MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, May 02, 2017


It is reported with some pentagon enthusiasm that Murika has exploded the largest non nuclear weapon ever exploded on a hill in Afghanistan. They call it the mother of all bombs. Reports tell about 11 fuzzy wuzzies herding their goats nearby that observed the blast kill about 11 more fuzzies that were on the hill. Names withheld because no one knows if they really existed and there were no identifiable remains. Possibility exists that missing fuzzies escaped except four year old not fast enough to get off the hill by dodging aircraft sound before the blast

Washington still mystified by question why Murika is viewed world wide with revulsion, fear and hate except for Israel, says my advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lolla, first woman Jesuit in past life at 1555 Vatican. Need more mind control and brand management for US as product reports Tev Aviv to major legacy media of press, TV and Radio and hollywood. Latest micro chip tech and mind control can also be useful on selected individuals they report in secret cables to Trump Whitehouse. Loco says they should be using tweets. Cables obsolete, she reports.

Our good Prof. C More Books shrugs indifference to reports of Murkas exceptionalism and military supremeness. He says Murikkans are mind warped. No universal health care for the nation but have more bombers, bombs and rockets per capita than the rest of the world combined. A defective system running amok, he says.

We caution the Prof about being politically incorrect. Who knows how this Trump administration will react to the frustration of having their policies bungled by the deep state. Remember the Reagan Buck Fush gang built all the 107,00 stainless steel windowless railcars with manacles on seats and floor to haul  148 dissidents per car. Buck Wheat staffed the FEMA camps ready to empty the cars. Patriot Act is at the ready to deal with people of opinions.

The Montreal market Medium all knowing about markets and finance says not to worry. Hard times in murikka will never again be manifested in the stock market. The fed has been restructured to be the opposite of its original design Originally it was prohibited from direct purchase of corporate securities in the market now it exists to purchase as needed to support price, any amount of corporate paper. In theory the fed can create any amount of money to support any market price level. This is economic nirvana, he says. 

The risk is that the Trump insiders will lose self control and go to excess in mobilizing their connections to get money to cripple and acquire competition. Massive fortunes to be made in this administration, he says. The personal hate for Trump as a personality will obscure real issues from understanding by opposition. 

Clinton democrats will abandon pedophilia in favor of money possibilities offered by Trump incentives for cooperation. It truly is a revolution, he says. But he doubts Murrikann power structure can hold together without pedophilia and sexual deviance as controlling bond, speculates the Montreal market Medium.

Our circle of intellectual curious is appalled at these mutterings. Although it is after lunch and the bar liquid oder comes to the room from the breathing of the Medium.