MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, September 06, 2008


HOT NEWS: The CONventions are over. The CONgress handlers of K Street have decided. It is GEEZER(Mkain)sic and Spookie versus BUCKWHEAT (Osmo)sic and Sinister. Watch out for your SS Money. There is a Moloch plan (Moloch is GOD of Perpetual debt,Money at interest and Stock Exchange Swindle Finance). Read the Book: MONEY; The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

Both candidates will call for financial reform to prevent bankruptcy of Social Security. The word code reform means that Wall Street "Molochs" are already bankrupt. They need to get your cash before YOU go bankrupt from the "benefits" of globalism. In reality, there is no economic chance of the SS ever going bust so long as Americans control their Congress, and Congress controls the SS money, reports our Cpl Duty First, riding his 1949 Tank shift Harley 61 along the great divide somewhere south of Truth or Consequences.

He says the real problem for the Molochs (the Alexander Hamilton cohort) of Wall street is that the Income tax revenue is shrinking in ratio to the interest cost increase of the national debt. They need a new tax system to get more money NOW. They will call it the REAL tax. It will replace the IRS income tax with a tax on everything ever exchanged by anybody. Since too few people are able to pay income tax under globalism, the Molochians of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) want everybody in the world to pay a tax on everything all the time. We caution our Cpl about his possibly not politically correct reporting. The Cpl. even reports that founding father, Alexander Hamilton was a secret agent working for London City, Bank of England. We promise to check his patriotism and demand the Cpl become politically correct soon.

Our own Prof C More Books promises to help check out the Cpl for political correctness (PC). The Prof says that PC is mandatory to support the magic of how the TV signal controls perception. The speed of light magic of the TV message to simultaneously dominate sight and hearing when reinforced by obedient supportive discussion is the perfect tool of mass mind control. It makes the electronic concentration camp, once called America, possible. Any dissenting (non PC) interpretation of events or questioning of fact can cause unrest in the concentration camp, he says. Not too worry, he says. At the appointed time, Homeland Security spies watching all communications will order the capture and adjust the thinking of dissidents like the Cpl., he says.

We are stunned by his blase attitude, but then again he is an academic. Reality and social absolutes of right and wrong are not usually their forte. Our thoughts have put the Prof in a bad mood. He says if we were not so stupid, we could easily see how things really work. Tension is rising. As if on cue a whiff of incense announces the arrival of our own Loco Lola. In past life remote viewing, she is Queen Juana of Castile the first woman Jesuit of 1555, Vatican. She brings her main squeeze Willard, just in from Kazabazua.

Willard is a man of thousands and thousands of Masses and Rosaries beyond count, a neighbor of character beyond reproach, with a life work of vigilance for Nazi war criminals. He has been asked to work in the Canadian election of 14 October 2008. He says the campaign period of 6 weeks is too long. You can learn the Candidates political bio and platform in 2 hours on TV, he says. Besides they only tell lies, he snarks. Not only does Ottawa traffic has a negative impact on rustics from Kazabazua, but they are in a funk because they hear that everything North of the ten provinces is being hived off by London City to become a direct property of the Crown under the direct jurisdiction of London City. In effect the Arctic becomes British rather than Canadian, if this rumor is true, growls Willard.

Americans can hardly believe that the Canadian military is not under the control of the Canadian Prime Minister. It is a separate property under control of the Governor General of Canada as ordered by the Queen. We think Willard is generally cranky because he doesn't think an elected Parliament has to have permission from an appointed Governor General to form a government. He doesn't want to think about the Canadian troops in Afghanistan as instruments of the Buckfush-Blair cabal working for the Queen of England. We drop the subject.

The simultaneous elections on both sides of the border amuses the Montreal Market Medium, far seeing know-it-all financial wizard, he calls himself. He says the two year long US (make believe) presidential campaign was a big smoke screen to conceal the US Mortgage and asset backed paper swindle of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in Washington. Every pension fund and market playing bank on the planet is going to take a haircut on this swindle, he chuckles. The investment bankers and hedge funders poached in commercial bank turf too loong for too much of the pie, and now they are going to get a rerun of 1933, he howls. We wonder what is so funny. Amadeo Giannini with his chain banking of the 1920s threatened the Federal Reserve Cabal of commercial banking and it took a Fed triggered depression to wipe him out, shouts the Montreal Market Medium. Nearly in tears from laughing, he shouts. Now what are they going to do? We don't think his sense of humor is funny at all.