White House Neocons during Army tours in military intelligence. That is when the BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) was taking over NATO and the US Military, he says. Given the Cpl's rank of Corporal after 30 years continuous service, we tend to discount the authenticity of his reports and observations.

Our good Professor C More Books advises caution about judging the Cpls information. The Prof, self described as all knowing in subjects of Geo Politics, Finance, Banking, Oil and Religion and Extra Terrestrials and the Bible, says that events are overtaking the master plans of BIZWOG. Perhaps the Cpl has given us  hints about what is coming, he says. For example, NATO is obviously a military tool for world occupation operating with the signal and command and control and logistical structure of the US military. The beauty of using the word liberation in place of occupation is a PSY war master piece. However, a problem has risen betweenn and among the powers. Nobody told Zionists their role was temporary. They are past their "sell by date", so to speak. They have been a useful expedient to politically control the USA, rumbles the Prof.

Before the Prof can continue, we are alerted by the scent of Chanel#5 and a gentle song from the Syndicate movement of Pre Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. The perfume informs us that Emma is already into her past life as Queen Juana, the first woman JJesuit at the 1555 Vatican. Those "bitchy" corridors referred to her as Loco Lola. We do too.

Loco has been trying to make a post WWI workers song rhyme with the English words of "steady work, living wages and a fair boss." Clearly Loco has been remote viewing into Vatican Chambers and archives for labor history and foreign policy studies. The Vatican has nearly 1700 years of Foreign Policy experience. Loco joins us with a flourish of her fabric and mincing ballet steps to be next to the Prof. He feigns indifference. Chanel#5 dominates thought.

Loco is whispering to the Prof about Iran and Japan. She says an alliance is afoot on the order of that which was shared by Israel and Iran during the Reagan administration.  Loco says Japan is in shock but in retrospect not surprised over the brutality at the destruction of the Fujyama nuclear site. It seems the British are trying to distance themselves from what secret agents say is the third nuclear attack on Japan.

London can see that Zionism has outlasted its usefulness. Israel along with the USA when mentioned in social cocktail discussion invoke equal levels of revulsion among the learned circles. Therefore since the US is more valuable as a weapon and logistics supplier, it will be less of a change if Israel is expended in the greater scheme of the New World Order.

The Prof stiffens with resentment. It annoys him when Loco poaches into his legerdemain as an authority. She has told that a false flag operation is being contemplated that will target Israel
on the scale of the Nuclear attacks suffered by Japan. It will find a new version of BIZWOG except the US will replace the "Z" Zionism in the World Occupation Government. Could then be "BUSWOG." Properly done this false flag would be a significant explosion in Israel that would prompt Iran to launch missiles in anticipation of being accused as the attacker. High powered foreign policy work already in place would invoke a weapons stand down. Voila mission accomplished, she says in her best French accent. Israel is Kaput, and the US can plead insanity for previous complicity with Israel. The new world order would be Japan, Iran, London and the USA. The Prof is now standing, speechless, making motions toward the door demanding departure.

The Prof summarizes Loco's thoughts for the rest of us. The Cpl is delighted. "See", he shouts. "Mogen already is on to this. Thats why he is here," bellows the CPL. The Prof thinks it is wise to keep Loco out of sight during this visit.