MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, July 15, 2007

BIZWOG uber alles

Welcome to the worlds first perfected politically correct website.

From time to time readers tell us about financial and political events of interest. Some of these reports challenge credulity. We tremble at the risk of reporting politically incorrect thought.

Willard of Kazabazua is excited about the largest ever leveraged buyout in history when Bell Canada gets acquired by the Ontario Teachers Pension fund.

1. The teachers are investing 50% of their total savings in one company.
2. Each teacher will be getting $200,000.00 in new debt liability.
3. Bell has ZERO asset value because "nervous" bond holders have already appropriated all assets of the company.

Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk, premier decoder of any known cipher, says the secret electronic channels are buzzing with wonder that Canada can be such a world class player in buyout finance. The audacity of this financial stroke to plunder the teachers pension fund in full public view is breath taking, they say. The Molock moguls of stock markets and perpetual debt are strategizing for a bankruptcy in about three years, Emmett surmizes. The betting is that a minority buyout participant, The peculiar Chinaman, Wi Ling, Canadian living in Hong Kong, is expected to lever his diminuitive stake into full ownership of Bell Canada for less than ten cents on a dollar. All this will be done on the pretense of saving the Ontario teachers pensions which of course will not be able to service its debt obligations, says Emmett.

We wonder if this report fits our standards of poitical correctness?

Emma of Kazabazua, and close with Willard, is appalled at our timidity. She challenges us with her version of powers and forces that control thought and politics in North America. She is speaking to us from her deep trance mental state for remote viewing. She tells us about a cabal that she calls the BIZWOG. This cohort forming the new world order is known in secret circles as the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government (BIZWOG), she says. There are four components to modern BIZWOG, she whispers.

1. There is the concept of British Israel. This is a freaky invention by Imperial British secret agents about the time of the US Civil War. This notion finds that the Anglo Saxons are the true Jews from the ten lost tribes of Israel. Therefore as the real Jews, the British Empire inherits the prophcies of the Old Testament. There have been recent suggestions by secret agents that in order to get "the guy in the diaper" out of town before the Rabbis had him stoned to death for wrecking the Temple, the crucifixion was faked. Consequently, the Royal monarchs of Europe, especially the British, can be considered as blood relatives of the Jesus figure. The 200th aniversary of the first Episcopal Bishop in North America was highlighted by the breakaway US Anglican Church appologizing for the American revolution, chuckles Emma from deep knowledge.

2. There is the ideation of Israel. The word Israel is intentionally misstranslated by Bible traditions to conceal that key figues of the Bible are the story of the discovery of the algorithm for the creation of modern money and its central banking structures of great merchants. Zionism is further concealment of this 2000 year old cipher of deception, she declares.

PLEASE read the book, MONEY The 12th and Final Religion, she pleads.

3. There are the "ringknockers" such as the Masons, Bnai Brith, Paol Zion, Knights of various stripes and other lodge like groups that controll all local governments for personal gain and advancement. These groups are important instruments of the BIZWOG either by accident or design, she offers.

4. There is the shared subconscious belief in a secret Old Testament God Molock of Temple Milcom. Molock is the God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance and father of all pollutions, summarizes Emma, still in deep trance remote viewing.

Suddenly, in recovering from remote viewing, she blurts out. "White man with smoke stick killing wogs for oil is losing big wampum and all friends." We are thunderstruck. It must have been a vibration on the recovery from remote viewing that disturbed Emma. She has never been so politically uncorrect before. Maybe Willard can talk to her after a rest.