MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, December 03, 2009



Conditions here are quiet. Cpl Duty First is stranded along the great divide just South of TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES. Clutch problems are not unusual on a 1949 Harley 61. Prof. C More Books has been dragooned by secret agent Jack Boot to experience strong drink. Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk is with Emma, aka Loco Lola. They are touring a newly discovered catacomb under Vatican City. they are looking for Jesus.

They persist knowing full well that JC had never heard of a Vatican. In fact, the Jesus figure is unlikely to return until he can find his planet free from perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, declares Willard from his porch in Kazabazua. He has warned Loco to be on the look out for NAZI war criminals.


The Montreal Market Medium bursts into the office. His eyes ablaze. Shortness of breath suggests excitement of new knowledge, even secrets. The Medium has discovered the secret of NATO Armies in Afghanistan. "Its all about Billets and promotions," he wheezes.

It is custom in Armies to describe their commands in terms of Billets. The Pentagon budgets are made according to number of planned billets, he says. A billet designates the rank and skill level and task for each officer position in the unit.

For example, the US Army surge of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan represents about ten Brigades. Each could be commanded by a Brigadier General. Custom finds about two full Colonels for each Brigadier General for a total of 20 Colonels. These 20 billets require about 80 Lt Cols which in turn require 160 Majors plus innumerable Captains and Lieutenants, calculates the Montreal Market Medium.

He says that the hopelessly irrational surge plan of President "Buckwheat" now makes sense. "It is all about a last chance for "career ladder" promotions for Officers, he grins slyly. After this cycle of promotions the Army can vacate Afghanistan as promised and their won't be a need for another war for about ten years. The Medium has calculated that in order to regularize officer advancement and career planning, the US Army needs about ten years of war for each twenty year period.

I wish the Cpl Duty First was here to advise the Medium on military matters. The Cpl always said that US wars were about boosting the supply of US debt that creates money to support International stock exchange financial speculation. I suggest that the Montreal Market Medium read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION before the Cpl gets back.