MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Negative Interest Rates As END Time

Most religions have tradition directed to an eventual end time. Bad things are destined to happen but all will be well for the believer in the end time. This tradition may or may not be true for the religion of money. Read book Money the 12th and Final religion. Also read The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, The final world order. (BIZWOG) is British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. Both books in pdf for ten dollars down load from web site.

The religion of money is the most powerful of belief systems for control of the human mind. Believe in interest on money along with certain financial skill, and it is possible to become rich, to have income without work. Of course in order to believe such a possibility as interest on money, it is obliged that one must agree that money, unlike anything else on the planet, can grow without air, earth, water or sunlight. Divine miracle or collective madness you might ask?

The less gifted among us challenged by this question have already muttered the dreaded threat words socialist or communist. But that cannot be the case without also accusing other famous American family names such as Dalton, James, Cole, Younger, Quantrill and many others of 19th century USA. They also challenged the collective of Moloch madness but in a more direct way. They robbed banks. They fought monopoly corporatism they perceived as consuming their free America. History is not kind to them.

This leaves us with the notion of divine intervention perhaps with a plan. Obviously the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance must have a plan. All Gods have a plan for believers. The problem is that often the plans don't seem to work out and the religion is considered by scholars to have failed. YIKES! Is it possible that the religion of money could fail?

Obviously the central dogma of the religion of money is the belief that money can grow without any natural support such as air, earth, water or sunlight. A collective rejection of this belief would obviously be the end of money as a religion. The question is why would people stop believing. NEGATIVE INTEREST Rates COULD BE DOOM FOR THE RELIGION OF MONEY. 

This could signal that it is now impossible for central banking to continue in control of money creation. A condition anticipated in 1913 by Frederick Soddy when he said national debt, interest rate paid by income tax  system of money creation would last about a century. "Then it would become impossible." Perhaps nations can save themselves by adopting banking money creation systems like Germany and Italy of the 1930s, or Canada had until 1974.

An impossible situation would mean that traditional pensions based upon financial securities would not have yield to pay obligations. Annuities would lose all possibility of delivering payments as promised. Stock market leverage would not be possible. Future payments would diminish in a reverse compounding. The concept of financial investment for income would be nonsense. Banks would have to charge a fee for keeping your money on deposit.No wonder financial web forecasters are announcing the end of the stock market world in October 2016.

For some 2000 years the Moloch, god of money has infected human mind. Moving in the shadow of Bible religions, hiding in plain sight, money at interest and perpetual debt stimulated by stock exchange visions has taken over thought. A home owner finally paying a 30 year mortgage on a $100,000 home finds he has paid $200,000 in interest. The literature is silent on the fact that the interest on the mortgage can be regarded as a tithe to the Moloch. The institution of banking is derived from the Temple Jerusalem where money creation was first experienced. Read Books ten dollars pdf copy.

Read at your own risk. Thanks R duane willing