MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Many sources bring us information about Egypt. There are whispers about a new world order.Unfortunately there is a problem with the info. No one will admit that the new world order is a smoke screen to conceal the real power of BIZWOG. TheBRITISH-ISRAEL ZIONIST WORLD OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT is the shadow power in control of the USA. The intent, since the assassination of Pres. Kennedy, is to rule the world with US money.

Loco Lola says the take over of the US by the BIZWOG was a game of "tit for tat". President Ike terrifies British PM "Tony" Eden with an atom bomb on November election day in 1956. Tony mentally collapses and is politically destroyed. The UK plunges into financial and political decline. Revenge comes seven Novembers later close to the American Thanksgiving. BIZWOG kills Kennedy in November 1963. The paralyzed American mind does not grasp how they have become a puppet Caliphate of the BIZWOG, reports Loco Lola. The current frenzy for patriotic budget cuts and benefit reduction carefully conceals the power of BIZWOG over America, she says.

You don't know about the takeover of the USA unless you have read the book:
she says in a whisper. She gets her information during deep trance contact with her past life as the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican.

The BIZWOG, since its beginning has been a bizarre alliance considering it is a baffling contradiction. First, there is the traditional meaning of Jew that John Kaminski reports. Then there is the identity where the British are true Jews according to the ten lost tribes of the Bible. This contradictory alliance is no doubt buttressed by the mid east logic that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The US Govt is astonished at the sudden mobs in Egypt. Loco says the surprise testifies to insiders that the BIZWOG is now operating on their own. America is insignificant. There is no need for puppet Caliphate America participation in regime change. The USA with its brute power forces and smart bombs is a spent power in the eyes of BIZWOG, she reports. However, all may not be going according to plan, she says.

My sources, especially Loco Lola see the situation in Egypt and the area as a BIZWOG version of Perestroika being attempted. Imperial BIZWOG has plans to restructure Islam politics.

You recall that the Soviet Politburo had become a cabal of geezers barely able to stand for the November Red Army parade. The farseeing communist party leader Mike Gorbachev mobilized the communist party to purge the geezers and restructure the government with perestroika.
However, the geezers had friends. They reacted and boosted Mike out of his office and his country and dissolved his party and his perestroika ideas as well. Watch out for geezers, warns Loco referring to the ages of leaders in Egypt and the mid east. They probably have friends.

The out come of BIZWOG attempting to redefine their control of the mid east by changing the governments of geezer controlled countries could go terribly wrong. Also, it is now evident to many Americans that they are now relegated to the minor role of puppet Caliphate of BIZWOG. The US is merely a reserve of brute killers available to slaughter all living upon command. The big question surfaces. What happens if BIZWOG fails in the restructuring like perestroika failed for Mike Gorbachev? What if geezers have another idea?

Loco Lola says this is the time for the US to ditch the BIZWOG. A simple re alliance of American troops and smart bombs is in order. It would be a game changer if the mid east alliance was between the US and Iran. No special relation with UK or Israel. Iran when allied with the US could explode one of its many atom bombs already in its arsenal just to seal the alliance and express unanimity between nuke powers, she observes. This would be especially timely if the BIZWOG plan should fail BIZWOG may self destruct. America without BIZWOG control, in alliance with Islam, would be a free country, she says.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Urgent talk fills the media air waves about government finance, debt, deficits and taxes. Loco Lola in deep trance as the first woman Jesuit in 1555 Vatican says the talk is futile. She tells me about a money prophecy in 1920s. It says this international financial system of national debt based money will last a century. Then it will become impossible. It will be considered as too absurd for serious thought. I am stunned by her blase indifference to the keen minds struggling with budgets and debts.

Before I can ask what impossible means, she directs that I should read two books. MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; the Final World Order. These books explain how thought has become paralyzed by obsession with Usury. This obsession is belief in a psychic fantasy called credit markets where governments believe they have to pay interest to borrow their own money from themselves. This power of political darkness and spirit of error is from the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance, she says.

This Moloch thought has been defined for people by media and TV talkers. Americans are daily reminded about the patriotism of national financial life. In general there are three major concerns. These are debt, deficit and competition. All these are regarded as too much. The national debt is too much. The deficit is too much. There is too much competition. Workers must sacrifice because there is too much of all three.

Official dogma quite agrees that unemployment is high, but does not agree that it is too much. It is just high and will in time go away with something called growth to made possible by investment. Perhaps taxes should be reduced for corporations but increased on workers as an aid to investment. YIKES!

The Moloch thought does not acknowledge that 25 years of investment rise measured in stock price has concealed the greatest period of economic decline ever recorded for Americans. Concealed behind the stock market fiction of increase the decline in incomes and increase in debt is the greatest in the economic history of America.

This process is a mirror image of the advent of Roman slavery at the peak of the empire. This was when middle class in the face of declining incomes borrowed themselves into perpetual debt. As incomes declined and interest continued to grow on unpayable debt, the problem was solved by the formality of official slavery. Loco Lola says submission to the notions of free trade and globalism are the new slavery.

Loco says that the central bank Federal Reserve debt system of money is actually evidence of a contrary religion. It hides in the shadow of all existing religions, and it has a god called Moloch. This Moloch religion causes people to believe that money, unlike anything else on the planet can grow merely with the passing of earth time. It is commonly known as Investment, she says.